This Moment in Tailgating History: War Damn Casket Grill

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 14, 2011

Why yes, these Auburn fans did turn a casket into one of the world’s most interesting tailgating devices.

This is both awesome and terrifying, and perhaps it’s better right now that we don’t have an actual backstory on where this thing originated from. From an operational level, however, just imagine the amount of meat this baby could hold at one time.

Wait, better not.

(h/t War Eagle Reader)

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    2. [...] LBS Favorites Huge Hits Nut Shot Videos Hot Girlfriends Weird Injuries Monster Dunks Baseball Pranks Athlete look-alikes Fan-Athlete lookalikes Sports Fights Darwin Nominees   All Sports Rumors & News > Auburn Fans Turn Casket into Tailgating Grill (Pictures) By Steve DelVecchio September 15, 2011 – Posted in College Football Tweet As if we needed further proof that Auburn fans are special — oftentimes disturbing — people.  The one thing we can say about this stunt is that it appears to be harmless.  Unless a dead body was removed from the casket and the casket was turned into a grill, these Auburn fans are not hurting anyone.  Let’s just say it’s a step up from plotting car crashes against Alabama players.  Check out this Auburn casket tailgating grill, courtesy of Kegs ‘N Eggs: [...]

    3. 9/15/11

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