Heads Roll Tide: Bama Fires Sound Guy

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 29, 2010

Someone had to be fired after Alabama’s 24-0 collapse to Auburn during the Iron Bowl game, and that person was Nick Saban. Wait, no, never mind. It was one of the sound guys.

The Alabama employee (who remains nameless) took it upon himself to heckle Cam Newton via song, when he played Son of a Preacher Man and Take The Money and Run as Auburn took the game during their pregame warm-ups. For the record, I’m a big fan of both of these songs and the placement given the current “allegations” were pretty spot on.


All songs played during the game are approved ahead of time to avoid situations like this, but this Bama fan/worker just couldn’t help himself. Alabama responded, however, by firing the employee on Monday. Alabama spokesman Debbie Lane responded today, offering up the following.

“The University of Alabama takes great pride in our football team’s long-standing tradition of playing the game with dignity and class, and showing respect for players and coaches of opposing teams. We are disappointed when the actions of any staff member undermine our deeply held values and expectations.”

It’s an absolute shame to see someone lose their job over something like this. I could see the individual being punished for breaking protocol, but this is the kind of energy that makes college football the game that it is. It’s harmless, witty, entertaining and more ammunition for a rivalry loaded with it.

I take it Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems probably wouldn’t have made it through either, no?

Okay, I’ll stop now…

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    1. 11/29/10

      I guess they would have frowned at Ted DiBiase’s old WWF theme song being played as well?

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    3. Chuck

      Back in 1989 Ole Miss played Alabama in football at the stadium in Jackson, MS. Before teh game the Ole Miss fans were playing eht sond “Sweet Home Alabama” over the PA system and substituting the words to “Go To Hell Alabama” . If the first half it appeared to work. Ole Miss was ahead at halftime 20-0. Alabam rolled back and beat Ole Miss 60-20.

    4. dan

      Back in the 90s during the 4th quarter of a Pitt-West Virginia game in Pittsburgh the announcer came on and said, “ladies and gentleman, there is a tractor in the parking lot with its lights on. West Virginia license plate E-I-E-I-O.” It was freakin’ hilarious!

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