SuperContest Week 4 Picks: Let the Healing Begin

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 28, 2014

So, we’re going to try this again. And this time, I promise to do better nothing.

In my SuperContests picks last week, I went 1-4. I put my faith in the Jets, oops. I thought the Bills would take advantage of home field against a west coast team, oops. I backed the Dolphins, grrrrrross. And, because why not put it all out there, I picked the Jags. There isn’t the right word for this one, so I won’t bother trying to define it.

Well, actually, let’s define it with a GIF.

I also picked the Lions over the Packers, and I’d like to keep the focus on the positive as we look ahead to this week’s picks. For those just tuning in, Odds Shark sponsored a handful of us into the SuperContest, which means we have a chance at fortune. Some are taking advantage of this awesome opportunity, using the site’s amazing list of trends, others are betting the Jaguars.

BUT that changes here, with these five picks. We’re going heavy on underdogs this week, although we begin with a favorite.

49ers (-5.5) vs. Eagles: I think this line speaks volumes. Vegas clearly believes that San Fran will bounce back, which is why the line is where it is. At some point, Screamy Harbaugh has to get this right.

Jets (+1.5) vs. Lions: I am back on that horse, and again, I am backing a line that will get a ton of betting interest on the other side. The Jets are much better than they’ve played… maybe. Hopefully.

Vikings (+3) vs. Falcons: I am the president, vice president and secretary of the Teddy Bridgewater fan club, and by the looks of this point spread, I have company. The public should be all over ATL, which is why I’m going the other direction.

Titans (+7.5) vs. Colts: On the topic of public plays, enter the Titans-Colts. After what Indy did last week, the Colts will likely be a popular Sunday selection. This is a matchup that is typically close, and I think it will be so again, which is why I’m taking the touchdown plus even with a backup QB in play.

Chiefs (+3.5) vs. Patriots: It’s odd to see New England bleeding Vegas buzz, and yet, it seems warranted given the start. I think KC takes advantage of the home field on Monday night and wins this game outright.

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  • SuperContest Week 3 Picks: Taking the Next, NEXT Step

    By Adam Kramer   Sep. 21, 2014

    After a 3-2 week—a necessary bounce back—things on the SuperContest front are looking… better. We have work to do if we’re going to pick our way back into the thick of this, but thankfully there’s still time to do so. With that said, 4-6 won’t do many favors. Time to change that.

    Yes, I’m in the actual Westgate SuperContest this year thanks to Odds Shark. It’s a lovely experience, one that has me picking against other media types and a super computer. More on the contest can be found here.

    The good from the NFL picks last week featured Cincinnati, Baltimore and Dallas. The bad included Minnesota—and yes, this pick was in before AD gate—and the Giants. Until further notice, the Giants have been banned from all positive praise, wagers and other items that may surface.

    As for this week and the five picks that have already made, here’s what we’re going with.

    Bills (-2.5) vs. Chargers: The Bills are… good. No, really. And with San Diego coming off an impressive win against the Super Bowl champs, I think the Bills present some value at home with a cross-country trip for Rivers and Co.

    Jaguars (+6.5) vs. Colts: If the Colts didn’t have Andrew Luck—and I know that’s an unfair question, but goodness is this true—what would this line be? I feel like Jacksonville plays its best game of the year, and the Jags lose by a field goal.

    Lions (-2.5) vs. Packers: Let’s play the reverse theory here. The team that looked great decides to trip up on the road, and the team that looked awful bounces back. Love Detroit at home, and I think this line speaks volumes about the likelihood for a response.

    Dolphins (-4.5) vs. Chiefs: The all-AFC East pick ‘em continues with the Dolphins, although it won’t stop here. With Jamaal Charles injured, Miami—a better team than most realize—should cruise at home.

    Jets (-3) vs. Bears: I am a Jets fan living in Chicago, so this game will torture the soul. With that said, I love the confidence Vegas showed in making the Jets the field-goal fav here; think travel—and perhaps injuries—catches up with Bears.

    More picks next week; the race to 5-0—oh that would be lovely—begins now.

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  • The ‘On the Line’ Handicapping Podcast: Week 4

    By Adam Kramer   Sep. 17, 2014

    The Week 4 gamblin’ podcast is here, just in time for a Thursday night game that doesn’t actually require you to gamble on it to make it interesting. Haha, just kidding. That’s loser talk. What an amazing sport this is.

    Other games included on the podcast this week include: Florida State-Clemson, Oklahoma-West Virginia, Alabama-Florida, LSU-Mississippi State, Michigan-Utah, and many, many more. Thank you to those of you who sent us game suggestions on Twitter. Your passion and degeneracy – seriously, y’all want intel on some weird games – are most appreciated.

    Listen below, listen on  iTunes (where you should totally subscribe and tell others to subscribe) or listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy. See you next week.


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