Photo: Texas A&M Supporters Purchase a Billboard in Waco, Texas

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 19, 2011

A handful Texas A&M supporters have spoken. Well, actually, they’ve bought a billboard to do the talking for them.

The image above comes to you from Waco, Texas – home of Baylor – and is positioned directly off a major highway for all interested individuals to see. This gesture has already created quite a stir on Baylor message boards thus far, and it’s clear that many aren’t happy that this sign has found a home in their hometown.

This billboard, of course, is meaningful because Baylor has made life difficult on the Aggies in the past few weeks. A&M, who is still a member for the Big 12 at the moment, has wanted to leave for the SEC but hasn’t officially done so because of the threat of legal action. Although this jump seem inevitable, fans have decided to express their sentiments regarding these actions.

This marks the second major college football-centric billboard effort of 2011, the first coming when a Michigan billboard took the liberty of taking a shot at Ohio State, and more specifically Jim Tressel when he “resigned.”

Yes, expansion mania is reaching new heights each and every day.

(Via @DerekAggie06)

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    1. Mitchal


      I’m sick and tired of Baylor and t.u. begging us to stay in the big12. get over it. we are leaving. i laugh at especially the t.u. fans begging on their hands and knees for us to stay.

    2. TexKate

      Oh please. You Aggy’s just wish THE University of Texas cared. Goodbye and good luck.

    3. tartanag

      are you truly a tu alum or just another wannabe fan?

    4. 40acres

      Really, we don’t care. Don’t let the door hit ya where your momma split ya!

    5. keith

      Pleeeze….all of this moving and switching, it’s all about money. A&M is jealous of the TV deal Texas got, now they want to run and play somewhere else. A&M will NEVER have the prestige that Texas, UCLA, or Notre Dame has. They will always be a bridesmaid, never the bride.

    6. keith

      The Aggies are going to the SEC and be Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, and Florida’s homecoming game. Gig that!

    7. John

      Good luck in the SEC Aggies you will need it and Texas and OU will be better without you guys

    8. 9/19/11

      Baylor please let these cry babies leave. It would be alright if the entire college left College

    9. Lear7906

      The SEC will grow tired of the Aggies’ constant whining and complaining just like the Big 12 did.

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    11. Connor

      Apparently the author does not remember the TCU Rose Bowl billboard put up in Ohio, which would make the above the 3rd billboard in 2011 about college football, unless he means the 2011 season.

    12. bobbyDEAN


    13. 9/19/11

      If Baylor fans didn’t have such a short memory they would remember that Texas and A&M’s deal to form the big 12 was they had to let Baylor in. That way Texas, A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. would have someone to beat up on.

    14. Legendaryweapons

      A&M had a chance at network money and they balked….NOBODY at UT is begging the aggies for anything. Runaway scared lil aggs, runaway. The SEC is gonna chew them up and spit them out.

    15. 9/19/11

      This has to do with revenue and recruiting and with T.U. being all greety, has finanlly caught up with them. If I were a recruit from Texas I would love to play in the SEC and T.U. just gave there recruiting edge back to A&M. T.U. will go back to the days when A&M ruled the SWC when R.C. Slocum was coaching.

    16. Aggies

      Aggies Rule!

      I also hear most of the t.u. fans crying and wishing the aggies would stay in the big 12. t.u. is scared of what will happen to them now that aTm is leaving. Aggies are going to be the dominant super power in the SEC next year, We are already a top 10 team nationaly.

      Its not fair that t.u. gets the LHN network and Aggies do not get a network.

    17. gaggiesgohome

      its UT not t.u. …Texas just recieved 300 mil so im pretty sure they arent scared of losing. The Aggs dont get a network because nobody would watch it. anyone who think being in the SEC will help its recruiting obviously hasnt dont their research on SEC recruitment. overcommitting players to screw over other SEC teams is the norm. A&M cant win the Big 12 and yall think they actually have a chance to compete in the SEC? HAHA! No wonder your one big punchline…

    18. Dotbo

      “Its not fair that t.u. gets the LHN network and Aggies do not get a network.”

      Are you serious, Aggies? Who’s stopping aTm from having their own network?!?

    19. About that fight song...

      A&M, sadly, is so obsessed with UT that THEY MENTION UT IN THEIR FIGHT SONG. Insecure much?? Dear Lord–get an identity, sad Ags. I presume you will change your lyrics now to LSU? Auburn? Maybe Alabama? Those big-boy pants you so badly want to wear are not going to fit you for a looooong time.

    20. About your fight song

      Ummm the t.u. sont mentions A&M too. You kight not be smart enought to know that …but that doesnt surprise me. Go look it up buddy.

    21. Warren

      UT could care less if the Aggies go to the SEC. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s television contract.”

    22. Texas Fight

      “Texas Fight” lyrics mention Texas A&M. Of course, most Longhorn fans don’t know the words, and thus you get the ignorant comments made by the posets on here.

    23. Mark

      The University of Texas and Texas A&M are both fine universities. But Aggie fans need to understand one thing. The Aggies are NOT leaving the Big 12. They are leaving The University of Texas. No matter how much you want to deny it, the Aggies have and always will be the second university in the state of Texas. They are tired of being looked down upon by the Horns.
      Also, the Aggies had the opportunity three years ago to join Texas in creating a “Lone Star Network” featuring the two schools. However, they “did not believe that it would make money” and turned down the opportunity. Brilliant move! Now they want to point the finger at Texas and the LHN as a reason for leaving the Big 12. The ironic part of this whole situation is that A&M wants to escape the shadow of the University of Texas and by doing so, they will become the whipping boy of Alabama, Florida, Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, etc……………!

    24. t_linn

      I love the sign. I also love the irony of the sign since A&M’s covetousness is what initiated this whole mess. Having said that, I’m also forever grateful if UT ends up in the PAC-16. Losing A&M while gaining USC, Oregon, Cal, and ASU is a trade I would make any day.

    25. JohnnyAg

      1. Seems like t.u. is having issues finding a conference that will put up with their BS. ND and BYU laughed at you when you invitedmthem to the Big Xii. Now, you’re having to beg the ACC and PAC to take your arrogant, self-serving, t.u. sized egos.

      2. Any other cables companies pick up the LHN yet? Lol….no one wants to watch t.u. play tidily-winks and women’s golf. A&M saw it was a bad investment 4 years ago and knew that a conference-wide network was the only viable option.

      3. For as much as you sips say you don’tcare about the Ags, seems like we’re on the top of your mind lately.

      4. Have fun rotting in the PAC where football isn’t king and your games will be televised at 10pm Eastern. Or in the Big Xii after you’re forced to invite UH and SMU.

    26. 9/19/11

      It is t.u. (with small letters) UT is in Knoxville, Tn. …..and. …….it’s best that the shorthorns just stay with their “whipping boys” (wherever that may be.)

    27. Jim in Austin

      Seems that the jealousy might be the Aggies being jealous of the Longhorn Network deal … seems they turned down an opportunity to participate in it … but then wanted back in on it AFTER UT had put the deal together. It will be a shame to not have the Thanksgiving game, but life in the great state of Texas will be just fine even if they leave.

    28. TX Aggie

      Eat a d*ck mofos. Y’all just don’t know about A&M and where we’re headed. We may have some rough times in the SEC in football, nobody doubts that, but we will be competitors in athletics across the board. We are ranked #8 for the Directors’ Cup, the only other SEC school that is in the top 10, is Florida. Educate yourself and look it up if you don’t know what the Directors’ Cup is.

      Don’t believe everything you read on ESPN and!

    29. Bammer

      tu has never lost a game… they have often been cheated, robbed, or rooked… but never lost a game… they cry & whine more than the french… welcome to the sec Aggies… strap ‘em on tight and get ready to rumble… you might schedule a pansy once or twice during the season but you can get your teeth knocked out any given Saturday in the sec… one request… Roll like the Tide through the remnants of the big 12 and me UA in New Orleans for an inaugural dance!

    30. Gerne Blanston

      Interesting approach, aggie, attempting to lecture people on the sin of covetousness, all the while breaking an agreement–a contract–to which you were a party while doing so. I gather the concept of irony is lost on the current and former students of IQ challenged university, i.e., breaching member—bTm. Never mind that this isn’t about coveting, you Liucci slurping malfeasants; it’s about making sure you honor your agreement to the fullest extent and exercising our legal rights to which you agreed a year ago. You aggies used to be noble in that regard. Good luck in your outlaw conference—with apologies to Vanderbilt and Florida.

    31. screwmaggies

      Gag’em Maggies. Perry are viewed as an ignorant southern idiot, a product of Aggie Factory, College Station. yall should gag him before opening his mouth without thinking. He should read more before saying any national issues.
      What an work of Maggie the billboard is! Another Maggie thought. Why don’t you move to other state.

    32. screwmaggies

      Gag’em Maggies. Perry are viewed as an ignorant southern idiot, a product of Aggie Factory, College Station. yall should gag him before opening his mouth without thinking. He should read more before saying any national issues.
      What an work of Maggie the billboard is! Another Maggie thought. Why don’t you move to other state.

    33. non tu fan

      I find it comical that tu fans are even responding to this message board … you don’t give a rats posterior about A&M, why on earth are you even responding to this message board that is solely directed at Baylor. Some tu fans are classless “band wagon jumpers” who boo their own team perpetually at home games. Good luck showing tu volley ball games syndicated episodes of Gilligan’s Island on your new network. I suspect you will set a new standard for tv ratings……A&M is going to the SEC in large part due to tu. Yes, it it tu’s arrogance with their network, their blatant disregard for NCAA rules violations (i.e. showing high school games on the network) that their puppet Big XII commissioner will not address. A&M has the guts to make such a move – tu is still so arrogant that they think others will want to join the Big XII. Super conference consolidation is inevitable – and it is all about the $. Can’t we just leave it at A&M is going to the SEC and tu is going to – where I’m not sure even Mr Dodds knows…..

    34. non tu fan

      Judging by the number of sentence fragments and other written errors, I suspect that screwmaggies is a tu grad with the iq of like 9 on a good day……very classy post you are making here, buddy…..are your kids proud of you ?

    35. ROLLTIDE83

      I’m born and raised in Alabama, served in the Marines in Cali, and seen all kinds of sides of the spectrum when it comes to college football, and I must say I’ve never seen such hatred and greed with all this realignment stuff. It’s about publicity and money these days unfortunately, and as a diehard Bama fan (ROLL TIDE) I will say I could care less if A&M joins with us or not. They’re ok team and have been as of years late, however they will definitey not come in and play us week in and week out and emerge victors in the BCS rankings. They will be another Vandy (Who is decent this yr, but not usually), Ole Miss, or Kentucky so it really doesn’t mean much to everyone I’ve spoke with. Everyone knows how rumors are, but I’ve “heard” Texas expects to keep the majority of the money throughout the Big 12 where as the SEC and most conferences dispurse the yearly earnings equally, which definitely should be done; however I do agree all this whining and BS should stop and let the “Big Dogs” of the Universities and Conferences do what they do and let’s just move on. I’m am one who wants a playoff system, but the down side is it is beginning to look like if the “realignment” is what its going to take; well I’m just not too certain. I hate it for a great deal of teams who will lose hundred year old rivalries, but there again money talk BS walks!!! ROLL TIDE

    36. non tu fan

      Well said Roll Tide83

      I can speak for many Ags when I say that we want to join the clear powerhouse football conference whose schools are not greedy. It is well known that Alabama COULD get more $ if they so choose to do so. For years now, they have chosen NOT to do what UT has done (get their own network and/or leverage its current notoriety for more $) – and has shared their revenue with the rest of the SEC – just like the entire SEC does. My understanding is that unity is something that has attracted the Ags to the SEC.

      I too wish for a playoff system….but the problem is that 6 of the top ten teams in the country may be in the SEC next year….there is also too much money and tv contracts with the current bowl system to make this change quickly. The inherent re-alignment of the power conferences is clearly a step in the right direction.

      Personally, I do NOT hate UT. I actually respect the University and most of their fans. I even had family that played football there in the 70′s. I too hope to keep the rivalry on Thanksgiving. However, like some Alabama fans, some UT fans are arrogant.

      Auburn University is more like A&M, and I would cheer for Auburn over Alabama any day. Yes, we WILL get kicked around in the SEC in baseball and football for a while, but I am confident we will eventually figure out how to compete.

      Additionally the overall UT and A&M athletic programs are MUCH more powerful (football not withstanding) than that of Alabama. Alabama is the laughing stock of the SEC in basketball and baseball – and in most sports except football.

      I am a 3rd generation Aggie – and youngest of 5 children – all who have graduated from A&M. Personally I wish that A&M would get over hating UT. It is true that we have been in their “shadow” for generations…..and joining the SEC gives us the chance to differentiate ourselves from them, and maybe even be equal to them. The intelligent UT fans know this – and it scares the heck out of them. Let’s move on.

      UT was very business savvy to get their TV contract, and they should be applauded. Alabama should be applauded for not getting theirs – even though they most likely could if they wanted to. I respect both universities, but I would like for nothing better than to beat them on Saturdays. When we do play Alabama in football next year, we will be on the field with royalty…..according to some Alabama fans :)

    37. ROLLTIDE83

      non tu fan:
      I somewhat agree about the fact of Alabama not being as powerful in some other sports;however if you check your stats we’re consistently in a playoff for dern near every sport, including womens, so I think it’s a bit narrow minded to say besides football we couldn’t compete. At the same time, Bama isn’t on the bubble here so easy does it please! LOL…..Yes indeed the SEC in my opinion is all about spreading the wealth with it’s own and lets face it, over the last decade we have by far been the powerhouse conference in the country, so I am a bit uncertain why “TEXAS” country and Big 12 hasn’t tried to be a bit more caring about their own? Anyway, respect is earned not given so if A&M comes in the SEC and plays Bama I’m certain I will be one of many who will give you guys the best respect and sportsmanship you guys deserve. I am an all around football fan so I keep up with a good bit of things throughout the country, and I do think it’s a sound decision for A&M to move on to bigger and better things. No matter what happens though the SEC will have a bullseye on their back for the next several years; just a total different breed when it comes to our level of talent in comparision to the rest of the country. Oh and fyi, college football is where its at for me personally so I could kinda care less if Bama is at the top in other sports like we are consistently in football throughout the years. And one more little small tip, THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA stays among the top in GPA’s across the country as well pretty consistently. So give a lil credit to us please. ROLL TIDE

    38. non tu fan

      Understood….the Alabama football team is better than sliced bread…it can beat most pro teams by like 21 points per game….every other NCAA college football team are “piss boys” compared the the tide…..AND academics at Alabama rivals that of only the Ivy League schools…..I believe you forgot to mention that Bear Bryant and Gene Stallings were really born in Alabama, and they coached ONLY at Alabama their entire careers…..I must admit that both were indeed great coaches

    39. ROLLTIDE83

      non tu fan
      Hey, I think we’ve all had some great coaches. and do not think I’m not glad Coach Bear got some experience at A&M before coming to Bama and shining. Again man, I could care less if you all join us or not because we’ve been doing just fine without any additions, but I personally support A&M in their new “CAREER” choice to better themselves and get out of that shadow from the Longhorns, as well as being kept out of the loop with the revenue. So nonetheless, let’s bring on all these changes, and keep an open mind and just move on and play some ball. ROLL TIDE

    40. non tu fan

      Agreed…enough said.

    41. ROLLTIDE83 and non tu fan: get a room already

      But Tide83, beware: if the usual rules apply, non tu fan is likely to have a hard-to-identify, livestock-based STD.

      How prophetic UT’s fight song:
      Texas Fight! Texas Fight!
      And it’s goodbye to A&M.

      I fear that from now on, Aggies are going to act like some crazy ex that UT once dated.

      Last, most middle schoolers think the whole “tu” thing is weak. Ouch! You lower case us AND reverse the order?? Tou-freaking-che!!!

    42. non tu fan

      To the idiot that posted that last message:

      It is fans like you that give good schools a bad name. Clearly you have no class…..

    43. ROLLTIDE83 and non tu fan: get a room already

      Pray tell–what school am I giving “a bad name”? UT?–The same school that A&M has singularly (foolishly?) dedicated itself to try to give a bad name for the last eight decades?

      Oh, the irony… You guys are going to be lost when you can’t sing about UT anymore. Or, will you continue to sing of UT, for the sake of “tradition”, even though your move to the SEC now makes your fight song an anachronism?

      I’m so worked up now that I’m going to go walk directly on grass. Right on top of it….

    44. non tu fan

      Clearly you have issies….I suggest anger management

    45. ROLLTIDE83

      All I can say to the ignorant, uneducated person making a fool of themself, in the previous posts, I am not on here to hide behind a computer screen and talk silly things of anyone. I’m here to say again that IDC if A&M joins us or not because we’ve been doing fine without them, but at the same time they’re a decent team and we would welcome them with open arms. I cannot blame them for wanting to get out of the shadow of UT, but I do agree with non tu fan that its fans like you who give others a bad name. ROLL TIDE

    46. ROLLTIDE83

      Welcome to the SEC Texas A&M!!!! Hopefully y’all will be pleased with our powerhouse conference and the way we run things and run the country. ROLL TIDE

    47. DJ

      Replace the word “CONFERENCE” with the word “TELEVISION” and you have the TRUE reason for all this mess. Little brother is jealous of Big Brother’s achievements, and wants to throw a temper tantrum & have a hissy fit over it.

    48. non tu fan

      If I had a big brother anything near that of tu/UT, I would have left home much sooner…..keep on saying that we are jealous, DJ, and one day you might even believe yourself……I suspect I speak for most Ags when I say that we are looking forward to the change…..

    49. ROLLTIDE83

      Hey its ok non tu fan;
      If he wants to think that and be jealous; look at it this way man. We (Bama) will be your new big brother and help get ya settled in the power conference and rise to new heights. And hey, what better team to take you under their wing than a team with such longggggg history, prestige, championships, winning games against most all teams we’ve played, etc etc? ROLL TIDE

    50. non tu fan

      Thanks…..we’ll let you know if we need that….it will be our “Plan B” if Gene Chizek turns us down :)

    51. ROLLTIDE83 and non tu fan: get a room already

      Darn it–I turn away for a week, and when I come back, there is non tu fan and rolltide83 making out in the corner. Again.

    52. ROLLTIDE83

      Really? Is this homo Texazz fan talkin sh**? Good luck this year is all I got to say punk.

    53. ROLLTIDE83 and non tu fan: get a room already

      Real nice showing by your man Hank Williams Jr. there on Fox. Is it actually a law in Alabama that you have to wear an Alabama hat before you say stupid stuff on TV? Or is it just coincidence? And the guy who poisoned those trees in Auburn, he always finished his interviews by exclaiming “Roll Tide”. Just like you. Is it time for a confession??

    54. non tu fan

      All I can say is the idiot tu/UT fan is showing his/her true colors… is people like this that give good schools a bad name

    55. Observer

      I am amazed at this online vitriol……this country is in REAL trouble if ROLL TIDE83 and non tu fan: get a room already (intuitive name) has any offspring……

    56. SEC guy

      Agreed with Observer…..if any UT fans are like the “idiot”, it is no wonder the Aggies want to leave the conference… such hatred should not be tolerated…..we are talking about educational institutions here – not countries at war….

    57. ROLLTIDE83

      The sad thing just for your education is Hank Jr. isn’t even from Alabama. his father was, but not him its just the fact that we have more prestige than your little university. He was raised closer to you than me. Also the idiot who poisined the trees is from your good ol state and is a retired State Trooper. Ironic huh? Sounds like your paw don’t it? Quit being such a dumb a$$ and running your mouth. We bring it thats all I can say. ROLL TIDE

    58. ROLLTIDE83

      SEC guy;

      I agree completely. I was merely stating the facts about the situation and those involved or possibly involved, but this fool goes and says dumb stuff as he/she is hiding behind their computer. Nonetheless to sum it all up………let the talkin be done on the field!!! ROLL TIDE

    59. non tu fan

      It is comforting to see that others have recently posted sentiments that I dare say should be uniform to all of mankind ! This is my last post herein. Gig Em ‘

    60. Roll Tide, your mom wants you out of her basement by Monday

      It’s really depressing to me that the most ardent Alabama fans are the same ones whose education stopped at the GED level: the tree poisoner, Hank Williams, Jr., and RollTide83. Sigh…

    61. ROLLTIDE83

      Again you’re hiding behind your computer being a lil punk a$$. I definitely don’t live in my moms basement; however at least my mom has a basement and not a lil 14×40 single wide from 1970 like yours. I also have a Bachelor’s in Management from University of Phoenix just so ya know. This is going to be my last post because I have a life and better things to do than continue to argue with some uneducated redneck in Texazz livin in his Paw’s single wide workin at the local gas station making 7.25 an hour like he’s some big boss. LMAO. Good luck this yr UT…..ROLLLLLLLLLL TIDE Biatch #14 here we come!

    62. ROLLTIDE83 and non tu fan: get a room already

      Clearly, I said something wrong. I am sorry if I offended you. I just wanted to be your friend.

    63. Michael

      Really Mitchell? Have you actually ever seen ANY Texas fans begging for anything from A&M? You just go on to the SEC. You can barely win games RIGHT NOW. Wait until you get over there! We’ll just collect our $300,000,000.00 and stay right here!

      And by the way, I stopped by the Dixie Chicken for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago while coming back from a motorcycle trip. Really? That’s what all the talk is about? Guess it would have been more fun had I stuffed some dip in my lip and wore some Wranglers that were 2 sizes too small. Now that sounds like fun!!!

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