Bodog Posts 2011 Heisman Trophy Odds

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 13, 2011

The Golden Nugget posted their early lines for some of college football’s biggest games last Friday, and on Monday Bodog posted their official Heisman odds. While we’ve seen other books post their Heisman odds before now, this is by far the most respected online book to post odds to date. Suddenly the season doesn’t feel all that far away.

Bodog is also taking bets on whether or not the award will go to a defensive player, although you’ll only be getting 10/1. At that price it doesn’t seem to be a worthwhile bet, but the option is yours.

As for the 2011 Heisman, here are the odds.

Andrew Luck (QB Stanford) 9/2

Landry Jones (QB Oklahoma) 13/2

Marcus Lattimore (RB South Carolina) 7/1

Denard Robinson (QB Michigan) 15/2

LaMichael James (RB Oregon) 15/2

Trent Richardson (RB Alabama) 12/1

Justin Blackmon (WR Oklahoma State) 15/1

Kellen Moore (QB Boise State) 15/1

Knile Davis (RB Arkansas) 15/1

Ryan Broyles (WR Oklahoma) 15/1

Robert Griffin III (QB Baylor) 20/1

Chris Polk (RB Washington) 25/1

Roy Finch (RB Oklahoma) 30/1

Brandon Weeden (QB Oklahoma State) 32/1

Case Keenum (QB Houston) 35/1

Darron Thomas (QB Oregon) 35/1

Kirk Cousins (QB Michigan State) 35/1

Michael Floyd (WR Notre Dame) 40/1

Matt Barkley (QB USC) 45/1

Nick Foles (QB Arizona) 45/1

Russell Shepard (WR LSU) 50/1

Aaron Murray (QB Georgia) 55/1

E.J. Manuel (QB Florida State) 60/1

John Brantley (QB Florida) 60/1

Ryan Tannenhill (QB Texas A&M)60/1

Tyler Wilson (QB Arkansas) 70/1

Danny O’Brien (QB Maryland) 75/1

Dayne Crist (QB Notre Dame) 75/1

Taylor Martinez (QB Nebraska) 75/1

Alshon Jeffery (WR South Carolina) 80/1

James White (RB Wisconsin) 80/1

Montee Ball (RB Wisconsin) 80/1

Robert Woods (WR USC) 80/1

Michael Dyer (RB Auburn) 85/1

David Wilson (RB Virgina Tech) 90/1

Geno Smith (QB West Virginia) 90/1

Marcus Coker (RB Iowa) 90/1

Dan Persa (QB Northwestern) 95/1

(photo via Camp Smoke)

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    2. CYgnus

      Weakest field of Heisman candidates in years.

    3. JimboJones


      Says you. It’s certainly no weaker than the last three years. Your team has no horse in the race, I suppose?

    4. This is interesting but maybe a surprise candidate, even Iowa QB Vandenberg or some
      other relatively unknown college player could shake things up. As in, winning it via
      a spectacular performance over the Nebraska Cornhuskers day after Thanksgiving.
      Well, we can dream anyway!

    5. NT1819

      Why is Kellen Moore on this list???? He and Boise State play a pathetic schedule EVERY year and run the score up on the VERY VERY weak schools they always play. That doesn’t make a player or a team good. If Moore played in the SEC he would be a total no name and wouldn’t make it.

    6. EN

      How bout the other so called top teams? They play weak teams as well, but no one complains about that. The SEC is a joke. Mark Ingram wasn’t as good as Toby Gerhardt, yet he “won the Heisman.” Scam Newton is a thief who doesn’t deserve anything other than a prison cell.

    7. 6/16/11

      John Brantley? Really??
      I’m not sure what that’s based on – high profile position at a high profile school? – but I’d think Robert Woods, Michael Dyer, and Taylor Martinez (if he drops the diva act and gets himself together) have better odds.
      Brantley was a huge disappointment last year, and unfortunately I don’t expect him to improve enough to be on a list by the end of the season.

    8. Dude

      Hey, SEC dude that says Boise State runs up the score: Moore hardly plays in the 4th quarter of half the games, just like all the other starters. Look at the halftime scores vs. the full game scores, and you will see that 35-3 at halftime usually ends up 45-10 at the end of the game because a lot of the second string is playing. If Petersen wanted to run up the score in the WAC, you would see scores like 60-7, 62-14, stuff like that on a regular basis against the bottom 2/3 of the conference. Yes, there are some closer games, and even a loss in conference once every 3 years, but Boise State definitely does not run up the score or try to pad Moore’s stats. If that were the case, you would see numbers like 45-50 touchdowns and 7-8 interceptions instead of 35 and 6.

      And please, please don’t take this as me saying that the WAC compares to the SEC in overall quality of football teams or football players. Obviously, the SEC as a whole is far more talented, better coached, and tougher to play in. No doubt about that. And would Boise State have a tougher time winning as many games in the SEC? Of course they would, just like every other team in college football. And would Moore have less impressive stats, probably. Alabama, LSU, Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, South Carolina…all those teams last year were really good football teams and beat the hell out of each other. Of course any reasonable football fan would say that those are good teams, and playing those kinds of teams on a week to week basis is grueling, much more grueling than facing Nevada, Fresno State, Hawaii, etc.

      But to say that Boise State runs up the score is 100% inaccurate and an insult to Chris Petersen’s entire idea of what it means to be a college football player, a college football coach, and college football team. And most of all, it would be an insult to what he thinks people in general should be.

      And if Moore is such a poor college football player, then why aren’t all the other BSU quarterbacks of the past or all the other quarterbacks in the WAC putting up numbers like his against the same schedule? Moore has found himself in the perfect offense and under the perfect coach for him to succeed at a very high level in college football, and he has proved that for 3 years now. He has performed well against tough teams.

      Here is some math. In 9 games over the past 3 years against (some and not all) ranked or bowl oppenents (2010 VT, OSU, Nev, Utah; 2009 Oregon, Nev, TCU; 2008 Oregon, TCU), his numbers are: 196 completions, 287 attempts, 2468 yards, 19 touchdowns, 3 interceptions. Note that I picked out THE toughest possible opponents he and Boise State faced over that time period and didn’t even include some tough Hawaii and Fresno State teams that won or made it to bowl games.

      More math: proportionally over 13 games, a pretty normal college football season, that translates to 68.3% completion rate, 3564.9 yards, 27.4 touchdowns, and 4.3 interceptions, all against highly ranked opponents who have had success in tough conferences and in bowl games against other tough teams from various conferences.

      So, let’s round things down (or not in Moore’s favor): 68% completion rate, 3564 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions.

      Cam Newton, 201o: 66.1%, 2854 yds, 30 tds, 7 ints. 1473 rushing yards, 20 tds rushing, 1 td receiving. Certainly, Newton had ungodly numbers, and would win the Heisman over Moore (as he did), but that doesn’t mean Moore isn’t in the top 5, even with what would account for a tougher overall (yet hypothetical) season as listed above. Obviously, Newton gets the advantage because of his unprecedented rushing performance.

      Mark Ingram 2009: hard to compare qb stats to rb stats.

      Colt McCoy, 3rd in Heisman voting (top vote-getting qb) 2009: 70.6%, 3521 yds, 27 tds, 12 ints. Very comparable to Moore’s numbers.

      Sam Bradford 2008: 67.9%, 4720 yds, 50 TDs (holy crap!), 8 INTs
      Colt McCoy 2008: 76.7% (holy crap!), 3859 yds, 34 TDS, 8 INTs.
      Tim Tebow 2008: 64.4%, 2746 yds, 30 TDs, 4 INTs. 673 rushing yds, 12 rushing TDs, (but only a 3.8 yds per rush average).

      These are the top performances by QBs over the last 3 years, the 3 years in which Moore (as a Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior) accumulated numbers against a (partially hypothetical) schedule that was tougher than any of those quarterbacks faced, considering the bottom halves of each of their conferences.

      Did Moore deserve to win the Heisman in any of those years? Maybe not. But he certainly is in the conversation and well within the top 3-4 players each of those years.

      So, does Kellen Moore deserve to be on the list, yes. Does that mean that he will win the Heisman, not necessarily. But he certainly is worthy of being listed at 15/1 odds to win the Heisman, ranked in a tie for 7th on that list. If anything, those odds are worse than they should be.

      I have too much time on my hands.

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    10. jones sucks

      Landry Jones is the most over rated player ever. He sucks and most sooner fans agree. One told me last year they hoped he would get hurt so the backup would go in. Worst QB in the big 12.

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