College Football’s Biggest Games Get Early Point Spreads

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 10, 2011

The Golden Nugget released college football lines for the top games for the 2011 season meaning you can now wager actual dollars on actual games months in advance. As ridiculous as this may seem, this tradition has caught on of late and created quite a buzz in Vegas and online. Plus, the thought of football gets us all giddy and it’s never too early to examine what odds makers think of these matchups heading into the season.

We’ll have plenty of thoughts on all these games in the future, but for now just grab a cold one and handicap these games for yourself. Also, these lines have and will continue to move throughout the weekend, so look for early action to cause big odds shakeups.

And here they are.

September 3, 2011

LSU vs Oregon -3

Boise St -6 vs. Georgia

September 5, 2011

Miami (FL) -3.5 vs. Maryland

September 10, 2011

Alabama -9 vs. Penn State

Miss St. vs. Auburn -3.5

South Carolina -3 vs. Georgia

Notre Dame vs. Michigan -2

BYU vs. Texas -7.5

Utah vs. USC -8

TCU -6.5 vs. Air Force

September 15, 2011

LSU vs. Miss St. -1

September 17, 2011

Oklahoma -3.5 vs. Florida St

Michigan St vs. Notre Dame -6

West Virginia -3 vs. Maryland

Tennessee vs. Florida -13.5

Auburn vs. Clemson -1

September 24, 2011

Missouri vs. Oklahoma -13

Arkansas vs. Alabama -11

LSU -4 vs. West Virginia

Oklahoma St Texas A&M -6

Florida St -7 vs. Clemson

October 1, 2011

Alabama -6 vs. Florida

Auburn vs. South Carolina -7.5

Nebraska vs. Wisconsin -2.5

October 8, 2011

Oklahoma -8 vs. Texas

Florida vs. LSU -5.5

Auburn vs. Arkansas -7.5

Miami (FL) vs. Va Tech -7

October 15, 2011

ASU vs. Oregon -11

Oklahoma St vs. Texas -3

Florida -1 vs. Auburn

South Carolina -1.5 vs. Miss. St

LSU -9.5 vs. Tennessee

October 22, 2011

Auburn vs. LSU -9.5

USC vs. Notre Dame -4

Maryland vs. Florida St -16

Tennessee vs. Alabama -21

October 29, 2011

Stanford -2 vs. USC

NC State vs. Florida St -14.5

Michigan St vs. Nebraska -7.5

Georgia vs. Florida -3

South Carolina -10.5 vs. Tennessee

November 5, 2011

Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma -7.5

LSU vs. Alabama -9

South Carolina vs. Arkansas -4

November 12, 2011

Alabama -7 vs. Miss. St

Oregon -1 vs. Stanford

TCU vs. Boise St. -13.5

Mia (FL) vs. Florida St. -7.5

Auburn vs. Georgia -4.5

Florida vs. South Carolina -6

Nebraska -1 vs. Penn St

November 19, 2011

USC vs. Oregon -11

Miss. St vs. Arkansas -9

Nebraska -1 vs. Michigan

November 24, 2011

Texas vs. Texas A&M -7

November 25, 2011

Pittsburgh vs. West Va. -6

Arkansas vs. LSU -4.5

November 26, 2011

Alabama -8 vs. Auburn

Florida St. vs. Florida -1

Georgia -6.5 vs. Georgia Tech

Ole Miss vs. Miss St. -12

Clemson vs. South Carolina -12

Oregon St vs. Oregon -14

UCLA vs. USC -6.5

December 3, 2011

Oklahoma -2 vs. Oklahoma St.


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    2. Rob

      Not a single Ohio State game?

    3. Bamagirl

      Someone obviously hates Bama and is also (obviously) a moron if they think Bama will lose every single game. It’s Sept 28, 2011 and they’ve been wrong on every pick so far.

    4. 10/7/11

      Bamagirl, those numbers next to Bama indicate the points Bama is giving away to the other team, meaning that they are favored. It would be +7 if we were getting 7 points. The analysis obviously thinks very highly of Bama, but you can see what values for certain teams have changed. We will not be 9 point favorites against LSU (more like 3-6 pt. favs at home), and we will be more than 7 point favorites against a weaker than expected Miss St. team on the road.

    5. Bobbi Leder: Did you take any supplements or protein shakes?
      Girls’s Well being.

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