Ready For the Big House: Notre Dame’s Retro Uniforms Are In

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 18, 2011

On September 10th, Notre Dame and Michigan will play in the first night game ever played at the Big House. To celebrate such the occasion, each team will be wearing throwback adidas uniforms that should add further hype to an already anticipated early season showdown.

While we’ve seen mockups of these designs over the past few months, Notre Dame officially showcased these uniforms on Thursday.

Fans have a tendency to overact to uniform changes in general, even if it’s just for a single game, but I’m diggin’ these. The jerseys are simple, they certainly have the vintage feel, and it’ll add another intriguing element to a game loaded with potential story lines.

With that out of the way, you can now spend the rest of the day wondering why this mannequin thinks he’s better than you.

  • Notre Dame

    1. Chris

      A football uniform on a sexually ambiguous mannequin…yeah, that’s not really intimidating.

    2. Alex

      3 snaps in Z-formation….

    3. John

      Looks like a flamer!

    4. Ringleader

      Retro…………does not include white shoes.


      Now, if they could only get back those retro players that originally wore those uiforms, ND would go undefeated for the season.

    6. Abbazzaba

      It’s like putting lipstick on pigs.

    7. ND fan

      Its an adidas uniform, but it only has 2 stripes? I don’t understand…. plus the mannequin makes it even worse
      I mean the uniform isnt that bad at all…. its simple but a good slight change up

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