College Football’s Week Three Point Spreads

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 11, 2011

Vegas likely hasn’t recovered from the USC/Utah debacle just yet, but the show must go on anyway. Here are your opening point spreads for college football’s week three slate of games according to the Wynn.

LSU (-4) vs. Mississippi State

Boise State (-20.5) vs. Toledo

Iowa State (-6.5) vs. UConn

West Virginia (-3) vs. Maryland

Auburn vs. Clemson (-3)

Pitt vs. Iowa (-4)

Akron vs. Cincinnati (-29.5)

Wyoming vs. Bowling Green (-4.5)

Eastern Michigan vs. Michigan (-30.5)

Penn State (-6.5) vs. Temple

Central Michigan vs. Western Michigan (-5)

Duke vs. Boston College (-9)

Mississippi (-2) vs. Vanderbilt

Kansas vs. Georgia Tech (-14)

Colorado State vs. Colorado (-10)

Wisconsin (-14) vs. Northern IL

Miami OH vs. Minnesota (-1.5)

Tennessee vs. Florida (-9.5)

Michigan State vs. Notre Dame (-3.5)

Virginia vs. North Carolina (-11)

Texas (-4.5) vs. UCLA

Washington vs. Nebraska (-17.5)

Texas Tech (-24) vs. New Mexico

Northwestern (-6.5) vs. Army

Nevada (-7.5) vs. San Jose State

Tulane vs. UAB (-11)

Navy vs. South carolina (-16.5)

Wash State vs. San Diego State (-8.5)

Louisville vs. Kentucky (-8)

Houston (-8) vs. La Tech

Marshall vs. Ohio (-3.5)

Idaho vs. Texas A&M (-31.5)

Buffalo vs. Ball State (-5.5)

Arizona State (-1) vs. Illinois

Kent vs. Kansas State (-18.5)

Syracuse vs. USC (-13)

Oklahoma (-4) vs. FSU

UTEP (-1) vs. New Mexico State

Ohio State vs. Miami (-1)

Utah vs. BYU (-5.5)

Oklahoma State (-11) vs. Tulsa

Hawaii (-17) vs. UNLV

Stanford (-8) vs. Arizona

Louisiana-Monroe vs. TCU (-31)

Arkansas State vs. Virginia Tech (-27.5)

UCF (-6) vs. Florida Intl

North Texas vs. Alabama (-43.5)

Troy vs. Arkansas (-26.5)

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    1. 2/6/12

      Bo needs to go back and be Bo. Get a few pentlay’s on the sideline.. tell your guy’s to get a few personal foul pentlay’s. Just like Suh used to get. Be aggressive. Hit like you are trying to hurt some one. Play like it is your last game. Where did that team go? We are sitting there waiting for them to come to us instead of us going after them. Young or not .. experience or not… where is the attack teams of the old Pelini day’s. You will not beat the good teams unless you are aggressive and take the game to them.

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