Video: LSU’s Touchdown Taken Off the Board Because of Celebration

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 08, 2011

The first touchdown courtesy of the new celebration penalty has officially been called back. The guilty culprit?  LSU punter, yes punter, Brad Wing.

His 44-yard fake punt touchdown against Florida was taken off the board after making a celebratory gesture on the 5-yard line.

And here it is.

LSU had to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown after the penalty was called. Although this is the first penalty of this variety to be called, it certainly won’t be the last.

This one came early on with LSU up somewhat comfortably against a beat up Florida squad, but this awful, awful (can’t stress that word enough) rule will eventually decide a game.

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    1. Grant

      Freakin’ ridiculous rule. And I’m one of those guys that despises such actions.

    2. 10/8/11

      unbelievable, what a lame rule. I could see maybe excessive taunting but they’re taking the fun out of football. What next, no home run for pumping your fist or doing the home run trot……………….

    3. Mitch

      I for one love the rule. I would love to just see them play football and let the fans celebrate.

    4. Lisa

      I’m not even an LSU fan, but that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he was even taunting anyone! He moved his arm while running! Good thing is wasn’t a game changer.

    5. Lloyd

      Ridiculous call ! The ref right near the guy didn’t throw the flag . Whoever did needs to be suspended . No fun and it wasn’t right in someone’s face or an excessive display of anything. Great play turns into a ref stupidity. Just goes to show you how terrible officiating has become.

    6. Ferrit

      I disagree with the rule. Would anyone care to explain how moving his arm is taunting? I’m going to take a wild guess here that suddenly any RB or QB who rushes into the endzone and raises their hands up as they’re running in will lose the TD. On a sidenote, didn’t they want to ban diving into the endzone in both college and the NFL? That to me is just plain stupid.

      Let’s suppose it’s the Iron Bowl, tied at 21 and the game winner is called back on a penalty like that, I’m not sure the fans would take it lightly at all. IMO the NCAA needs to back away fron this rule as it simply is not needed.

    7. Anarchon

      I find it particularly awful that the player in question did not hit the ref in the cup with the football. What a stupid rule! If people don’t want celebrations after touchdowns, the opposing team shouldn’t allow the touchdown in the first place. You score, you should get to do whatever the fuck you want, within reason.



    9. Ron

      After all the fun and excitement has been removed from my favorite game. I will stop supporting it. This has nothing to do with the safety of the players and was in no way excessive. Let the players have a little fun, they are the only ones on the field not being paid.

    10. RLP

      The poor defense must be completely humiliated that he would use such excessive celebrating. The parents of the kid’s heart sank when he raised his arms in celebration.
      We all knew this was coming in American sports. The pansy A$$ mom’s and dad’s that couldn’t stand to watch their kid not play, have grown up and made all right in the world of sports.
      I have a great picture of Rudy Ruettiger being carried off the field on the shoulders of his Notre Dame players. That was a great time in sports.

      When will the celebration stop.??.hopefully never….

      When it does it will defy the great Ruettiger quote “It’s always too soon to quit”

    11. Ron

      Every year that can remember there has been a time when a player started to celebrate just a little to soon and has ended up turning the ball over just before crossing the goal line. With the new rule in place does the turnover still stand or is the play officially dead at the spot of the runners feet when he started to celebrate?

    12. Ron

      “His 44-yard fake punt touchdown against Florida was taken off the board after making a celebratory gesture on the 5-yard line.”

      Just nitpicking here but according to the new rule, this happened between the 11 and 10 yard line, not the 5.

    13. Dennis

      Maybe they should start playing football with robots so no emotions can be displayed and they can finish taking the excitment out of the game from the players and fans.

    14. Dennis

      I think starting next year if you cross the goal line with your left foot first they will give the touchdown to the opposing team and you will have to forfeit the next game.

    15. Gary

      An iffy call, but within the rules. To those who think it should not have been called, which rules would you have the refs enforce and which ones would you have them not enforce? Would you throw out all rules and just have a free-for-all on the field? Anything goes? If rules aren’t enforced, that’s exactly what will happen. If you don’t want the penalty, don’t violate the rule.

    16. Honey337

      Silly I say, just silly. You get a bunch of testoserone laden guys onto a field of competition then expect them not to celebrate.

    17. midnitelamp

      evidently they want a ref to get killed.

      if this had been a night game and LSU lost they would still be searcing for the official under a pyramid of whiskey bottles.

    18. 10/9/11

      Keep that ref out of the pac 12 We dont need any jerks like him in the pac12. That was the dumbest call I have ever seen and I still remember the 1958 colts Giants game I watched on T.V. So you can see I have watched A FEW FOOTBALL GAMES

    19. don sears

      If this wasn’t the dumbest call ever made, it has to be a close second.

    20. Walt of Tribal Council

      Wow. I am a Big Ten fan, but this NCAA rule is outrageous. LSU got jobbed by an overzealous officiating crew.

      Thank goodness the game was not closer. If a crew tries to call this rule in a close game, there will be a riot, and people will get hurt. The NCAA is just clueless.

      This idiotic rule is the dumbest one since the ill-advised kickoff “halo” rule, and that lasted a whole season before being repealed. This rule needs to go NOW.

    21. luke

      this is a great rule that will lead to better sportsmanship and less asinine behavior… Its a spot foul so LSU still got the ball on the 5-10 yd line, recieving most of the yardage from the play. Basically this rule punishes players for acting like a donkey in the process of scoring. When a player does as such, he might as well be giving the entire defense the middle finger, its insulting and a cheap shot to throw something like this in someones face when u know they cant stop u from scoring…After the play is over celebratring a td is cool, but taunting opponents on ur way to the end zone is insulting and lame, and can be gut wrenching for defenders who are busting their tail giving it all they got only to have some joker totally disrepect them and the game…this kin of action will lead to fights and players trying to injure one another.

      players are taught to move on after each play ie turn your cheek if u dont want to watch them celebrate, but a defender cannot do this when play is live. ….

      If this werent a spot foul or if it were dead ball foul, it would be a whole different story and i would be against the rule. As it is, u can celebrate in the end zone once the td is scored, though if u go crazy with it u may get penalized 15yds on the kickoff.

      I think when people hear about them taking a td away for celebrating they automatically jump to the conclusion #1 the ball will be taken back to the original line of scrimmage(not true, its placed at spot of foul). #2 players cant celebrate a TD without having it called back(not true, players can celbrate the td when the play is over, and the play is over as soon as they score…they may celebrate excessively and get penalized 15yds on the ensuing kickoff, but the points will not be taken awy)

      If you ever played sports you know sportsmanship is a huge part of learning to respect yourself as well as others…I believe in growing n trying to improve yourself and your actions, and sportsmanship can go a long way in helping us do so.

    22. Stan

      Petty…..let ‘em play.

    23. RLP

      Luke, I’ll bet your mom and dad yelled at the coach for not playing you didn’t t they. I would guess that you also got mad when the offense blew by you.
      The game is not for the light weight cry baby’s ; it is for the elite athletes that are going to taunt you as part of game.
      If you don’t want to be taunted and embarrassed…play better..
      If these types of rules continue, the sport will not feed the NFL with elite athletes but will fill the workforce with confused zenbots.

    24. Dennis

      I think Luke was busy watching the male cheerleaders when he was ever at a college football game.

    25. DCius

      I like the rule, but disagree with its application in this instance. It was not “aggregious” as the rule dictates and unless the video is played in slow motion, it’s easy to overlook. I think the rule was intended to target the endzone divers, skippers, and “Deion Sanders-esque” style of dramatics. But, I didn’t think this came close to qualifying. In the end it didn’t matter, but I would hate to see a close game decided by something this questionable.

    26. jbca

      Lets stop keeping score too we dont want anyone to get feelings hurt. It is football if the safty rings the recivers bell he starts to look for him before he catches ball.

      70% mental

    27. Golddig

      NCAA penalized Boise State 9 scholarships to athletes and more for letting one or two new-to-town freshman have couch space in homes. LSU has a touchdown nullified for this simple gesture (hardly in your face taunting). Meanwhile, a player assaults an opponent with a purposeful knee to the groin and gets nothing more than a 15 yard flag? Where’s the priorities? What’s next? Fans should make the NCAA aware of their displeasure.

    28. jon

      “can be gut wrenching for defenders who are busting their tail giving it all”

      This comment here wraps up the silliness of our generation of “fairness” If the defenders don’t won’t to have gut wrenching things happen to them, they should not let a fake punt 45 yard touchdown happen. TRAUMA is your best friend. It helps you learn, grow, and become a better person. I am not for people acting like complete morons prior to or after scoring, but the rule should be reserved for vulgar behavior such as someone mentioned earlier shooting a bird.

    29. reddawg

      I was at this game and we were blown away at this call. Football is becoming ‘DWTS’!! I realize it would have only been 4 more points, but let the kid enjoy his moment. So the refs are saying what he did was not okay. But when Tyrann Mathieu tackled a florida reciever and stood up over him in his face and verbally blasted him that was okay to do. I think that was more taunting than what Brad Wing did. You gonna enforce the rule, enforce it all the time not just when a punter scores untouched from 52 yards!!

    30. Shane

      I’m a gator. But this official should be embarrassed and reprimanded. Rules are for the betterment of the game. The judgement of this official does not make this game better. Shameful!

    31. BamaFanNTenn

      I dispise taunting aspects and show off moves (the head bobbing thing….. turning mid air flips and diving into the end zone, the guy a few years ago who struck a Heisman pose as he entered the endzone, etc) in any football game during or after the play (and I am not talking about celebration) and it needs to be penalized… and the spot foul is sufficient, Just get out there and do your thing and let the score speak for itself. That said, my understanding is the the taunting rule is for EXCESSIVE taunting. I hardly consider what this LSU player as excessive taunting… overzealous perhaps (how many punters score touchdown?!), but hardly excessive.

    32. Dash

      “An iffy call, but within the rules. To those who think it should not have been called, which rules would you have the refs enforce and which ones would you have them not enforce? Would you throw out all rules and just have a free-for-all on the field? Anything goes? If rules aren’t enforced, that’s exactly what will happen. If you don’t want the penalty, don’t violate the rule.”

      As quoted from Gary, above. Gary: SHUT THE F..K UP!!

    33. Dash

      I think someone making the rules for NCAA Football has a little too much time on their hands.

    34. BSUFan57

      Luke; please don’t take this wrong; but if you had actually played the game of football, you would know these few facts: 1- Celebrating is okay. 2- No one got hurt. 3- In this instance, no one even got their tender feelings hurt. And # 4- Football player don’t have tender feelings and nothing anyone can do will prevent most of them from behaving like a jackass. If you are offended by this, go to a choir concert.

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