Video: Cam Newton Question Stumps Jeopardy Contestant

By Adam Kramer   Jul. 18, 2011

Meet Christopher. He’s a Jeopardy contestant and just got himself an early Daily Double while picking out of the “Colleges and Universities” category. He wagers $1000 and Alex Trebek reads him an early and important question.

Layup question. Heisman winner in 2010, where did he play… GO. Oh, come on. Top pick overall, pretty flashy, he’s also quite good. Surely you’ve watched an ounce of college football in the past year to piece this answer together, right? [eyes widen, thinks hard about any football team he knows, goes with name he's heard in mainstream media for the past few months]

Oh, I’m sorry. That is incorrect. Now, you will get a small, verbal jab from Alex Trebek who cannot believe you missed that question and is wondering if he could possibly spear you over your personal podium.

(h/t War Eagle Reader)

  • Auburn,Auburn Tigers

    1. cam is a failure

      LMAO, more proof cam newton is a failure. i hope cam get a knee injury in the first game.

    2. tommy

      also more proof that Pryor is trash

    3. tommy's a moron

      tommy, that is an incredible leap of logic! You must be proud of that.

    4. 7/19/11

      These couple of comments show some real class you idiots. Everyone is not one dimensional like yoursleves. If he doesn’t follow sports, oh well. Who is your county councilman? Who is your Lt. Mayor? Bet you both have to google search it. Dumb A#@&#$@!! Get a life!

    5. [...] Jeopardy contestants know nothing about college football. [...]

    6. [...] At risk of becoming yet another dipshit who compares the Casey Anthony-anything to Ohio State, here goes: While Ohio State is not even close to being the only football program that is or will soon be awaiting an NCAA determination for its transgressions, media coverage has certainly made it seem that way.  [...]

    7. 7/20/11

      Totally misleading article, I expected something more like this “hi Alex, I will take NCAA violations for 800, this player was the highest paid quarterback for the 2010 season, who is T Pyror of Ohio State, no sorry the answer is Cam Newton.

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