Urban Meyer Working OT at ESPN

By Adam Kramer   May. 04, 2011

Urban Meyer retired as head coach of the University of Florida after last football season saying he was going to put the “focus on my family.” When he accepted a job at ESPN shortly after, the internet loaded up on Urban jokes, citing his comments that he made on his way out of Gainesville.

While no one in their right mind could possibly compare coaching one of the top programs in college football to covering them from behind the desk, those that enjoyed poking fun at his comments now have some more ammunition. According to a Tweet by his daughter Gigi, working at the worldwide leader hasn’t exactly been as significant of dropoff in time as one might believe.

Gigi posted this following on her Twitter page on Wednesday.

Dear @... can I please have my dad back?? Tinks
Gigi Meyer

On Thursday morning, Gigi responded once again through her Twitter account, this time clarifying what she was trying to get across.

“I may have said the wrong. My dad has been spending more time with the fam. There’s just a short period of time where he travels. But its ok”

“Cause he loves @espn and he doesn’t have to stress about anything. So its all good! I’m sorry if I freaked Yall out. : (“

Now, we’re not going to be the ones to crack the next family man jokes - it’s all yours –  but there are interesting comments that will generate plenty of chatter from Gator fans (more so haters) and beyond. I have absolutely no idea what kind of time Urban puts in at his new job, but having an idea of how much hard he worked when he was at Florida, I imagine it’s still significant.

Interestingly enough, Gigi’s Tweet comes just a few weeks after her sister Nikki shot down the “Urban to Ohio State” rumors through her Twitter feed that gained sudden steam (again) from a handful of misinformed sources simply trying to handicap next year. If there’s an award given out to “most relevant Tweets from a coach’s daughter(s)” at the end of the year, I imagine the Meyer family will likely run away with this honor.

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