Benny Hill + Devin Gardner = AWESOME

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 18, 2011

If only more Big Ten plays were cued up to Benny Hill.

Backup Michigan QB Devin Gardner came in on Saturday when Denard Robinson went out with an injury. While he did some good things, he also did had one instance where he ran forward for an 8-yard gain and backwards for an 18-yard loss, sideways, and finally ended up with the most exciting negative plays of the season.

As much as we love watching this play, it’s even better when cued up to “Yakety Saks.”

Enjoy, y’all.

(h/t Guyism)

  • Michigan

    1. 10/18/11

      Yakety Sax makes almost any video clip better. Very nice!

    2. Msucks

      Is that what Hoke’s teaching his players? Gain eight yards, then run backwards and lose seven? This one made my day! Pure Michigan!

    3. Laugh@UM

      Both of UM’s QBs looked ridiculous against MSU. This video was funny as hell!

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