Ohio State Goes B1G with Big 10 Championship Rings

By Adam Kramer   May. 16, 2011

For the first time in a long time, some good news is coming out of Columbus, Ohio. And by news, we mean fantastic jewelry that makes us wish we were good at sports.

Although it has still yet to be determined if the 2010 Ohio State football team will get their Gold Pants for beating Michigan last season, players have already started showcasing their Big 10 championship rings which they just received. Linebacker Brian Rolle, who was taken in the 6th round by the Philadelphia Eagles showed off his Big 10 championship ring on Twitter (seen above) while others have begun to do the same.

It’s been a tough offseason for the program which has had to deal with a variety of different controversies stemming back to before their 31-26 victory over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl last season. There’s a possibility that wins coming from last season could eventually be vacated, although it’ll be up to university what happens to the rings if it were to come to that.

While the NCAA sorts through the information and possible future punishments, we want to give some props where they are due and nominate these rings as our new personal favorites of 2011. We loved TCU’s massive Rose Bowl rings, which were unveiled a few months back, but Ohio State has done some very good things in this particular instance.

We’ll just leave it at that…

(h/t @BLeez17 for the photo)

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    2. SECfan

      Nice~ lets provide the Buckeye players with expensive jewelry that can be sold or pawned for money or the exchange of services. Let’s see how long it takes Mr. Pryor and poppa Mr Sweatervest to sell these rings and lie about the situation…Again!

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