Brent Musburger’s Personal Steroid Truths

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 06, 2010

The man who’s never afraid to drop not-so-subtle gambling knowledge in the games he calls has decided to share his thoughts on another questionable sports topic.

Jan 6, 2010, Newport Beach, CA, USA; Brent Musburger at press conference for the 2010 BCS National Championship between the Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa. Photo via Newscom

On Tuesday, ABC/ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger spoke to journalism students at the University Montana and tackled the topic of steroids. While he dismissed the idea of using them at the high school level, he opened up a potential world of hurt by saying they could be used at a professional level under the proper supervision.

“Here’s the truth about steroids,” he said. “They work.”

He went on to blame the negative connotation and stories about steroids on inexperienced journalists who are uninformed on the subject.

“I’ve had somebody say that, you know, steroids should be banned because they’re not healthy for you,” Brent offered. “Let’s go find out. What do the doctors actually think about anabolic steroids and the use by athletes? Don’t have a preconceived notion that this is right or this is wrong.”

Although I understand where Brent was attempting to go with this discussion, he’s simply not in a position to do so, and he’s not going to win this battle. He announces college football/basketball games and certainly can’t put any credible backing to his statements. On top of that, I would have to imagine that Disney will have words with Brent that will likely result in words back to us.

While Brent’s experience in sports and the media give him unquestioned credibility in what he does, the man is not a chemist and in a way represents a different kind of uneducated steroid source. My advice to Brent is to stick to what he does best - announcing games and sneaking in mentions of point spreads and totals to America without most even blinking an eye.

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    1. Joe Hudson

      A steroid, predisone, is prescribed for anti-rejection for transplant recipients. Not only is it “good”, for transplant recipients, it’s crucial to staying alive.

      Alonzo Mourning “shut the door” on Dallas during the last game (game 6) of the 2006 NBA Finals. He played with a transplnted kidney.

    2. John

      Prednisone is not an anabolic steroid. Cannot compare apples and oranges.

      Anabolic steroids can be harmful. But so can too much sugar, butter and salt.

      Cycled correctly, anabolic steroids can be beneficial to athletes.

    3. John

      I don’t think their was ever a question that Steroids were beneficial to athletes. I think that is why they take them. The question is should we allow people in sports to use them as a artificial way to gain a advantage? I thought the whole ideal behind sports was the natural ability of a athlete?

    4. Rob

      Maybe this will be what Disney/espn/abc needs to get this guy off College FB.. Steriods are not good for you Brent..

    5. Bob

      Watch Bigger, Stronger, Faster. There is NO evidence of “roid rage”. That is a media sensation. When used properly there is NO evidence of major side effects. When ABUSED, there are most definitely harmful side effects. But show me ANYTHING that doesn’t have harmful side effects when abused. You can thank said abuse for the removal of Ephedra from the market.

    6. fandan

      Brent always comes across to me as a really good guy, but I find it hard to believe that announcing games is any longer what he does best. Musburger no longer appears to do his simple homework as far as rosters/personnel are concerned. Apparently, having a familiar voice and longevity has its perks. I say his spotters might need steroids.

    7. 10/7/10

      The author is misrepresenting Brent’s comments. If you carefully read the quote it seems to be a hypothetical comment that journalists are taking a view point before they get information to substantiate it. If I had to guess, I might assume he was addressing a group of students and using steroids as an example to show a point.

    8. Matt

      This author has no idea what he is talking about. Brent’s comments are right on target. Under a doctors supervision steroids are not in any way harmful. In fact, HGH is actually good for you. Now, I am a guy that is a baseball purist, and do not like steroids in baseball. But, the people who have been harmed from steroids were not being given them under a doctors care. Now he was not talking about developing teens, or pre-teens. Steroids should not be abused in any way by children, or developing teens.

    9. Tom Coates

      Although not “good” for you they aren”t necessarily bad for you . Like any other drug if abused they can cause problems. Too much tylenol or vitamin A can kill you. The issue is that players obtain them illegally and they give them an advantage and therefore shouldn’t be allowed. That’s it.

    10. Scott

      What’s wrong with what Musberger said? All he’s saying is that people should not look to journalists for information about the dangers of steroids and should look to doctors instead. That’s common sense. You don’t go to a journalist when you’re sick, why would you look to a journalist to explain the dangers of steroids? The only people upset about this are the ones who rely on the media to form their opinions for them because they’re too lazy and/or ignorant and/or stupid to research topics on their own.

    11. Craig Wilson

      Bob, you need to do some homework. “Roid Rage” can and does happen and not just with anabolics. Even medically supervised courses of treatment with Prednisone can cause it along with a whole host of other unpleasant side effects. As a rule, no competent doctor prescribes Prednisone – or any other steroid – if another treatment is available, precisely because it is very nasty stuff. Citing the film “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*” as a good source of information about steroid use is a little like citing Mein Kampf as a good source of information about religious tolerance. It’s self-serving and silly…

    12. Jeff

      Brent is correct in his comments. He wasn’t approving of their use. He merely stated the facts. He did not say they were good for you. He just pointed out that journalist aren’t the ones that should determine that. Doctors that understand and know how to do the proper research should be the ones to determine it.

    13. Ron

      If they were safe they’d be sold at GNC morons. As a pharmacist I know better. It’s not about moderation. It’s flat out dangerous under anyone’s care. You can’t drink bleach in moderation and be healthy. Think before you speak.

    14. John

      I understand all the hype here, but what Brent did say was “they could be used at a professional level under the proper supervision”. Anabolic steroids are dangerous, and the fact people are using them with no supervision other than their own makes them more dangerous.

      Also, look at his audience, he made a valid point to this group of aspiring reports/journalists, do go with a preconcieved notion (get the facts), even if he is wrong he made that whole group start to think.

      He did not say it on ESPN….

    15. Chad

      Based on the amount of money professional athletes make and cost of tickets and refreshments to attend a game, I think professional athletes should be REQUIRED to take steriods. If I’m going to drop over $100 on tickets, I want to see the best possible product on the field.

    16. Jeff

      Lets face it, if sports allows the use of steroids / PED’S then all records that are in the books goes out the window and they mean nothing. What happened to ‘Purity” in sports?

    17. Jeff

      Ron- You cant drink bleach in moderation and be healthy? Wow, guess you drink well water cause virtually every public water system in the country is chlorinated. Whom is the moron now? You have lost all credibility pharmacy tech.

    18. Tim

      “Whom” is the moron now? I think it’s probably the person who misuses the word “whom.”

    19. Bob

      Musberger is absolutely right! The conventional wisdom needs to change on the subject of performance enhancing drugs. They’re available, they work, and just like other technologies have improved performance, there isn’t any reason they shouldn’t be allowed, with specific rules and under the proper supervision of qualified medical personnel.
      MHO, thank you.

    20. Chris

      FYI: you don’t have to be in professional sports to take steriods…but in the last hundred many people have ever died from steriod use, supervised or not! You will be hard pressed to find any. But people die everyday from alchohol and drug abuse. So if your not happy with your something about it!

    21. o g

      The intra-muscular injections that do NOT pass through the liver and avoid alpha-17 are not toxic. Side effects, yes, many, but universioty studies have shown in rats that no levels of testosterone, even absurdly high, cause any toxic effects. Certain pill form steroids do – they put little holes in your liver, and certainly Parabolan as the injectable will destroy your kidneys, but testosterone is not toxic. Read the Medical Journals. Zero toxicity. HIgh level of side-effects, yes.

    22. 10/7/10

      First let me say that Brent is right, and that his point is about the media not about steroids. The author is certainly misinterpreting him and ultimately putting words in his mouth. Brent was talking about the media and preconceptions and encouraging them to keep an open mind, not to use steroids.

      But let’s suppose for a minute that steroids are good for you. Let’s suppose for a minute that I could play football better than the best NFL players in the world too. Let’s say I got this unusual talent by employing some other foreign substances that artificially enhanced my natural abilities. Would it be right for me to go on the field with them and possibly injure them? I don’t think so. Would it be okay for me to play defensive lineman using my pickup truck? What’s the difference? Sports should be man-on-man competition, not man-on-whatever-you-can-come-up-with-to-beat-a-man.

      If they want to create a steroid league, I say let them. If they want to start a genetically altered freaks league, that’s fine with me too. But please give me somewhere to go where I can see normal people play too. If the freaks or steroids leagues win out in the end, fine, but I think the majority of people are like me on this and would like to see athletes who have done it through exercise, diet, and practice. In other words, good ole honest hard work. That’s what gets me through my days, and that’s what gets most of us by. After a while you learn to respect it, and even demand it from your fellow man, including those who play sports.

      These guys are cheaters, that’s what the issue here is, not whether or not they are healthy. Of course they are healthy, they can throw a ball a mile and bike for days on end. But they have shown a willingness to cheat. That’s the key. They would be willing to cheat regardless of the rules. Get the cheaters out of the game. Give each and every one of them the Pete Rose treatment.

    23. Steve

      Adam who? I’d like to know what credibility you have compared to Brent Musburger? Further, I would like to know why you are distorting what he was actually commenting about?

      You’re a moron. Go back to writing for your junior-high school newspaper. You certainly don’t belong here.

    24. ed davis

      It’s time for more of the media to be honest about steroids. Most high level athletes have used them at some point in their career over the past 30 years because they are extremely effective. The real question to me is why wouldn’t a high level athlete use them. He doesn’t want to be stronger or faster? He wants to stay in Double A ball his entire career? How can you even begin to prove the long term negative effects? It seems obvious there’s no proof of short term negative effects if used properly. It’s time for the media to stop supporting the cover up and if anyone really cares, to start sticking microphones in the local sports hero’s face and asking him if he ever did ‘roids. But then they’d never get another interview would they?

    25. 10/7/10

      BOB..your an idiot dude!!! I havr personally known 3 professional athletes who took steroids in the 90′s…and i have personally witnessed their roid rage or “blackouts” So until you know what the hell you are talking about…shut your yapper! Remember Chris benoit and his killing of his family? Most users die young as riods weaken the heart muscles…much the same way coke and meth do! Some of you know it alls need to do more studying and less talking! Sheeeesh!!

    26. Wayne the Centrist

      This story absolutely sucks. The author obviously has a problem with Burnt Cheeseburger. Look, I’m not Brent’s biggest fan, but I’d take him over Joe Buck at any sport any day. Adam takes the quote out of context then he bashes Brent’s ability to do the job. Sounds like jealousy to me.

    27. Bob R

      I’ve been a competitive body builder for 31 years. In that time I have used a LOT of AAS and HGH. Like has been written here several times unless they are grossly abused there is little longterm health risk. In my arena everybody competing in non-drug tested venues takes them so there is no competitive advantage with steroid use nor is it considered “cheating”. There is a gradually growing body of medicine that prescribes HGH and testosterone as anti aging remedies and they greatly improve life quality for many over 40 years old. It is an only uninformed media that keeps this subject so inflamatory. Good for Brent for speaking out.

    28. Ken

      You have a right to your opinion, you do not have a right to your own facts. Performance Enhancing drugs such as HGH and steroids have serious known side-effects and Brent is just now saying “let’s keep an open mind and do some research”. Brent, the earth is round and revolves around the sun, animals evolved from other animals, you are a doofus.

    29. Ken is wrong

      Ken… you are insane! Benoit killed his family because he had problems… not the steroids! Same with your lunatic personal friend athletes that ‘blacked out and had roid rage’… Steroids are not going to make you lose control or alter your personality at all! I’ve personally took them and known friends that have taken them for years with no side affects. I know plenty of psychos that have never taken anabolics and flip out on somebody… what is there excuse? Creatine from GNC? McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets? There is a lot of research on this and if there is any proof that STEROIDS caused something like this, please document it… but don’t act like you are a know it all because you have heard of someone losing it and blamed it on steroids!

    30. Ken is wrong

      I’m sure alcohol cause more ‘roid rage’ than steroids do… testosterone is more safe than caffeine… nicotine… alcohol… flintstone vitamins…

    31. Ken is wrong

      and steroids do help out greatly… they make you stronger, faster, better endurance… etc… but not just anybody could take steroids and all of a sudden become a professional athlete… sure, it would enhance the athlete’s performance, but not give them a talent they didn’t already have! and if it’s all about ‘natural’ ability, why allow athletes to wear glasses/knee braces/take ‘legal’ supplements that have no FDA approval, but are sold at your local Nutritional Supplement store? this is a stupid topic that should not be given this much attention… especially at the government level that it has taken with MLB

    32. switch

      lol ‘Ken is wrong’ is roid-raging right now

    33. Brian

      adam you’re misinformed…i’m not a fan of brent and his way over the top superlatives for every player…but here he has you beat…why is it so difficult for americans to have an honest discussion about so many things…steroids being one of them…i suggest you watch a documentary called “bigger, stronger, faster: the side effects of being american” by chris bell…it is the most honest expose of steroids i have seen to date and yes it has doctors talking about the perceived positives and negatives of steroids…if you watch this show critically you can’t help but come away with the feeling that the medical community has been lying to you for years about steroids…they make the point of how can steroids be beneficial in certain (hiv for instance) situations and then harmful when used in healthy human beings???there are a lot of athletes (bodybuilders, track & field and football players come to mind) who should be dead based on their use of these drugs yet they are still with us…baseball enjoyed some of their highest ratings in the late ’90′s when the hr record was being shattered…we want to see the freaks…i don’t buy a ticket to see a guy who’s marginally better than me…i buy a ticket to see a guy do freakish things and i’m guessing so do most fans…the dopers are always one step ahead of those tasked to catch them (they still don’t have a reliable test for growth hormone) and always will be…as far as kids and their use of steroids i am opposed…but know this kids today are much better informed on this and other topics (see internet) than you or i could have ever hoped for…i say we need to raise our children and be honest with them and not let brent or anyone else in the media raise them for us…btw…i played professional football so i know what i’m talking about…have a great day…

    34. daniel Martinez

      Mr.Kramer your ignorance is is showing. If you would do you’re research HE’S RIGHT!! all of the negativity about steroids is just mis-information by the media and people like you.

    35. Adam Kramer

      The issues I have aren’t with what Brent is saying, but the fact that he’s saying it. And frankly, I don’t have any real issues with that either. I do believe he is correct by implying that pro athletes would be able to use steroids under supervision and probably suffer minimal health risks. With that said, I’m in no position to do so.

      I didn’t debate whether steroids were right, wrong, beneficial, unethical, etc. I simply stated that someone who is now calling college games on a weekly basis might want to avoid providing a public endorsement for drugs that really rub a lot of people the wrong way.

    36. matthew

      There are no studies that prove steroids are bad for you…….. because as any doctor will tell you, “It’s unethical to do such studies”.

    37. Jake

      Is he kidding me. I have a great deal of respect for Brent, but this is not a smart comment.
      Steroids should not be used. Where did he come up with this idea. It is insensitive to all the natural athletes past and present.
      It has proven to have adverse affects in the long term. This is just irresponsible and foolish!

    38. Gearoid

      Look what he is doing is opening up the debate, i’m unsure wether i agree with him or not but it’s a good debate to have and kudos to him for highlighting this issue, you could look at it as Pro atheleaths are getting paid for the ability so why shouldnt they push a new advantage, they don’t have to wear gear from the 60′s maybe its something to look at.

    39. Makes me think!

      I love how everyone talks about how you shouldn’t take PED’s because you will have an advantage over another athlete. What about the athletes’s who’s dad’s are 6’7″, super fast, and super strong? There kids usually end up similar! Don’t they have an advantage over a small athlete? What about rich kids who eat only the best Foods,Steaks, etc? Less fortunate kids can’t afford the best food, the best sports camps, the best trainers, but rich kids can and do! Sounds like they already have an advantage to me!!! Let’s stop acting like everyone is equal and there are no advantages in the world! The world is full of advantages, just look around!!

    40. Andrew

      Hold on. This is a golden opportunity. Musberger can retire from broadcasting to research steroids, Herbstreit can get a partner who holds up his end of the program, and we (the viewers) will not be subjected to Brent’s doddering, half-assed booth skills. WIN, WIN, WIN! Stop cherry-picking big games, Brent. You diminish everything about them – except guilty pleasure found in listening to you prove that you lost it long ago.

    41. Brad

      First, let me say, opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one and some stink more than others. I agree with Ken. Though I can’t prove that there’s a direct correlation to suicidal behavior and steroids (although I know of 3 guys from my high school days who juiced and ended up committing suicide), but what I will say is that steroids seem to exacerbate the emotions of those who might be predisposed to depression. I think alot of people who use the stuff (especially those not taking for athletic but asthetic ends) are already dealing with insecurities or are trying to fill a void with whatever false confidence it gives them. Now, for those of you are supposed “bodybuilders” or pre-med/med students who have read a journal or two and you’re suddenly an expert, there’s no question that PED’s (whether HGH or roids) will eventually lead to adverse side effects. Even Canseco has changed his tune on that now seeking medical help to balance out his hormone levels. I’ve weight-trained for 17 years (O’natural); however, I’ve known/roomed with users, and seen what the various forms of the “stuff” (deca, winstrol, tes, etc.)does. But when an “abuser” gets off the stuff, they lose ALOT of what “water” bloat muscle they had, including strength, size and endurance. It’s a short term solution. Doctors are human beings, and their own biases can skew their “professional medical opinions” especially if a certain bank account benefits from it. Used the right way in a short term medical sense, of course, it can have a benefit. I was given a intraveinous steroid (not anabolic) when I caught mono in college; it helped. If the bodybuilders or athletes were open and honest, they’d tell you how the joints can’t always keep up with the muscle development and strength gains and how the imbalance causes injuries (hammy pulls, bicep and pec tears, etc.) Why do you think the “freakish” athletes are the same ones on IR all the frickin time. Bottom line, Musburger is a sports commentator, and his comments are worth about what they cost…nothing. Young guys — nothing worth having comes easy, do it the hard way and you’ll keep it longer and it won’t shrink away.

    42. Lou

      Brent is right. He is not the aforementioned authority on steroids nor am I. However if used like any drug under the supervision of a doctor they are even safe. Even laymen know that ‘roids are used in treatment of many ailments.

      In PRO sports they would def. make things more exciting. Look at the McGuire Sosa era in baseball. You may not like that they “cheated” but way more people paid attention to baseball. Its pretty evident that ratings for that game are not where they were. Granted the sports wouldn’t be pure. But realistically are you there to see pure atheletes? I don’t. I want to see the giant freaks of nature crushing baseballs, each other, and running at mind blowing speed. Otherwise i’d watch the pick up games at the local Y.

      Brent makes a good point even if you disagree.

    43. Truth

      I wonder how many times he said the word “Buckeyes”?? I think he gets paid everytime he says it.

    44. Bobr

      Sorry Brad. Your empirical “expertise” innertwined with bias and prejudice is not “Fact” and offers nothing to this conversation.

    45. Bubba

      I don’t like anyone giving the idea that steroid use is ok even if monitored by professionals. People hear about half of anything in general. I think when you look at
      steroids as possibly being good, you are saying that the destination is more important than the journey. So much emphasis is placed on winning when the journey to the top
      is much more interesting. Maybe McGwire and Sosa was interesting at the time, but
      now no one cares about what they did. No one cares what Barry Bonds did. Steroids
      make victories look very shallow.

    46. Brian in Phx

      I’m in my late 40′s and on Testosterone via my doctor. I’ve used anabolics on and off for 20+ years and I love these drugs. Why . . . well, I simply feel better while on them, more energy, better libido, more able to concentrate, I don’t get sick, and they make me strong and increase my indurance. They also improve the texture of my skin. Most people think I’m in my early 30′s. When I turn 50 I’m going on HGH.

      Contrary to popular belief, scientific studies have been done on the long term effects of steroids on adult men . . . and all of those studies found no ill effects from long term use. Quite to the contrary in fact, they proved to be beneficial to overall health. If all middle aged men knew how good they could feel while on anabolics . . . everyone over 35 would be on them. The industry would make billions!

    47. Anthony

      The author of this is completely bias just like the journalists Brent was speaking of. We have been told steroids should not be used because of how harmful and dangerous they are. In reality when used properly they are very beneficial. If we want our athletes to perform game after game at their highest potential steroids are needed. Society needs to do their homework on this subject; not regurgitate information spewed from ignorant journalists. Brent has obviously done research into this and spoke with professionals on his own. Just because he is a college football announcer does not qualify his argument as wrong. Do some reasrch of your own before sounding like a damn fool.

    48. Brian in Phx

      I would propose that everyone watch Bryant Gumbel’s show on HBO. Several months back, the white haired analyst on that show who is also on Fox News, did an excellent segment on steroids. Everyone should watch that back episode, it’s sure to air again. To the analyst’s dismay, he couldn’t find any evidence that steroids were harmful to adult men. In fact, he found just the opposite. He even admitted that he had bought into all hype that steroids were bad for you. After his analysis, he changed his mind completely.

    49. Keego!

      Drugs are bad…mmmm k!!

    50. Joel


    51. 10/7/10

      listen you can argue all day long or til your blue in the face anabolic roids have a negative impact i dont give a crap if your under supervised care or not i have seen what it can do !!! my former best friend was a calm cool guy til he got on roids and yes he was on a supervised program for a period of time he had severe mood swings agression he began to basically attack anyone he felt was a threat to him……….
      then have a look at the wrestlers like hogan hip gone bad both knees several have died from it due to heart failure if you more proof look at superstar billy graham both knees kidneys and so on …..
      dont ever start with roids if you do then you have already admitted to being a failure and a cheater ……

    52. Just Sayin'

      How do we know that anabolic steroids and HGH isn’t the next evolution of mankind? Obviously humans are now living longer lives than they did 1000 years ago, mainly due to the advances in medicine, in spite of the fact that the air, water, and vegitation is not as pure as it once was.
      Steroids do have a place in this world. It might not be in the bodies of already gifted athletes, but in those less fortunate. Let’s face it, there is alot more going on than just hard work with these athletes. Many of them are freaks of nature to begin with. Whether its Genetics, overactive pituataries producing more Gh, or significantly higher testosterone levels, these guys have an unfair advantage over the average man to begin with. So if there is a guy that has put the work in, but doesn’t have the advantage these other guys have then why not LEVEL the playing field synthetically?

    53. Doug_N

      As a long time user of steroids I can tell you this. You have too know what too take and how too take them for whatever results your looking for. Do they enhance your over all physical and recovery time. Hell yes. They also boost your self confidence and give you a feeling of well being.
      Are they harmful ? Not if taken correctly. Another aspect is you have to know what to take after your done with your cycle in order to get your body back to it’s normal state. This is refereed to as PCT or Post Cycle Therapy. The reason people have problems after a cycle is because they dont know how to do PCT properly.
      As far as roid rage it’s a mith ; as steroids bring out your inner personality . So if your an assh*le they will just make you a bigger assh*le. But if your a normal sane person you’ll be fine.
      And lastly there has never been a long term study on people who have used steroids for extended periods. All you hear about is the guy who flipped out while on them or someone who blames their health issues on steroids. Thats just the media grasping at straws. Show me someone who’s committing crimes too get steroids, because theres none. We take steroids to improve our bodies and make us the men (or women ) we want to be!

    54. Kenny-Seattle

      Um, Police Officer Doug_N. Maybe your job requires you to be all yoked up for your own protection, but there are plenty of officers that are out of control and rule with a way too heavy hand. As for “roid rage” being a myth, think again. I had a 3 year old son who was on heavy doses of steriods for Leukemia. After his third treatment he was a wild, out of control kid. It would take all of my strenght to hold him from kicking my a** out of pure rage. He couldn’t help himself as the “roid rage ” consumed him. As for steriods not being healthy, watching a 3 year old boy go from 45 lbs to 120 lbs and all swollen like a human ballon, bleeding from his mouth and nose, no they are not healthy. Unfortunatly, my son after two bone marrow transplants did not make it, my he rest in peace. I can attest that steroids are very harmfull and should only be used the the most extreme cases, not for sport or vanity.

    55. ex-BCS Athlete

      I used steroids – and Brent Musberger covered a couple of my games in college, but we didn’t talk about ‘roids. It’s true prednisone is an anti-inflamatory drug; like cortisone, wich is used in college and pro sports training rooms all the time, how are anabolic steroids different than any other drug? If a MLB pitcher has a sore elbow and he takes a shot, which allows him to “perform” when he otherwise would not, or if it speeds his recovery from tendonitis, or a sprained ankle, how is cortisone NOT a “PED”? Brent is right folks, they work. They don’t make marginal players, great, but they do make players bigger, stronger , faster and more durable. At the professional level they are no different than any other training tool. We have baseball players taling Ridalin to help them hit (with a fudged ADD diagnosis). Again, how is this different?

    56. lilyoyo

      Brent was correct in what he was saying. The fact is steroids is used now extensively at the pro level. Some pros use physicians while others get theirs from unknown sources. Its the latter that are taking the biggest risk due to the the sources of their product. As for the safety of steroids; millions have used them all around the world with no long term issues. In fact steroids weren’t banned due to them being dangerous. It was because of its use at the high school level that led to it being banned. Even with that said, you cant use that as a marker of whether its safe or not. 2 of the most dangerous drugs on earth are completely legal. Cigarettes and alcohol. If uncle same was that concerned about keeping us healthy both would be banned. Also for those bringing up roid rage. Its false. If you were an A**hole before roids then your just a bigger a**hole while your on. The few studies that has been done all have been inconclusive. The one common factor was that those who did experience so called roid rage , already had a tendency to be violent, abusive, or angry prior to roid use. Some people like to bring up Chris Benoit (the wrestler) and say he killed his wife and son in a fit of roid rage. The fallacy to that argument is that CB was also an alcoholic, addicted to narcotics, and addicted to street drugs. The same as other wrestlers that made the news. Its funny how the news overlook those other things and jump on the roids issue. Can steroids be dangerous. YES. Can they be effective and safe if used properly. YES. Its not cheating. It wont make anyone go from being a couch potato to a homerun king or allow you to outrun U. Bolt.

    57. Jason Zurba

      As a former professional athlete, who has his degree in Biology, I saw first hand what AAS can do for athletes. The argument that “hard work or pure talent” can be trumped by drugs is foolish. The reality is that most high level athletes do so many things that are “not natural” that the inclusion of Dr. controlled AAS would not change much in terms of performance. The ability of athletes to recover and play more consistently injury free would be the biggest change.

    58. lilyoyo

      Kenny-seattle- Im sorry to hear about your son. Just so you know, the steroids that they give for cancer treatment is not an anabolic steroid. It is a glucocorticosteroid. They are very different. Especially dealing with leukemia (any cancer for that matter) there are alot of variables at play. It could be the physical pain that he was in, the combination of drugs that he was given, the chemo itself, the decadron could’ve dose could’ve been to high,etc. While what you said about your son is a side effect of decadron; those are also symptoms that cancer patients normally have (except weight gain. Decadron can cause fluid retention)Given the fact that your son was 3 (when kids usually have less control than adults)he would be more prone to having those episodes. Comparing roid rage with adults to how drugs affect a baby isnt a fair comparison. Once again I am sorry to hear about your son. I know it was hard then as it is now. I do wish your family well.

    59. Jeremy

      It amazes me when people get all wrapped up in steroid use. Instead of interviewing those that have taken them or consulting with Doctors some chose to make their own assessment of them. Abuse of anything can be toxic to your body, but anabolic steroids when consumed under the care of a Physician or moderately have very little side effects. The fact that they give athletes a competitive advantage is the reason we are so driven to give them a bad name. It’s similar to cheating, but my personal opininon is they wouldn’t be illegal if it weren’t for professional sports.

      Some may remember, but not too many years ago anabolic steroids and HGH were considered legal.

      If you abuse, you lose. If you consume in moderation or under a physicians care you win.

    60. 10/7/10

      Musberger is an IDIOT! He is an idiot now from his recent comments as he was years ago when Oklahoma played UNLV in basketball at Norman. His decsion for the refs to watch a replay on the telecast monitor right before the half changed the course of the game. He should not be in broadcasting!!

    61. Brad

      I’ll try to stick to the subject at hand. To answer one point: using medicines or drugs to treat injuries, defects or other health deficiencies under medically supervised/prescribed care for the limited purpose of curing said infirmity is a far cry from taking a normal (or gifted) individual and making them “Super-human” Capt. Americas. Hypothetical: NFL Commish Godell comes out next year, “Collective Bargaining Agreement is resolved! And to top it off, all of our Field Gladiators are allowed to implement all PED’s into their regiment so long as it adheres to medically approved NFL standards as set forth by the League guidelines.” Athletes – “Yeaaaa, no more suspensions or fines and I can really show them now.” WAIT! Everyone is allowed, and under the guidelines, so…EVEN PLAYINGFIELD, Right? Wrong. Those same guys who were spending a chunk of paycheck on “the Clear” and HGH are now even with everyone else. It’s back to who works the hardest with what they are taking and how it works with what the good Lord gave you at birth. Well a cheater is a cheater and won’t give away the edge. “Screw that! I’m stacking my stuff (in violation of NFL standards) and I’m gonna uncork on the biggest mofo on the field just to show ‘em whose the baddest dude in the game. ” The psychie of a competitive athlete searching for the ultimate edge will never be cured by legalization, monitoring or otherwise. They will cheat for the “edge.” Those of you who listen to the career bodybuilders and long-time users of steroids, might want to take a consensus from a bunch of “users” and see what they say. I guarantee you, you WILL hear about adverse side effects, doctor supervised or otherwise. No hype, no media conspiracy to it. The Doctors just help to counter-balance in the imbalances in your biochemistry caused by the damn drugs; nothing clean about it. Educate yourselves on nutrition, body-type, and proper training. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, BUT HARD WORK PAYS OFF! I pray that no harm comes to those of you who are using. I have friends who are damn good guys who used/use, and I believe those of you who are using are probably really good guys too. Respectfully, I believe you are misguided, but only time will tell.

    62. lilyoyo

      One thing I should make clear- Alot of doctors dont know enough/alot about steroids. Alot of what they get comes from their patients, media,etc. There arent alot of studies done for them to learn about them in school and regards to their chosen field most dont come across it enough. Its not like a drug rep is going to come in their office and educate them when the stigma of steroids is so strong. Are some physicians knowledgeable? Yes! But most arent. The ones that are usually have taken the time/effort to learn. As for pros taking more roids to stay ahead of everyone else. I doubt that. Most people at that level know that more isnt always better. For pure size/strength yes it can be. However that comes at a price. Outside of the side effect issue greater size isnt good in sports. Can you imagine Ronnie Coleman trying to hit a fastball? What about Jay Cutler trying to be a lineman? Can you imagine Marcus Ruhl trying to dunk a bball? The explosiveness, agility, and flexibility that is needed for sports would be sacrificed for added size and strength. Thats why you dont see athletes abusing them like that now. More isnt always better.

    63. Gerry

      Which of the follow do you think is worse for a persons body in the long run a) taking steroids at reasonable dosages or b) playing prophesional football? I would guess b). Im not advocating making football illegal, I just think that we are a bit arbitrary about which risks we think people should be allowed to take.

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