SEC Expansion Roundtable: A&M, The Big 12, and Larry Scott’s Next Move

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 16, 2011

On Monday evening, I jumped on the ESPN Radio 810 in Kansas City to talk SEC expansion with Barrett Sallee from College Football News (along with plenty of other spots) and the fine folks of 3 Guys in a Garage who had us on board. Although originally Barrett and I were just going to stop in for a few minutes, the radio cameo turned into a pretty superb roundtable conversation that covered quite a few topics.

Aside from assessing whether or not we think A&M will end up in the SEC (SPOLIER ALERT: we do), we also examined the history of the Big 12, what the Pac-12 might do, and previewed the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 conferences.

Really enjoyed this, and thanks once again to 3 Guys in a Garage for having us on. Full audio below.

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