Notre Dame’s Helmets Now Equipped With 10000% More Gold

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 20, 2011

Notre Dame wanted their helmets to more accurately represent the Golden Dome. Judging from the image above, I think we can all agree their latest helmet change accomplishes that.

No the style hasn’t changed, but the overall look certainly has. These new helmets, which will debut this weekend in their home game against USC, is something head coach Brian Kelly has wanted since he’s been at Notre Dame.

“We’ve been frustrated with the helmet,” Kelly said. “It just has never gotten to the right color. We want it to be the Golden Dome. I mean, that’s the representation for me. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s the gold that we were looking for. Still has the flake, the gold flake in it. The only difference is our managers won’t paint these.”

Kelly want on to say that they tested these helmets in HD and they should shine quite nice under the lights on your television. If these helmets can somehow bring about an anti-turnover power, the team could be onto something REALLY big here.

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    1. DQ

      Another honored tradition (painting the helmets every week before the game) down the tubes.

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    3. STEVE-O

      Pure CLASS…. GO IRISH!!!!
      We are BACK!!!!!
      Check it out recruits!!!! If you look great…you’ll play great!!!
      “Play that song…WARRIORS, made for Notre Dame Football

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