Animated: Steve Spurrier’s 1st Quarter Headset Toss

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 26, 2011

The awesomeness above occurred in the 1st quarter of South Carolina’s game against Navy on Saturday. Not a 4th quarter nail-bitter, but the 1st quarter of a close game. Perhaps this if why this animated GIF of Steve Spurrier belongs in the GIF Hall of Fame.

The Ol’ Ball Coach and his relationship with 13-year quarterback Stephen Garcia could likely be summed up in the few seconds above. And as we sit back and take in Spurrier’s painful headset throw, we have to wonder if a visit to shoulder/elbow/everything specialist Dr. James Andrews is also in his future.

Is that physical pain being expressed on his face? Is his offensive anguish this severe? Will this toss alter his Monday morning session at the driving range prompting even further punishment to Stephen Garcia?

These are the questions we have from the wonderful animation above. This is also why we love Steve Spurrier with every bone in our body.

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