‘It’s’ in Ink: Brock Osweiler’s Tattoo Typo

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 12, 2011

At 6’8”, Brock Osweiler is a monster under center. And his height – which ESPN alluded to no less than 4,567 times during their Friday night broadcast of the Arizona State/Missouri game – could eventually help make him an early NFL draft pick.

Perhaps then, Osweiler will have the funds available to correct his tattoo located on his inner arm. The fine gentlemen over at CBS dug up this beauty while the giant gunslinger celebrated his big win over Mizzou last week.

“Live Life to it’s Fullest” is a fine attitude to live by. The only problem, however, is that unneeded apostrophe that worked its way directly on the middle of his arm.

His right arm – which is also tattooed – is capable of doing a lot of good (like throwing the ball 65 yards in the air), so perhaps we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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