Spurrier Showin’ Off The Goods

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 23, 2011

Without question the finest photo of the offseason came to light yesterday as Sports by Brooks posted a shot of Steve Spurrier taking in the Daytona 500. With beer. Shirtless.

Now, many will be quick to jump on the ol’ ball coach’s lack of upper body definition, but I for one appreciate his natural (relaxed) state, especially at NASCAR’s biggest race.

Don’t let the excess padding fool you. Underneath all the insulation, Steve Spurrier has a 6-pack that could match up with most position players on his team. After all, hitting 2,000,000 3-woods over the course of a few decades will transform your core into something even Mark McGwire would find interesting…

Thanks again to Sports by Brooks for making our February complete.

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    2. 2/26/11

      Go figure he would drink something like Coors. Lol

    3. 1/18/12

      I thought Spurrier had something against sloppy looking guys on his coaching staff?

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