Video: Vintage Steve Spurrier on SportsCenter

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 10, 2011

We absolutely love The Ol’ Ball Coach. This is nothing new but should be said at least every month, perhaps even once or twice before you go to bed each evening.

Steve Spurrier made a SportsCenter cameo on Wednesday and briefly discussed why he decided to suspend Stephen Garcia. Out of the gate, Spurrier fires off a fantastic “he was suspended for stupidity” and continues on to say that Garcia was actually suspended for using “bad language at an event.”

Later on in this interview, however, Spurrier appears to offer up his own foul language on live television. Or does he? You be the judge, as #CurseGate is underway.

Regardless, this only further cements the claim that Steve Spurrier is by far the most entertaining coach in college football and we hope he stays around for a long time to come.

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