Mike Gundy Accused of Firing Worker Over Oklahoma T-Shirt

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 12, 2011

We’re all very well aware that Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is an emotional leader who is passionate about his team, and he will go to great lengths to defend his school and his players. This latest news courtesy of the Tulsa World, however, takes this reputation to an entirely different level.

Brent Loveland, a trim specialist who was working on the Gundy’s new home, is claiming that he was fired by Mike and his wife Kristen for wearing an Oklahoma baseball shirt while on the job. Yes, really.

On Thursday, Brent filed a suit with Payne County, seeking damages “in excess of $10,000.” He also claims that he missed out on “more than $30,000” in potential income while turning down other possible construction jobs to work on the Gundy’s house instead.

This via the Tulsa World.

The suit states that Mike Gundy and Loveland verbally agreed in February that Loveland would perform trim installation at an overall payment of $80,600. The alleged confrontation occurred on what would have been Loveland’s first day on the job.

According to the suit, Gundy approached Loveland and said, “How dare you come into my house and offend my wife?” The states that when Loveland asked what Gundy was referring to, the coached replied by saying, “That (expletive deleted) shirt you have on.”

Loveland claims that he dressed in the dark that morning and was unaware that his shirt had an OU logo on it.

Gundy has already refused to comment on the situation beyond releasing a brief statement, but it should be interesting to see where this one goes. One thing can be certain, there are at least a few thousand Oklahoma State fans already applauding Gundy for something he may or may not have done.

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    1. 8/12/11

      hell yeah Mike, we don’t play that SHIT!!!!!!! GO POKES!!!!!!

    2. Joe Piccini

      This is almost as ridiculous as your “I’m a grown man” rant a few years’ back. I hope that guy takes your for a ride.

    3. David

      Thank god. Guy had it coming, deserved to be fired. OU a plague thats been around to long, hey at least they are not Texas and try to bring everyone else down with them

    4. mike

      Throw the case out and while their at it, toss the idiot out on his ear, too. He knew exactly what he was doing when he put that shirt on. I don’t blame Gundy, the guy obviously isn’t very smart and he didn’t want an idiot working at his place. Probably does defective work.

    5. Bmrsooner

      Last time I looked it was a free country. Gundy just can’t handle it because he can’t find a way to beat OU. What a man he is!

    6. 8/12/11

      Just a tirade for a person of Mike Gundy’s postion, is simply embarassing. He has indirectly involved his employer in another emotionally charged incident that does not bring favorable light to him & osu.

    7. Larry

      Actually, if Gundy had any class he would have given the worker an OSU shirt. I would think the trim worker will have a case as I doubt the contract had a dress code included. Then one has to ask “Are you taking yourself too serious Mikey?” Just because they are working on your house should not force them to be a fan of OSU. I hope the worker sues your pants (diaper) off you big baby. What a butthead.

    8. Mike

      $80,000 just for labor to trim a house!? Must be oprahesque…

      Ps..his wife must be high maintenance

    9. 8/13/11

      I am a grown man now take that #$$%^^$ hirt off . This house is for loosers.

    10. John

      What is the country coming too? First of all he was a contractor not an employee. Secondly, As an American citizen you have the right to hire or fire anyone for any reason. Finally, the guy got what he asked for, if he is such an idiot as to intentionally disrespect and alienate his client, he doesn’t deserve to be working. I don’t buy he didn’t realize he was wearing an OU shirt. All this coming from an A&M fan.

    11. igor

      The idiot contractor knew what he was up to. He should capitalize on this attention & land him some jobs with Sooner fans who will stick up for him. Dont mess with Gundy: he’s a man & 40something!!

    12. Dean

      It’s a shirt you idiots.

    13. 8/15/11

      Of course she was offended. She’d never seen such a large tool.

    14. Fred

      John, take your meds. “First of all he was a contractor not an employee.” Which is why he can’t just be ‘fired.’ If he performs under the contract, you pay him. Gundy breached the contract by preventing the guy from performing. That means Gundy has to pay, unless the contract specifies a dress code. By the way, the constitution says nothing about your right to hire and fire people. Laws concerning employment are constitutional. You might want to actually read the constitution sometime, instead of letting Fox News interpret it for you.

    15. Joe

      Don’t fire the guy, moron!
      Give him an OSU shirt!

    16. ImamanIm60

      First, people shouldn’t believe everything they read in the paper or is “alleged” in law suit paperwork. Second, the contractor says he put the T-shirt on in the dark; thus was not aware that he had donned spirit-wear for Coach Gundy’s arch and most-hated rival, the Oklahoma Sooners. Ok. And he never noticed he was wearing the Sooner shirt until Gundy came home about 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning, about 3 hours after sunrise. Right!

    17. Lenny Mann

      Hope the construction guy bends you & your old lady over and gets his $$$. It’s a fucking shirt for crying out loud.

    18. Julio Jones

      I’m an OU fan. I’m not buying this guy didn’t know what shirt he was wearing. He did it to tweak Gundy. He did his job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one he was to be paid for.

    19. ET4UT

      First of all give the contractor some benefit of the doubt. Let’s face it he is not the only sooner fan that gets confused with two or more letters. As for Coach Gundy, it is his home, his $$ and his right to fire the o/u guy on the spot. If you want more of this you should write the new Longhorn Network. HOOK’EM

    20. NotAFan

      Gundy is a slobbering, psycho MORON. How about some ANGER-MANAGEMENT classes, you BAFOON!

    21. Roxx

      Can he go to your class, NotAFan?

    22. Ross

      To Mark
      Before you call someone a”looser”, learn how to spell the word and you won’t look like a “loser”.

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