Auburn’s Championship Rings Are In… All Of Them

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 19, 2011

Late Sunday evening, Auburn players feverishly began tweeting out photos of the championship rings, and really it’s hard to blame them. If I got my paws on the rings seen above, I would’ve done the exact same thing. I mean, just look at ‘em.

The players received a ring for winning the SEC, for winning the BCS, and even one for winning the NCAA. Apparently it takes only one perfect season to nearly fill up an entire hand in jewelry. Even if this jewelery must cost less than $415 a piece.

Now, the feedback on these rings has been strong and obvious, given the circumstances surrounding Auburn’s best player last season and the controversy that took up a large portion of the college football headlines last fall.

It took less than a minute for the first “save the receipt” type comment to hit the web, and you’ve probably got a few jokes still saved up from the 2010-11 campaign. Jokes aside, you have to admire the cost-effective finger-bling here.

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    1. Brian

      wow, look at the middle one. who knew they won the Lombardi trophy?

    2. Drew

      FYI – College rings don’t have real diamonds. NCAA Rules say the rings can’t be more than $400-$500 dollars.

      Super Bowl rings are real. The NFL pays $5,000 per ring and the team pays the rest.

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    4. 6/20/11

      These rings lack style and / or any imagination. Who is in charge of design? Probably the same person who drew up the plans for the new 92 million dollar arena. It’s a little red school building with windows and carrugated tin in the rear which was built in the football stadium parking lot. Should have torn down the old arena and rebuild another magnificent structure as in the omni / phillips arena in Atlanta.

    5. Teach

      Who really gives a shit about Auburn? I mean other than people who went there. It’s not like every parent of a high school football player says my son just has to go to Auburn so he can get 3 rings in one year! Now if they were going to a true national champion, such as Eastern Washington University, then they could be proud and not have to keep the receipts.



    7. Edward J. Cunningham

      How can Auburn get NCAA rings? They may be BCS champions, but at the Division I-A level there has NEVER been an official NCAA champion—only an unofficial one. Are these approved by the NCAA?

    8. AU Philip

      Eastern Washington? Are you kidding me? Even people in Washington could care less about what Eastern Washington did in football this year, or any other…the only reason football had any sort of credibility in Washington this year was due to Jake Locker, and rightfully so…besides, Central Washington is a better team than Eastern Washington anyway, if you want to get into some sort of D-League football school debate…some of the highschool teams from down south, and especially in Alabama could probably beat Eastern Washington! Quit hatin’!!

      War Damn Eagle!!!!

    9. war SCAM eagle

      haha, auburn sucks, they were a one year wonder, they may have beat oregon at the last second but oregon will still be better long term. auburns gonna get smoke checked this season! lol roll tide!

    10. Roll Tide!

      These idiots think they won the Super Bowl. They put the Lombardi Trophy on it!!! LMFAO!!!

    11. AU Philip

      Must be like how the Bammer’s were a one-year wonder in 2009? They had there chance, but choked and blew a 24 point lead…I think “Roooll OVER Tide” is more appropriate. I am sure all of you Tuscaloosa inbreds will never give Auburn the credit they deserve, but at least we should be able to agree that next year’s National Championship will come through the Iron Bowl!! WAR EAGLE!! WOOOOOOOO!!

    12. Rob

      They will end up just like USC AND Ohio State in a few yrs with there title being took for paying Newton..Just watch it will happen..

    13. Hake

      They wouldn’t even get a free tattoo with those sad looking things.

    14. She Bat

      I’m not an Auburn fan, but they earned the rings, and should be proud of their accomplishments. All of the negative comments are unnecessary. Obviously some of you are envious and jealous, not to mention very childish.

    15. Black Knight

      Wow, I have never seen so much jealosy in my life. What an embarrassment you all must be to your universities. No one really cares what you think, you didn’t win anything. It is like listening to a bunch of 6 year old kids whining.

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