Video: Jordan Jefferson Proves He’s No History Buff

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 16, 2011

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson made a cameo on SportsCenter on Thursday, and was treated to a surprise game of “Name That Jefferson.”

Cue perhaps the finest video of the offseason in 3…2…1…

Now, let’s cut Jordan some slack here. For one, he’s learning a new offensive system and his mindset is clearly on beating Oregon in week one and winning a national title this season. And two, who hasn’t confused Thomas Jefferson and George Jefferson?

Imagine if Les Miles played a game of “Name That Jefferson.” It would’ve likely ended up in a 45-minute conversation about the origins of the word “treason” or perhaps a countdown of his top 250 favorite episodes of The Jeffersons.

NOTE: There were only 253 episodes.

(video h/t to Busted Coverage)

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