Video: NCAA ’12 Ratings for the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12 and the Big East

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 29, 2011

The folks over at Tradition Sports Online have posted the NCAA ’12 rosters in video form for the SEC, the Big Ten, the ACC, the Pac-12 and the Big East.

Boise State was included in the Pac-12 highlight, and Notre Dame’s roster is in the Big Ten video. There’s a joke to be made there, but I’ll refrain. Terrelle Pryor also made the final cut for what it’s worth. While we have yet to see the Big 12′s full roster rundown, you can assume a video is coming soon.

Andrew Luck appears to be the best player in the game with a 99 rating, and Denard Robinson has been given the gift of a 95 speed. Hello, online play. Wait, scratch that. They are only numbers and NOT actually the college athletes. Whew, thought we had a lawsuit there for a sec.

As for the rest, here they are.


The Pac-12 (and Boise State)


The Big Ten (and Notre Dame)

The Big East

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    1. Stephen Colboar

      Not releasing Big X is a joke to be made too, right?

    2. [...] Here’s the video of the Pac-12 player ratings (via Kegs ‘N Eggs). [...]

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