Animated: BYU Takes Down Utah State With Late Touchdown

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 30, 2011

The BYU/Utah State game could be summed up in two made-for-TV moments.

The first came when BYU running back JJ Di Luigi expressed his frustration on the sideline after fumbling in the 2nd half. By expressing his frustration, we mean he REALLY expressed his frustration. On a side note, this accurately summed up BYU’s overall performance up until this point. [insert your Honor Code violation joke here]

The next moment, however, was much happier for BYU fans and came on the game-winning drive with less than a minute left in the 4th quarter. Starting quarterback Jake Heaps was benched, and junior Riley Nelson came in and completed an impressive comeback.

His comeback was capped off by this 13-yard touchdown to Marcus Matthews. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill touchdown, but worked just as good.

BYU fans were obviously excited about the the turn of events and the 27-24 win. They were so excited that they rushed the field once Utah State’s final attempted long pass hit the ground.

They rushed the field. Against Utah State.

GIFS courtesy of the fantastic Bubbaprog

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    1. 10/1/11

      The Cougars should have sat Heaps down about 3 games ago. He is not the go to guy right now. Their only loss should be to the Utah Utes who out played them when it really mattered. Let’s see how long they let Nelson play. He is a better “overall” QB and I think he can get it done. One thing for sure though..if you can’t keep a hold of the ball, your not going to win very many games.

    2. nvlawyer

      Cougs rushed the field because they had found their REAL quarterback — finally!! Without a QB BYU is just another — well, Utah State.

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