Auburn’s Next BIG Thing: Meet Ladarious Phillips

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 03, 2011

As college football fans, we enjoy when large men do great things. They’re all large, massive actually, but when a giant man stands taller (or wider) and does something truly exceptional, we appreciate the achievement that much more.

At 6-feet and 293 pounds, Ladarious Phillips would probably gauge some intrigue from scouts looking to beef up their defensive line. The thing is, Phillips will be suiting up for Auburn as a fullback/h-back/halfback/human bowling ball.

Phillips redshirted last year after putting up big numbers in high school on both sides of the ball and getting some pub for his incoming size. As a senior he averaged 10 yards per carry and also had 8 sacks but only earned a 2-star rating from Rivals. While defensive line seems like an ideal fit for a man of that build, it would seem Auburn has other plans.

Although you’ve heard plenty about the speedsters Michael Dyer and Onterio McCalebb, don’t be surprised if Phillips is heard from when you need a hundred or so more pounds to get that extra yard. If you wondered what a high school cornerback looks like tackling attempting to tackle a man this large, thanks to the magnificent folks of the Internet we have that answer.

RIP everyone in the video below


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    3. buck

      when will we get to see his running ability? Auburn has had plenty of 3rd and shorts to try him out on….. Lets see what the big man’ got!!!! Come on gus, Put the ball in the hands of #37 Lets pick up some much needed 1st downs, Or better yet TOUCHDOWNS from 2 & 3 yrds out!!!! Come on Auburn lets go!! WAR EAGLE!!

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