Snitchin’ Threads: Purchase Your Nevin Shapiro T-Shirt Today

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 22, 2011

With the Miami football team and their fans coping with the potential aftermath of Yahoo’s impressive investigation and now the NCAA’s involvement, - an online Hurricanes merchandise provider – is giving the Miami faithful a shirt to show just how they really feel.

The item above is indeed real and is the latest item they are now featured on their site. Nevin Shapiro, of course is the Miami booster who blew the lid off this entire situation by spilling beans to reporter Charles Robinson while he serves time in jail for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme.

While the shirt itself says enough, the description they provide also gets the point across in case you weren’t sold already.

Fresh from our guys at Bad Boys Of The 80s, the “Snitches Tee” – for that snitching, stool pigeon, scumbag, jailbird rat, Nevin Shapiro. Rakontur’s Billy Corben turned us on to the new tee, so we made a point to get it in stock due to popular demand. This worn-in, comfy tee is a double middle finger to the corrupt NCAA and that steaming pile of human garbage rotting in an Atlanta prison. This tee might not be for everybody, but there was a big outcry for it and to those who see it as therapy, here you go. Go Canes. U Family. Keep the faith.

This baby will run you $29.99 but it’s safe to say it’s truly is one of a kind.

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    3. Brian Clark

      All that cheatin and they still sucked!

    4. Brian Clark

      Anyone who buys this shirt has NO CLASS!

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    6. John

      How classy. It epitomizes the class of ThUg Nation (aka, the FIU/Miami Dade dropouts).

      No matter how much you try, you’ll still be a bunch of ghetto ass thugs and/or little jew poseurs living in dad’s spare room/rental home.

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    8. Nevin Shapiro

      Not nearly as funny as the Boats and Hoes shirt. Who the hell pays $30 for a shirt?

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    10. Sam

      Hey John & all you other haters..Get over yourselves, what are you, a fan of some team/teams that Miami kicked the crap out of over the 10 years they were winning championships? Remember- when they were winning this b/s wasn’t going on. Still have the most players ever to go into the NFL, the stats are there for you to see. Again, prior to the claims that this azzwipe is making. I love how people put all their hate on Miami when 5/6 other teams have had recent problems too. I would guess that this happens in most, if not all, schools,. The others just haven’t been caught yet. Did you happen to know that ND had a rapist playing on their team last year? Even after the girl committed suicide? These stories never make the news. Not everyone is as clean as they want you to think & not everyone that went to The U is a thug.

    11. 9/8/11

      Nevin “Snitch” Shapiro New Miami Hurricanes Anthem! Artist R.O.B Follow me @Dareallilrob

    12. amber sachs


    13. Ruthless Posse

      Amber got to @ruthless_posse on twitter to find out.

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