War Damn Robotic Eagle

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 24, 2011

Auburn’s “War Eagle” was recently voted the second best college football tradition by Sports Illustrated. This, of course, is when Auburn unleashes a live eagle as they enter the stadium, and it flies around until it comes to landing at the 50-yardline. Much like anything involving live animal mascots, it’s fantastic, and having an eagle be cheered bring out a team in front of 90,000 fans is a sight to see.

Three Auburn engineering students have taken their brains, added in their love for this tradition and created a project for school that will certainly score them some points with avid football fans in the student body. Not sure about the teachers, but ladies they’re all yours.

Enter: the “ornithopter” – a mechanical version of the War Eagle that actually flies via remote control.

Via War Eagle Reader:

“It’s basically a flying mechanical bird,” says Sally Credille, communications’ editor for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Office of Communications and Marketing. “Everybody know about our War Eagle. That’s pretty much what this is, except its mechanical.”

Surprisingly enough, it’s not the first Auburn robotic eagle to take flight, either.

So there you have it. If Auburn’s celebrated eagle happens to jet during a game, similar to the Air Force Falcon in the Independence Bowl, perhaps this creation will serve as a worthy substitute. With that said, I fully anticipate Alabama to go on a run on mechanical elephants to take the title as Robot Mascot National Champions.

(h/t War Eagle Reader)

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