Video: Mike Gundy Celebrates Win By Bustin’ a Move

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 27, 2011

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve. His infamous “I’m a man, I’m 40”  press conference is one that will be talked about by our children’s children, and will be celebrated for its excellence even when we’re long gone.

Gundy expressed his emotions in another way after Ok State’s big win over the Aggies on Saturday. It was certainly much different than how we’ve seen Gundy react in the past but equally as awesome.

It’s quick, but please do yourself a favor and watch Miky Gundy’s victory dance. For a 40+ year old man, he moves rather well I might add.

(h/t SB Nation)

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    1. Jeremy

      Is that Mark McGwire at 3:25 crying in the background?

    2. [...] Not only does Mike Gundy excel at getting his point across through yelling, he’s also quite nimble on the dance floor. You know, for a 40-something. (KegsnEggs) [...]

    3. John

      @ Jeremy

      That was Glenn Spencer. His wife passed away the previous Saturday and her funeral was Thursday.

    4. Reens

      He popped up pretty fast and looked over his shoulder to see who caught it on camera – wrong shoulder. Will Smith woulda been proud.

    5. 9/27/11

      The thing that’s getting lost here – and why Mike I’m A Man Gundy was breaking it down – was all because the the guy you’ll see at 3:23: Coach Spencer. Gundy talks about the situation in his speech later in the video (5:55). Spencer left the Tulsa game the week before this and drove back to be with his wife, who died that night. Needless to say it affected both players and staff significantly this week, and so the fact that Coach Spencer and his two boys came back for the game made the the victory particularly poignant.

      Teach me how to Gundy? Hilarious. Winning one for one of your coaches whose wife passed away during last week’s football game? Fucking epic.

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