Bodog’s SEC Odds: Lots of Gator Love

By Adam Kramer   Jul. 21, 2011

Although other online books have had their conference odds up for quite sometime, Bodog – the most respected online book – posted theirs this week and they’ve certainly differentiated themselves with what they’ve come up with.

Since SEC Media Days have taken over much of the college football universe, we’re starting here. And while there’s a lot to take in, you don’t need to look far down the list to see your first brow-raising listing.

Bodog is high on the Florida Gators; in fact, they’re VERY high on the Gators who come in as the second overall favorite in the SEC.

Also somewhat surprising is the fact that LSU is the 4th overall choice on the board. I, like most, probably would’ve listed them 2nd and 3rd at the very lowest. There’s plenty of value with South Carolina at 6/1 and tremendous value with Arkansas at 14/1.

As for the rest of the odds, here they are with the divisions listed directly below.

Odds to Win the SEC

Alabama 9/5

Florida 9/2

Georgia 5/1

LSU 5/1

South Carolina 6/1

Arkansas 14/1

Tennessee 18/1

Mississippi State 22/1

Auburn 28/1

Kentucky 66/1

Mississippi 66/1

Vanderbilt 150/1

Odds to Win East Division

Florida 7/4

Georgia 9/5

South Carolina 5/2

Tennessee 7/1

Kentucky 25/1

Vanderbilt 75/1

Odds to Win West Division

Alabama 10/11

LSU 5/2

Arkansas 6/1

Mississippi State 7/1

Auburn 12/1

Mississippi 22/1

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    1. 7/21/11

      I passed those odds along to someone who follows SEC football even closer than I do. His thoughts: Arkansas could win the SEC West with a few good breaks, and 14/1 action on Arkansas winning the SEC is a strong value bet. He also noted Mississippi State at 22/1 is strong action, though he was most bullish on Arkansas relative to the odds.

      As for Florida, they seem to be a sucker’s bet to win the entire SEC IMO — just too many unknowns and variables for only getting 9/2 action. Not that Florida couldn’t win the SEC East, but beating whichever team comes out of the SEC West will be a challenge.

      I like South Carolina as a sleeper, but not enough to take them at 5/2 for the SEC East, and for sure not enough to take them for the overall SEC at 6/1.

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    3. Tracy

      Ole Miss wiss suprise some people this year, awesome new qb, Kentrell Lockett back, Bradley Sowell, and Two freshmen receivers that will go pro

    4. 7/25/11

      Alabama seems like a lock after a 3 loss season…losing senior quarterback..losing heisman winning tailback…losing best wide out…losing best defensive player..and finishing 4th in west……………..REALLY?

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