Maryland Showcases Their Extensive New Uniform Collection

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 22, 2011

The Maryland Terrapins have a new head and now have 16 different combinations of uniforms to play with as well. And as you can see from the image above, these uniforms aren’t just your run-of-the-mill attempts to simply upgrade their collection slightly.

No, Maryland is trying to make a splash and Under Armour CEO and former Maryland football grad/football player Kevin Plank is happy to oblige. They showed off their uniforms on Monday, all of which can be seen over on SB Nation, and clearly are making a fashion statement. Whether or not this is a good fashion statement you can decide for yourself, but there’s no doubt they’re trying something new.

As if the 16 uniform combos weren’t enough, check out Maryland’s new helmets.

Images courtesy of the UM Twitter Account

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    1. 8/23/11

      I don’t think even Nike would have the gall to trot out something that hideous.

    2. JneezythesleezyfromSLCeezy

      Straight Gangsta!!!

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    4. Taneytownj


    5. mahogma

      COOL!!! With 16 different uniform designs,they can burn a set after each game,for 16 weeks,until they’re all gone.

    6. Louie


    7. Rob M.

      What the…??? The Helmet alone looks straight out of TMNT.

    8. Fred

      Under Armour’s “Oregon.” At least Oregon has good looking uniforms. This looks like something you’d expel from your body after some bad Thai food or something… The one redeeming quality is the turtle shell pattern on the white helmet…

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    10. René

      I didn’t know that Cirque De Solé had a football team….

    11. Fred

      Looks like designer bowling balls.

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