Fallen Seal Could See Dog “Hawkeye” Bring in the Iowa Football Team

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 26, 2011

Navy Seal Jon Tumilson was killed in action earlier this month while in Afghanistan. He, along with 37 others, died tragically in a helicopter crash.

And while the passing of any armed forces member – let along the loss of 38 lives in one horrific incident – is truly devastating, details of Jon’s funeral went viral following images and video of his dog Hawkeye laying next to the casket throughout the entire event. Just writing about it nearly brings me to tears, and the pictures will undoubtedly give you chills even if you’ve seen them already.

Jon Lazar, a former football player at the University of Iowa who graduated from the team back in 1978, has read about and seen these images and has taken it upon himself to try and honor Tumilson is a much different way.

“It just tears you apart to see that (video),” Lazar said. “But I thought how great it would be for that dog to lead the Hawkeyes down to the field and to have the announcer tell the story of this dog. I think everybody would be crying in the stands

Lazar has reached out to the university, in particular the secretary of head coach Kirk Ferentz, in hopes that Tumilson’s lab will be able to lead the Iowa Hawkeyes’ football team onto the field. Chills just writing that.

This concept is apparently in motion, or at least starting, and could/should be approved as long as the university allows it and Tumilson’s family okays it as well. The Iowa Hawkeyes open the season at home on September 3rd and I cannot envision a better way to start the season than to honor a hero and a Hawkeye fan by having his faithful pup bring the team in. More chills…

This not only should happen, but it needs to happen.

(h/t Hawk Central)

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    2. Sunny

      This is truly heart breaking to say the least…

    3. 8/26/11

      “He, along with 37 others, died tragically in a helicopter crash in Chinook.”

      I understand that you may not be familiar with the military but the Helicopter is a Chinook. The crash happened in Wardak Province.


    4. charlie

      the true herio is the dog he lost a good friend

    5. Bob

      I knew Jon Lazar, having been a sportswriter in Iowa during his competitive career. This fantastic tribute needs to happen. Iowa officials should send an emissary from the university to the family and ask that a veteran from the service, preferably a retired Navy Seal, escort the dog ahead of the Hawkeyes to the Kinnick Stadium field.
      This brings tears to the eyes, but it is a national story that needs to be told and display the heartland of America’s ongoing support of our nation’s heroes.

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