This Week in Adorable College Football Costumes

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 26, 2011


If you and/or your son are still looking for the perfect Halloween costume then perhaps this wonderful Derek Dooley ensemble is the PERFECT solution. The hair is a bit odd, but the pants with Tennessee t-shirt and headset are nothing short of outstanding.

To complete this costume, perhaps mom can go as Barbara Dooley and spend the entire evening telling little Derek how fantastic he looks and how good a job he’s doing bringing in candy.


  • Tennessee,Tennessee Volunteers

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    2. miklyn12

      CORRECTION her web site is

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    5. Elmo Smiley

      Perhaps the hair is from a (very) old Joe Paterno costume!

    6. Ann

      I’m still waiting for the Derek Dooley Ken doll.

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