Spring Football: Florida Rivalry Flying High

By Adam Kramer   Apr. 11, 2011

Try telling these fans this is just spring football.

During the Florida Gators spring football game this past Saturday, a small plane flew overhead with a very distinct message trailing behind it (as seen above). Turns out the message, which cost $850, was paid for by twelve to fifteen Florida State fans that chipped in for this timely sign.

31-7 just happened to be the score of last year’s Florida/Florida State showdown, so piecing together this one isn’t exactly rocket science. And while Florida State has plenty of momentum working in their favor after grabbing arguably the nation’s top overall recruiting class, it should be pointed out that last year’s victory was Florida State’s first in seven years.

As far the company in charge of sending the message in the air, well, they just happen to be Gator fans. Patrick Walsh, president of AirSign, allowed the sign to go up there although it wasn’t the easiest event to coordinate.

“One of our sales people sold this thing. We’re a standard company. We can’t be discriminatory,” Walsh said on getting the sign off the ground. “Most of our other pilots didn’t want to fly it.”

With the sign came notoriety from a variety of outlets, which certainly can’t hurt business. Those that knew him and his fandom, however, weren’t thrilled to see that he allowed it.

“I was getting all these hate text messages from people that we know,” Walsh acknowledged. “I was counting down the seconds until the hour was over.”

Regardless of where you sit on “Spring SignGate,” it’s clear that this rivalry is alive and well even in the heart of the college football offseason. On that note – get here soon, fall.

(h/t Orlando Sentinel)

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