Michigan Billboard Takes Shot at Jim Tressel

By Adam Kramer   May. 01, 2011

It’s been a LONG time since the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry was in college football’s spotlight, thanks in large part to Michigan’s average football teams the past few seasons. A few Michigan fans, however, have decided to give this rivalry a fresh coat of paint and have gone great lengths to make their point loud and clear.

We’ve seen t-shirts take aim at Jim Tressel and his “issues” with the NCAA, but one Michigan billboard, yes billboard, certainly takes this to another level. It’s one thing to make fun of the man’s truthfulness or lack of with the NCAA, but attacking the sweater vest is clearly where this one crosses the line. Okay, maybe the “Liar, Liar” is what really stands out.

Either way: Message Sent.

Thanks to Douglas Ray Williams for posting this picture on his Twitter Feed, we can now experience this Tressel billboard which sits comfortably off I-94 for many Michigan cars to see.

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    1. [...] about it to authorities. In light of this, some Michigan fans decided to take a shot at Tressel by purchasing this billboard on [...]

    2. Correy Ray

      Just shows how trashy & bitter people in Michigan are….

    3. Rodamis

      Boo hoo

    4. Michael

      Pretty good spelling for losers from Michigan. Must have graduated from U of M with Phd’s ….

    5. Howard Major

      Don’t forget more than half of the college football fans in Michigan do not wear Blue and Yellow. Those of us who wear green and white have more class than that.

    6. LM

      Looks like Maurice Clarrett was telling the truth all along. Serves Tressel right for losing all those National Championship games and dis-crediting the B10

      Check with his alumn at Youngstown, he was crooked there too!

    7. KICE

      When was the last time Michigan beat Ohio State???

    8. Brad Neihaus

      It takes some nerve for them to put up a billboard like that – when u of m has had drunk coaches punching cops, richrods cheating, entire bball seasons erased and banners taken down for offenses far worse than Tressel’s cover-up. Maybe focus on winning a game against your rival at some point. Is michigan a benchmark in anything anymore? I guess your softball team wins.

    9. scott

      Can’t really blame the Michigan folk ……. just looking for something to smile about in the off-season relating to football as they know da mb well we probably had ten high school teams in Ohio last year that could have beaten the Wolverines.

    10. Chill Out

      I’m a Michigan fan and I respect OSU – they have beat the crap out of us for years. But I don’t respect Tressel, who is a liar, and most OSU fans I know agree with that. I wouldn’t spend money on a billboard, but there’s crazy fans everywhere, including all the OSU “fans” who blindly worship the Vest, and who forced Herbstreit to close his Twitter account for saying that the Vest lied. Don’t worry though, he will get what’s coming to him, and bye bye to his wins last season.

    11. sammith

      whens the last time Michigan beat ohio state? …………what is the overall record again, I cant remember but I do believe big blue still owns osu, at least michigan doesnt go out and hire lieing crooks so they can beat their rivals. maybe after tressel gets canned you can hire charlie sheen to coach……winning lol

    12. 5/1/11

      How creative!! Must have been a Michigan grad behind that sign.

    13. Mohammad

      Michigan fans have all the right to make fun of Tressel, after he lied to the NCAA
      GO BLUE!!!!

    14. Coach Blow Shitbeckler


    15. tackling woody

      Following in Arts’ footprints

    16. N Erole

      I guess Tressel played it close to the vest.

    17. PASQUINEL cobra

      When you cheat regardless of the method, it gives you a unfair advantage! So yes you beat Michigan but how proud can you be of the method the victories were achieved?
      A loss under rule of fair play trumps a illegal win any day in my book! What message
      does tressel’s action send to America’s youth, Win at any cost even if it’s your pride and

    18. 5/2/11

      If we think there is a successful major athletic program that is not cheating then we need to wake up. BIG BUSINESS!!! Who really cares about a billboard. NCAA needs to revamp it’s rules and start paying these players.

    19. Taylor Valentine

      Michigan fans have every right to do this after all of the cheap shots taken at their program for practicing a couple extra hours. They over-practiced and still lost… Tressel covered up the use of ineligible players used to win games (except for Wisconsin.. hehe, I go there, so it’s a little sweeter for me). That’s cheating and using that as an advantage. Have fun forfeiting most of last season. Way to ruin that streak of Big 10 Championships by cheating, while also tarnishing a program by wondering how many of their wins have been credible, especially since Tressel’s track record at Youngstown State would imply he has covered up a lot more than just this (just look at Pryor being pulled over 3 times in 3 different cars from the same dealership with his signed memorabilia as well).

    20. D Fresh

      Hey Michigan BEAT US already!! Your ruining the rivalry!! Not only does OSU beat you every year. They CRUSH you. Yawn!! Boring:)

    21. Chad

      Hope Wolverine fans have been enjoying the 2718 days since they last beat the Buckeyes in football. Bitter losers.

    22. big matt

      i love it, the sign speaks the truth.as an osu alum im ashamed at tressel.he can take his 1948 baldwin wallace playbook and stick it.he is a joke and continues to recruit thugs.maybe when he gets his ass handed to him in august that people will realize he won with coopers players in 2002.look at mich state they are taking your best lineman in ohio .you suck tressel resign NOW.

    23. Tony

      At least Tressel’s xheating led to wins. Rich Rod cheated by having excessive practice and still lost.

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    25. YostGhost

      funny to see Buckeye fans only response is (when was the last time yo won?”…or..”beat us already”…

      im left to surmise that the originators of those posts are roughly 11 or 12 years old, because if they were any older they would surely remember the tenure of John Cooper, and his 2 whole wins against the U of M in 13 years

      those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

    26. George murphy

      As long as the unwriten rule exists that coachs get fired if they don’t take their team to the play off’s in anysport, there will be cheating, just a fact of life. But to get a way with it is how much money goes to the NCAA, its like a dirty cop, for some people they just turn their heads. From the looks of things the NCAA has a lot more dirty hands than the cops.

    27. Mike Leahy

      This no class coach should have resigned when he was caught lying many times as to what he knows about NCAA infractions. He obviously cares more about himself than the good of the football program. Just think about what a zoo it will be if he is on the sidelines this fall. What a greedy jerk.

    28. Mattgobux

      “…a failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance within the football program, an excessive number of coaches (because the quality-control staff was involved in coaching activities), coaches attending voluntary off-season workouts and exceeding practice- and training-time limits, then-graduate assistant coach ***** lying during the investigation, and the athletic department failing to adequately monitor the football program to assure compliance with NCAA rulles.”

      But don’t allow your transgressions to trump that of JT’s. It’s a fact of life on both sides of the border (at any college for that matter)–beat your rival or be fired.

    29. Chris

      Michigan doesn’t have squat aside from Red Berenson. Brady Joke?

    30. Mich Blows

      That’s Funny!

      Cant wait till we play each other!

    31. West

      Buckeyes with class? Lets see, the last time I ventured to the worst town in the worst state ever, spitting and pants dropping were the favorite expressions of Cbus natives. I think they were trying to show their talents and what got them admitted to OSU.

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    33. Tom

      As a Buckeye fan and one who has a sense of humor I found this to be quite funny… Even clever maybe… But then again, I think it will also be displayed multiple times to the OSU team the week of 11/20 and again the morning of 11/26. With that cleverness I guess the otherside can use it to their advantage. The Buckeyes fans will be doing the Hokie Pokie in Ann Arbor later that day!

    34. truth

      technically, michigan beat ohio state last year because they will likely have to vacate the season…

    35. [...] LIAR, VEST ON FIRE! –Billboard on I-94 in Michigan making fun of Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, who lied to the NCAA [...]

    36. Quinn

      It’s funny that Ohio State fans are mad, you guys have this sense of entitlement when you go undefeated every season playing in the big 10… there are only 3 or 4 SEC teams tops that wouldn’t go undefeated in the Big 10. You cheated with Clarett, and now Pryor and the rest of those goons are cheating along with the head ball coach. Don’t’ act surprised that someone is calling you out on all the cheating you do.

      War Damn Eagle

    37. jeff

      I guess once the NCAA vacates OSU’s 2010 season, the bucknuts will have to readjust their M clocks. Now they haven’t beaten Michigan in what, a year and a half.

    38. Ali Gator

      Both of ya suck! Go gators!

    39. Buckeye Vic

      In the war of words between Buckeyes and Wolverines this is 100% fair game. As a lifelong Buckeye, I have zero issues with the guff that Tressel has been receiving. Buckeye fans get used to it. Tress made his bed, now the Wolverine fans are going to clown him while he sleeps in it.

    40. s nickell

      Ask Rich Rod if he ever beat OSU.Ask the last 2 graduating classes if they ever beat OSU
      Better yet if Pewee Hermans is coaching this fall it will still be another graduating class that never beat OSU. lol

    41. 5/2/11

      Fab 5 , took a pay cut when they went to the PRO’S

    42. [...] billboard “sits comfortably off I-94″, according to Kegs ‘n Eggs, via Bob’s Blitz. Skip to Comments Tweet Email « Newer Monday Blogdome: SEC [...]

    43. 5/2/11

      Looks like the “university of ohio” fans would be used to it given their long and storied history of embarrassing run-ins with the authorities. Michigan fans probably put up a billboard back in the 50′s when woody got popped for paying players and then again when he committed an assault on tv. Coach tress is just carrying on the family business. Running a giant football factory.

    44. B1G Fan

      Can’t wait to see what THE osu puts on the field next year….. so sad the Tressel years will now carry an asterisk…. Lie to the alumni, lie to the students, lie to the university, lie to the NCAA… Way to walk the talk. Have a nice retirement Jim. You certainly deserve it.

    45. [...] we’re very pleased there were no arrests. That seems odd based on this tweet by James Louis…TTUN likes to troll…The Buckeyes won their seventeenth consecutive men’s tennis match (pause to gasp in wonder at [...]

    46. cmarquinn

      It’s so funny to listen to all these OSU Buckeye bandwagon fans… Half of you sorry suckers refuse to admit, that before Tressel showed up on the scene… The Wolverines owned John Coopers sorry ass program… (10-1-1)… So all you young bandwagon Buckeyes talking all that crap, remember that… Yes OSU has owned Michigan the past 10 years, but apparently most of those wins were done by cheating… Nothing ever stays the same and the pendulum will swing BLUE again!!!

    47. Vol

      “But then again, I think it will also be displayed multiple times to the OSU team the week of 11/20 and again the morning of 11/26.”

      And your new football coach can tell your team ‘Win one for the Tressel!’

      THE Ohio Snitch University

    48. Gatorbait

      I’m not a fan of either team but i find it hilarious that all the OSU fans try to talk smack. If OSU were to win “the game” for the next decade straight they would STILL be losing the series overall.

    49. Kenny Powers

      Here’s a billboard for you…2,718

      See if you can figure out what it means.

    50. 5/2/11

      It means kenny powers is a hillbilly from ohio.

    51. Stuart

      I don’t have a dog in this fight. However, if I were a Michigan fan, I would proceed with caution when criticizing Ohio State or anyone else considering possible foul play.

      Lest we forget their basketball team and the pure, unadulterated disgrace they brought upon Michigan. If that wasn’t enough, they just had to resort to their final plea…playing the “race” card. I.E., Duke only recruits “Uncle Tom’s” and all such foolishness. Maybe they need to get their lives in order–staying home instead of swilling liquor while driving, etc.

      As a lot of us have learned, when all else fails…

    52. SEC-Guy

      LOL … You bunch of arrogant losers …

    53. teri

      All-time series Michigan leads, 57–44–6

      Suck on that, OSU. We still own you.

    54. osu sucks

      The funny thing is this billboard was put up my Michigan State alum so all you claiming State has more class is funny

    55. OSU Crooks

      Too funny… Hey OSU fans….your wins are all a JOKE!! Quit trying to say U of M fans are just sad over their losses. Money bought those wins….NOTHING else!! Personally, I would rather see my team lose than know I was supporting ANY cheater! You are pathetic!

    56. ericoforion

      Was not to long ago when OSU could not beat Michigan. The rivalry has had cycles and will continue to do so. Yes the billboard may be tacky, but a Michigan grade can afford it. Could not pay for a billboard on a fast food income.

    57. MikeMork

      Trashy? Funny billboards aren’t trashy. Running your own alumni out of town because they dare to criticize a cheater… that’s a little trashy.

    58. PM

      Herbie was not run out of town. He had his house up for sale for 4 years. He loves playing the victim and blaming crazed Buckeye fans is easier than admitting he crossed the line several times. Getting into a pissing contest with an immature 21 year old QB is embarrassing for a man in his 40′s. Saying that tOSU should stop recruiting guys like Mo C. and Pryor was even worse. Herbie cannot go off script because every time he does, he puts his Gucci loafers right in his mouth. KY fans went ape shit over comments that Bob Knight made about their players demanding he be fired by ESPN for making them. tOSU fans responded that same way any fan base would especially if it was one of their own.

    59. philip smith

      How do you spell PROBATION? TRESSEL.

    60. [...] is along the I-94 so Michigan fans can feel better about themselves. I love that this picture, via Kegs ‘N Eggs, has been out and about on the world wide interweb for a few days now, and this is still the best [...]

    61. LtCusper

      KICE asked: “When was the last time Michigan beat Ohio State???”

      Today 5/4/2011 in softball.

    62. VacateThis

      FYI – Vacated wins are not wins for the opponent – so UM would not have a win vs OSU. Nice attempt to get richrod another victory.

    63. George

      Don’t worry buckeye fans, Urban Myer just bought his house in Columbus. I guess we know who the next coach is.

    64. 5/4/11

      The ax is coming, you TOSU cheaters and liars. Get ready. It going to be a long next 8 or 10 years which you so richly deserve.

    65. scott

      I get a charge about all this horray horray …. Tressel’s gone b.s.
      Did you jokers ever stop to think what happens when you wake up and realize he aint goin anywhere? Can you imagine Michigan facing a focused OSU team with a chip on their shoulder?
      Oh let me guess……… coach three chins Hoke will take care of those buckeys…… no.

    66. Big al

      All in good fun with the rivalry, Go Blue. If it was the other way around Ohio would have the same billboard.

    67. Big Al

      And to all the buckeye fans asking when the last time we won, I guess last year, right? Seems your going to lose that one on your record soon.

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    69. [...] told you a few days ago about the recent trolling billboard by an anonymous fan of TTUN. Well, it seems even WoLOLverines fans think it was lame. Here’s the [...]

    70. Blow Shitbeckler

      I’m very impressed that anybody in Michigan could spell veast,lyer,and fiar. The real treat was awn.

    71. Dan Breland

      I am not a fan of Michigan or Ohio State. However, after what Tressel has done, Ohio State can never again claim the high ground in its football program until Tressel is gone. Tressel deliberately lied about something he knew was wrong and then failed to report violations that he was well aware of. Anything he says or does in the future will be suspect because of his actions in this particular instance. This is a sad state for such a storied program as Ohio State.

    72. georgegoblue

      it takes a big person to admit a mistake….. a child puts his/her fingers in their ears and says nananananananananana… hoping the truth goes away and hopes the wins justify the cheating. hope it feels good.GO BLUE

    73. loveyoulloyd

      Wow, all these haters from oh*o… Welcome to the rivalry? You ask us when the last time was that we beat you, why on earth does that matter to the billboard? We still hate your guts, your state, your university, and your program, and we will talk smack at every opportunity. You guys did the same exact thing when John Cooper beat us once in 13 years of coaching… why is it any different now? Let us have ours and we’ll tell you to look at the actual scoreboard: 57-44-6, when you try to get yours.

    74. Ohio Resident Tells the Truth

      Does anyone look at the overall athletic department standings?
      It is confirmed, Michigan has had better programs the last 5 years.
      They’re posted on ESPN after every semester. Sorry my Ohio brothers but they are better!

    75. stan Love

      If Michigan could give their players discounted cars I bet recruiting would go better. Ohio State Fans hold on to your unemployment checks. Your program is about to get the death penalty. BOO HOO.

    76. 5/10/11

      When the chips fall U of M may end up with the win from last year’s matchup when OSU has to forefit the game!!

    77. Mich Fan

      This post pretty much shows how some people shouldn’t even own blogs, because they don’t know what to do with them. Besides falsely assuming that Michigan fans are responsible for the billboard, you also falsely reported that a fan “bought” the billboard, as if you have the transaction information in front of you.

      Actually, it was a Michigan State fan who bought the billboard: http://mgoblog.com/content/tressel-billboard-not-our-fault.

    78. BIg_Dog_Zog

      I’m just proud to be in the SEC where the suckeyes come year after year to get spanked. What is it now? 1 in 10 against the SEC? SEC spanks the Big thin in football and basketball, and now MICHIGAN is coming for you again.

    79. lolwut?

      I dont understand why either side trashes the others academic program. It has nothing to do with football at all. People love to hate the good and popular, despite if there is reason for it or not. It should be friendly banter, and those who get personal with it are immature. Rivalries sell tickets and its good for both parties.HOWEVER, I promise, shady stuff happens in a LARGE majority of schools, its just the popular that make headlines. At least Rich Rod got fired for being bad, not because he condoned illegal activity. You tell me which is worse.

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