Video: Excessive Speeding, Marijuana and Oregon’s Starting QB Involved in Traffic Stop

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 17, 2011

On Tuesday, we found out that Oregon starting QB Darron Thomas was riding along with his teammate Cliff Harris when he was pulled over for driving over 100 MPH this past summer. Harris, who is a star corner and returner for the Ducks, has already been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Although being a passenger in a speeding vehicle isn’t exactly a monumental issue for Thomas, the fact that the officer who pulled them over was asking them if there was marijuana in the car raises some concerns. When asked “who’s got the marijuana” by the police officer, Harris responded with “we smoked it all.” Not the answer I would’ve gone with, but he said it nonetheless and it apparently seemed to work!

The latest news and video has raised some concerns that Thomas might be suspended for the opener. So much so that almost every Las Vegas casino pulled down the LSU vs. Oregon point spread when it began circulating the web that Thomas might be suspended. Chip Kelly, however, squashed these rumors to a degree when he spoke yesterday.

“I know exactly what the situation was,” said Kelly. “I’m not concerned with Darron Thomas at all.”

In any event, here’s the traffic stop video courtesy of KATU News.

(h/t Dr Saturday)

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    1. J

      Just give them the speeding/wreckless driving ticket and move on. Who cares?

    2. Ridge

      said Kelly. “I’m not concerned with Darron Thomas at all.”

      translation: As long as he wins games, I don’t give a damn what he does.

    3. Chuck

      I’m loving that the ad before the video is for an auto dealership.
      Unfortunately, I don’t believe any of the cars in the spot came with any ounces of weed; soooooo Darron and Cliff, shop elsewhere, right fellas?

    4. Shaun

      I’m more concerned about the fact that he was able to 1600 dollars…hmmm

    5. Mat

      His mother came into the courthouse with a check.

    6. lglegl

      so if you sell your autograph you get suspended for 5 games but if you smoke marjana (an illegal substance in all 50 states) its ok.

    7. Willy

      I grew up in Albany and dont know a single person who has not driven 100 mph on that stretch of I-5…my dad never bought a car unless he put it on the freeway and ran it up to 100, just to be sure it did not have a vibration; a buddy and I made it the 64 miles from Albany to Portland in 28 minutes once…just so we could get to a party before our beer got warm…we thought it more responsible than drinking the beer in the car. I just drove that stretch the other day and the average speed is between 80-90 mph…these guys were not going that much above what the average driver is doing…I suspect there are ten citations or arrests for 100 mph or greater on I-5 between Portland and Roseburg every week and ten times that many that dont get caught…if these kids were not Oregon football players nobody would know or care.

      Medical marijuana is legal in 13 states, including Oregon…dont know if Darron or Cliff has their card but if so, whats the hassle?

    8. NP

      We all know they where all high in that car. That cop was way to easy cause they where star players. Any of us gets pulled over and pot is possible they tare that car apart looking for it.

    9. Jail duckinizers lol

      Who cares I do they were smoking weed witch is aginst the law and speeding witch is to send em to jail like you would someone normal.

    10. I significantly impressive to read through this post. Great informative, I most certainly will go to bookmarking this.

    11. Emma Blue

      You all over the gossip. People speed all the time, we all have consiously or unconsiously. They were fined, and paid for the consequences. People are concerned and blogging about how they paid it off. They did is none of your buisness. There was and incident with herb. Were talking about Eugene, a college town as a matter of fact. This is a surprise, why? Im glad that the herb and speeding was the worst of this incident. Im glad no one was hurt. They passed the sobriety test so obviously they werent impaired. Im sure they werent taken to jail just because they play college ball. People get let off all the time, I have but only because I passed the sobriety test and no one was hurt or in real danger. I still got a ticket like they did and thats harsh enough.
      Gonna go watch the game. Go Ducks! Be safe.

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