Bodog’s Big Ten Odds: Welcoming Nebraska as the B1G Chalk

By Adam Kramer   Jul. 25, 2011

Last Wednesday, Bodog posted their win totals for all college football conferences as well as the divisions. While we featured the SEC first to coincide with SEC Media Days, the site then pulled down the odds for a few days only to put them back up Saturday more or less unchanged.

We turn our focus to the Big Ten, who gets their divisions (if only they had better names) and a new team which heads into the season as significant favorite according to the odds makers.

Nebraska opens as 8/5 favorites to win the conference, and a 1/2 favorite to win the Legends division. Right on their heels is Wisconsin, who opens as the second choice at 13/1 and a 7/5 favorite to win the Leaders division. Ohio State, a team many certainly will have their eyes on for a variety of reasons, is the third choice on the board at 5/1 for the conference and 2/1 in their division.

In terms of value, it’s tougher to find given the fact that the B1G is pretty top heavy and surprises will be tougher to come by. If you’re a believer in either Penn State or Michigan State you can catch a decent price betting them in either spot, but other than that there isn’t a ton of long shot-bets that feel very live.

As for the full odds, here they are.

Odds to Win the Big Ten

Nebraska 8/5

Wisconsin 13/5

Ohio State 5/1

Penn State 11/2

Michigan State 10/1

Michigan 16/1

Iowa 18/1

Northwestern 22/1

Illinois 25/1

Purdue 85/1

Indiana 125/1

Minnesota 125/1

Odds to Win Leaders Division

Wisconsin 7/5

Ohio State 2/1

Penn State 43/20 (love that)

Illinois 10/1

Purdue 33/1

Indiana 40/1

Odds to Win Legends Divisions

Nebraska 1/2

Michigan State 4/1

Michigan 11/2

Iowa 7/1

Northwestern 9/1

Minnesota 50/1

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      Typo: Wisconsin mentioned in the article as 13:1 but shown 13:5 below in the list.

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