Video: William Gholston’s Ugly Afternoon

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 16, 2011

Michigan State linebacker William Gholston is talented and as physically gifted as any player in college football, but he also showed an unfortunate side of his game on Saturday in two separate plays against Michigan.

Gholston had two personal fouls in the Michigan/Michigan State game caught on camera, and needless to say they were ugly. In the first instance, he not only hit Denard Robinson late but then grabbed his facemask and twisted it putting his neck in an awkward position to say the least.

Brutal indeed, but he wasn’t done there. Later on in the game Gholston delivered a blow to Taylor Lewan’s helmet which brought on yet another yellow flag.

And here they are.

No excuses, and it’ll be interesting to see if he is disciplined at all now that these scenes have gone viral.

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    1. DJS7

      Ugly! No- not Gholston’s play (though yes, a couple of games’ suspension is probably in order there). What I mean is, those pro-combat unis are the ugliest yet. What did South Florida wear this week after they sent their kits up to East Lansing?

    2. Longshot

      That dirtbag should be off the freaking team! That was disgusting to watch.

    3. scUM

      what everyone fails to talk about is how dirty UM also was, gholston was just unlucky and his two moments were captured on camera. Watch the game next time and you will see this stuff happening on both sides of the ball all over the field.

    4. Dro

      If you look back before he shoves the guys helmet, I’d be willing to bet the Michigan guy was tugging his helmet a little sayin, “oh poor baby, need help up” or something along those lines. Don’t know much about the guy, but I’d bet he was egged into retaliating…

    5. [...] could very well have thrown other cheap shots throughout the afternoon, but Kegs N Eggs happened to capture those two moments in particular.  Check out this William Gholston cheap shot [...]

    6. Joel

      People aren’t even talking about the third (caught on video) Gholston “attempt to injure” here, in which he tries to break Taylor Llewan’s arm a full swing “karate chop” to the forearm while they are locked blocking (legally) — Gholston needs about five games for his three infractions. He could use the time to train for his ultimate fighting career. Otherwise, somebody is going to give this kid what he has coming to him at some point — or teams will retaliate on Kirk Cousins… Cousins should be asking Gholston to tone it down — I don’t think any QBs want this kind of escalation of hostilities.

    7. Dan

      Everyone here defending these cheap shots need to ask themselves it if were their son, brother etc…that this act was being done to, would they be as supportive of Gholston’s cowardly acts then? What if the neck twisting incident caused the guy permanent paralysis…would you defend his cheap shots still? Ruff play in football is expected but lets keep it legal and fair and boot players off the field who are resorting to this kind of behavior. Coaches who teach or encourage this type of behavior are even worse since they are supposed to be the teachers/leaders of these players. Even UFC fighters have rules against Gholston’s type of cheap shots!

    8. Robert Wesolowski

      Anyone who objects to Michigan State University dirty football players can email the University President at Tell her what you think.

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