Video: Arkansas’ Marquel Wade Gets Tossed After Dirty Hit

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 29, 2011

The year of the cheap shot continues.

In the second half of the Arkansas/Vanderbilt game, Razorback Marquel Wade hit Vanderbilt’s Jonathan Krause early on a punt return and then got up and celebrated the hit.

Not only was the hit dirty, early and with his helmet on a defenseless player, Wade’s celebration is what prompted the officials to toss him from the game shortly after. Although he was ejected, it’ll be interesting to see if further discipline is taken, because this was absolutely brutal. Krause was down for a bit, but was able to eventually make his way off the field and to the locker room. Hopefully he’s alright.

And here it is.

Video Via @cjzero

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    2. Eric

      What a piece of low character s**t he is. He should be tossed out of the program immediately. If he isn’t this coach, university, state has no integrity.

    3. Joe


    4. Andrew

      This was brutal. They better suspend him.

    5. Biff

      it would seem he got there a little early

    6. Tommy

      WOO-PIG-SOOIE RAZORBACKS !! If you play your gonna pay, play against the HOGS or get under the porch with the DOGS !! Awesome hit !! Fuck all you pussies out there !!!

    7. Ted

      This was obviously a hit worthy of ejection. BUT, one second later and it would have been a clean tackle – right? It seems to me that the returners are sitting ducks just waiting for similar and potentially career ending incidents. There has to be a way of protecting these guys from similar hits by anxious tacklers.

    8. connor

      bad on his part, but to say he should be released is a little extreme. He is a freshman who got too amped up. A suspension is fitting. Dismissal is not.

    9. MuffDiver

      Okay look, who are you to question the character of this player, the coaching staff, the universtity, and not to mention the ENTIRE state of Arkansas?!? And I even agree with you, but only on the fact that it was an idiotic, bone-headed play on Wade’s part.

      But, he did NOT make a conscious decision beforehand with the full intention of pulling off an illegal hit… The fact that he got up and celebrated shows that he genuinely thought he made a good play (while stupid), but even that was not excessive. Given, this is no excuse – he should have known to let him touch the ball and yes it was a 110% textbook example of what not to do.

      BUT, for him to be ejected was absolutely asinine. He DID NOT stand over him and celebrate or taunt the player he hit. Anyone who watched the game could hear the chanting by Vandy’s fans for ejection, and unfortunately the ref conceded. Had he not completely laid him out we would not even be having this conversation.

      Kick him off the team you say? That is laughable. Its people like you that are turning football soft. Punt return is a viscous position, GET OVER IT.

    10. 10/29/11

      That’s a real Sportsman?

    11. Aaron

      First Tommy we don’t need idiots like you trolling sites making comments that have no merrit. As far as being a pussy, I would gladly give you my address so I can show you what this pussy can do. Perhaps you should suit up and let me run sixty yards to plant my helmet into you rock head. The hit was illegal and the rule states that the defender will give the reciever of the punt 5 yards to make an attempt on catching the ball. This rule is in place for safety and players usually get flagged for just being to close to the reciever. The second illegal violation was the moron led with his helmet and made contact with the crown of it, but you are an Arkansa fan and probably can’t read the rules anyway. The shame of it all is the defender that made the hit didn’t break his fucking neck ending his career… my opinion would have served him right.

    12. Rocky

      It was clearly not a fair catch signal…he was shadeing his eyes…You catch it, you get hit.

    13. MuffDiver

      So Aaron, Arkansas fans can’t ‘read’ is that right? Surely that was just a pathetically piss-poor attempt at humor…

    14. Dan

      Ted, it would not have been a clean tackle “one second later,” because the returner called for a fair catch. You just can’t see it on this particular clip, as it happened earlier in the play.

    15. John P

      I cannot believe the several people condoning the hit and celebration. I guess it reflects why Arkansas is ranked as one of the States wth the poorest education system.

    16. Patrick

      Aaron got it right when he sights the 5 yard rule and leading with helmet. It’s not cool to risk crippling somebody for life. That’s not about being “pussy” you redneck dumbasses that think this is funny. My cousin was a QB his Sr. year in highschool with a bright future in college ball at the very least. Now, because of stupidity like this he had to piss in a bag and is wheel chair bound for the past 25 years. How about nice cold can of “shut the hell up” for the dumbasses out there that think wasn’t a serious problem. I hope the next time the punk leads with his helment it’s his own neck that snaps.

    17. 10/29/11

      I agree with the person who said he was shading his eyes from the sun to catch the ball, I did not see a fair catch signal and I don’t think Wade did either.

    18. matt

      First of all, not all Razorback fans are redneck assholes. Nor are we all uneducated. My friends and I do not condone what Wade did in any way. I get sick and tired of reading comments about “Arkansas Fans” and how they can’t read, are rednecks, and have no class. I am sure if I came to any of your states I could find people to fit all of those categories. Every person I watched the game with had a college degree, a good job, and an opinion that what Wade did was embarrassing to our football program. That being said, if he was shielding his eyes and got hit fair and square, so be it……that’s football. However Wade should never celebrate someone being injured nor try to injure someone on purpose. If the rules need to be made safer for the players, then they should do this so that terrible injuries like mentioned above can be avoided. Please don’t judge us based on one idiot comment by Tommy because I am sure you have fans that misrepresent your school and every state has it’s flaws!

    19. Scott Ricke

      To take a cheap shot against a defenseless player is pathetic. To defend such an action, and call us pussies, is pathetic and ignorant, Tommy. Are all the fans from Arkansas like you? Your nickname is hogs? Fitting.

    20. HogFanWooPig

      Wade is a FRESHMAN and made a couple dumb freshman mistakes. 1-Got there one-half a second early……2-Jumped around like a jackass after he hit early. Had his timing been a bit slower, it would have been the play of the week. THE COACHES should now coach him to humble himself abit, and if he EVER does a dumb thing like that again, at least show some concern for the other guy instead of gloating over his pain. If Wade learns that lesson NOW, with his obvious talent……he may be on heck of an asset to the Hogs. If not……he will get what he deserves. Karma.

    21. 10/29/11

      Hey Aaron, it’s spelled ARKANSAS!! Yea, it was a dirty hit and Wade deserved ejection. He probably deserves suspension for a game or two. But don’t critisize the whole state because of your dickheaded opinion. Learn to spell before you tell us to learn to read moron. WPS!!! Good game Vandy!!! You earned my respect with that game.

    22. tp

      It’s only a game ! If this happened off the field he could be charged with assault and battery, even more if the person was injured. Pro sports players are subject to criminal charges for “intentionally” going after another player and injuring them (the guy that got hit , especially it injured may have legal recourse ?) . Coaches need balance the aggressiveness of good , hard contact play with sportsmanship – on and off the field , IMHO. The celebrating after a “cheap shot” is indicative of this guy’s “character’ and probably he is still wondering why he got thrown out ?

    23. SECFan

      The only good part of this play (other than the returner walking off the field) was the Arkansas player being dragged back to the locker room by the coaching staff. The coach that had him by the collar looked ready to eat him alive. Wade hopefully did the right thing and later went to apologize. We’ll never know, and maybe we shouldn’t. Sadly, this kind of crap coming from a Bobby Petrino team isn’t surprising – I’ll leave it at that.

    24. Gary T

      Lets take another look. Frrom what i can see the returner did not signal for a fair catch. so wade just got there early not allowing the returner to catch the ball. that is a penalty and the flag should have been thrown. But the hit was just a hard hit. Most of you would be talking about what a great hit if it had happend a split second later. Its a very good chance the young man just mis timed it. he may not have even realized he didn’t have the ball. Also i don’t even think he knew he had been flagged because he didn’t realize he hit the man without the ball. How many players want to bring attention to themselves when they have been flagged. The Refs responded to the crowd which should never happen. I’m more concerned about his attitude toward his coaches on the side line after. For that thew coach should have set him on the pines until the coaches butt hurt. which could take weeks.

    25. Gary T

      Johnp the hit was properly flagged. but it was not Necessarily a cheap shot. basically it was just bad timing. as for the celebration i dont think he even knew at the time he had been flagged. however once he knew the circumstances his behavior on the sidelines was strictly gutter. But the Coaches should have set him not the officials.

    26. Gary T

      tp. based on your idea the courts would be full and we all would watching synchronized swimming.

    27. 10/29/11

      I agree with you Gary T. The worst thing that could happen in a game like this is when the refs respond to the crowd. The refs should be completely UN-biast, and Wade did deserve ejection for not one, not two but THREE illegal calls on one play. Lets hope the coaches did have a long talk with him. I’d be cussing him until his ears bled. But lets hope this freshman player has learned his lesson. Lets not make the same mistake again. WPS!!!

    28. 10/29/11

      Let me retract one thing Gary T; if he did this intentionally he deserves ejection. But it did look like he was trying to block the sun instead of call for a faircatch but that still doesn’t justify how Wade barreled through him. He still didn’t have possesion which still makes it an illegal hit.

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    30. tp

      “A good hit if he had caught the ball” — wtf —folks who have played football at college level (can’t speak for pros) will understand what a “good vs bad hit (tackle) ” is ! This was not a good, clean hit/tackle !!

    31. BlkDragon

      21st century football is no comparison to 2oth century football. The game used to be a Gladiator sport. Now its is just a buch of hipsters playing tag. For the record no need to celebrate if you are doing your job assigned as a player on the field. Respectfully , do not pretend to be sympathetic if you have not played the game at either of the mentioned special team members level.

      Watch out Darwin is on his way back!

    32. Gary t

      Clinton we’re basically on the same page i agree with the flag. But i stop short of calling it a cheap shot. heaven knows i cant run that fast but i know most players are taught to time their hits. if he deliberately clocked that guy knowing he didn’t have the ball then he deserves to be suspended for the season. But looking at the film i dont see that. I have the receiver moving towards the ball and a defender with his eyes on the receiver and they come together in a nano second. wade rolls the flag is thrown behind him he’s pumped after making a hit he thought was clean. so he celebrates. Now after that on the side lines he takes a gutter attitude after he knows he screwed up. at that time i have a problem with him.

    33. tp

      Gary T– agree and if “contact sports/players ” don’t play fair/ by the rules and lawyers/courts get involved- we may end up watching ” sync. swimming” level of contact sports.

    34. woodlawn_18

      i would like for someone to please explain to me how this was illeagle in any way? the player did not call for a fair catch and a player on arkansas team running down field cannot possibly see if he was close enuf to catch the ball. even if he could there is no rule pertaining to not bieng able to hit another player too hard. i would like for you to show me any football player who wouldnt celebrate after a hit like that! for those of you who have never played the sport, maybe we should put in an apology rule where the players should give hugs and apoligies when the hit each other. those referees were bedazzled when vandy team and coaches cried and ran out on the field and the referees paniced and threw out and innocent player for making a good hit to prevent a riot! it is impossible to run down field and watch the ball at the same time to see if the oposing player has a chance to catch it. put yourself in wade’s shoes for a moment!

    35. Gary T

      Tp if the returner had caught that ball and then got blasted like that any unbiased person would call it a great hit. however heroes and goats are based on what actually happens and not maybes that’s why it was a 15 yarder. the ref actually ejected him for taunting or excessive celebration.

    36. Kent Bowen

      Obviously, none of the (recent) commentators ever played football. And, apparently neither did the author or headline writer. It’s not uncommon for a downfield defender to hit a punt returner early when the returner is running forward to catch the ball, as he was in this case. A penalty to be sure. Cheap shot, no way. And, the video certainly doesn’t show any celebration. The cheap shot here is from this particular website.

    37. teepee

      Hey, Aaron… Forget about Tommy-boy taking you up on your offer. Guys like that remind me of a characterization we used to use in West Texas. (Tommy, “characterization” is a word that means a type of description.) Anyway, it was that people like him have an alligator mouth and a jaybird tail.
      (Tommy, “description” is a word that tells what something or someone is like.)

    38. william

      a fair catch was called for so what was he doing hiting him at all for all you noobs at the game of foot ball one hand in the air is calling for a fair catch you can approch the player but can not make any contact .ejection from the game and a bench for the next came would do just fine .maybe he should be tault the basics of football

    39. mgwolfe64

      He put his head down making the hit, before the returner touched the ball. Leading with the helmet is a definite no-no and a valid reason for suspension. ’nuff said.

    40. tp

      woodlawn- sorry “DUH” – watch the replay- arm in the air- hand not shielding his eyes from the the sun, rules are rules. PS i before e except after c , illegal (not a sick bird). Dude- hope you have the opportunity to take a course in spelling/writing and perhaps fair play rules. Yup I did “PLAY” football and now enjoy watching great athletes play contact sports – not those taking “cheap shots” !

    41. Sarah

      First off, it’s football. Destroying a guy’s football career over a play is rediculous. Yes, it was childish and rude of him, but still. I kind of take offense to that first comment. The faults of one player doesn’t define the coaches, other playes, or any member of the state of Arkansas for that matter. If the guy would have hurt the guy on purpose and then laughed about it then yeah, I wouldn’t tolerate that on the team, but it’s a game, and I doubt he meant to hurt the guy. No state is perfect John. I’m pretty sure your lack of knowledge of others is due to your misconception of people who aren’t from your state. So don’t judge people by where they are from. That gets you NOWHERE.

    42. BlkDragon

      I played semi-pro in Boston during the 70′s. For those of you who acutually played ball back then and those who might be playing now. A clean hit it is obvious. For those of you who never played past Pop Warner… google Conrad Dobler. Then “Bring it … that is if its in you ?” Nuff said.

      Right on Kent!

    43. frank

      My high school coach was all sec guard at arkansas and he would have jercked youre but off the field. He was proclaimed by Pat Summeral as being the toughest person he had ever played with. He taught us to knock the crap out of the ball carrier. But it had better be clean. This play had everything but that.

    44. 10/29/11

      Charge him with ADW

    45. tp

      blkdragon– Believe “Conrad” was considered one of the “dirtiest” players in professional football (probably get his ass kicked now) – wow that’s a great legacy ! this is college football and hopefully guys with talent will have a chance to move on to play professional if some ahole doesn’t really injure them out from a “cheap” shot !!!

    46. Fred Dorfman

      It takes a big set of Nads to return punts and that hit shows why. It’s part of the deal. If you want to avoid getting hit you don’t do it. As for the reciever callingfor a fair catch, returners know to wave the arm so there is no doubt about their intentions. I thought he was just fighting off the sun until I read some of the comments. If that was a fair catch signal, it was weak.

      The hit was early, no questions about it. He led with his head and probably deserved to be ejected. But you guys calling for suspensions and dismissal have never played the game or have become too much of a pussy to talk intelligently about it now.
      There is a penalty for getting to the returner too soon and it was called.
      He led with his head and he was ejected.
      That’s the end!
      Get over it!

    47. Gary T

      let me first say i am not a vanderbilt or ARK fan . i was just watching the game because i like football. i watch the hit in slow motion during the game and on this web site. I don’t believe he was signaling for a fair catch his arm never gets clearly above his head. now i’m not saying that a fair catch was not his intent but the signal is not clear he looks to be shading his eyes from the sun only he knows. but i bet if he was the next time he calls for one his hand will touch the sky. I’m glad he wasnt hurt . hey did anybody notice #25 he didnt stop either wade just got their first. so obviously he didn’t see a fair catch signal either and was going to lay a lick. I dont think your going to have 2 players deliberately trying to cost their team 15 yards. I will say this the punter had some hang time i believe wade was trying to time his hit but the only problem was tat he had out run the ball by three yards

    48. Solo


    49. tp

      IMHO –Marquel was real lucky the other guy wasn’t really injured so this , fortunately, is a “teachable opportunity i.e a “come to jesus” discussion with his coach on good, clean aggressive play or try boxing as his sport of choice !

    50. BlkDragon

      TP. Precisely the point. Well stated too. Can’t call a clean commited hit a dirty hit if you do not know the difference. My reference to Dobler was a bone toss for those who never played or have elected to comment with no appreciation or historical knowledge of the game or game play. Perhaps these ar chair critics play “Dodge Ball instead.”

      Botttom line .. Learn first and then fairly discern a players conduct on the field during play.

    51. eric

      CONTRARY to SOLO’s view, there was a fair catch signaled… watch the video AGAIN! And no one runs into anyone with that velocity on a called for fair catch. Notheing has changeed in Arkansas football since the days of Frank Broyels. Only one brief bright spot with some class… when Lou Holtz was there and did coach the Razor backs with Steve Little and Ron Calcagney to the win over Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.

    52. Gary T

      Conrad did play dirty for his era but he was a noted holder and would do what ever he needed to do to protect his QB. Today most of his tactics are probably legal. He played in the days when the def could use the head slap and O lineman couldn’t use there hands. Conrad probably would say he was a man before his time. and remember the day will come when sync swimming is the roughest sport out there.

    53. Gary T

      I’m sorry eric that was not a legal fair catch signal. The returner blew it. no matter the defender as to allow the receiver to catch the ball. either way its a 15 yarder. My understanding is the refs ejected him for his behavior afterwards. Has any one heard if they saw it as a fair catch.

    54. Lobo

      As an LSU fan, I have no love for Arkansas, but people are way overreacting in this post. Argue all you want about if he signaled fair catch as you watch the video and then try to do the same as you barrel down the field as people try to take your head off. Also notice that the returner did come forward about 4-5 yards at the last second to get to the ball and what you have is still a penalty. Add the head first and I can see the ejection. But players celebrate hard hits all the time so don’t get worked up about that. If a blocker catches a defender “blind” on a similar play it is a “great hit” and everyoe celebrates and it ends up on ESPN. If there is a policy about leading with the head, then follow it. Other than that, leave the kid alone because he is just that – a kid. Football is dangerous – period.

    55. mike

      tommy must be a fucking dumb ass. and a stupid hog.

    56. LOBO

      Every team/site has it’s “Tommy”‘s. Don’t rise to the stupidity level.

    57. pair a dimes

      ~ . . Will it go round in circlessss . .~

      Witness the logical conclusion of events when a member of the weasel family runs a SEC program . .(i.e the troops always reflect their officer,etc,etc) . .way to go Bobbi P. . .your low life legacy comes to fruition . . .

    58. RTR

      Nice Tommy, you show even less class than Wade did. If thats possible!!

    59. standingupinahammock

      This was not a clean hit nomatter how soon he got there. He hit him under the chin with his head. He should be ejected and sit for the remainder of the season. Mistake or no mistake, you don’t go to hit someone in the head like that. It was just plain stupidity on his part. If that kid has a serious injury, he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. all of this for a game? I don’t think so, other things in life are so much more important.

    60. Vandy Alum

      Well…you can see why Wade went to Arkansas…dumbass…I bet his SAT scores or low too. This is on par with assault except the entire world knows him for the dumb decision he made on national television. Good luck with your future job in the Walmart Sports section…Ha!

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    62. Ashamed 2BFromArkansas

      Im from Arkansas and this stands out as another embarassing example of just how backward thinking most people here are. I mean seriously, how in the world can you even begin to defend this piece of S**T Wade? Behavior such as that just solidifies what is painfully obvious to the rest of the country. Go ahead and keep defending him and calling everyone else names because you are such flipping morons. The behavior was completely unacceptable, plain and simple. I think the nickname “HOGS” couldn’t be more perfectly attributed in this case.

    63. Mitchell

      Adrenaline gets the best of everyone doesnt matter which side wins these kids are young and doing their best……

    64. Patti Criner

      You have got to be kidding me….people are going bonkers over this. Tyler Wilson has taken harder hits than this ALL year long. The player that got hit came back and played later in the game–so he must have not suffered too badly. He did NOT signal fair catch–bottom line and Wade should NOT have been ejected! The refs were biased in the whole game–this was just ONE of the bad calls they made. I couldn’t count the number of late hits that weren’t called on Vandy. If this was anyone but Arkansas, people would say…it’s football…let ‘em play! Makes me sick that some people are so biased and have such tunnel vision that they can see what’s in front of their face!!!!!!!!!!!


      That was a GR8 hit! No fair catch called then You get Your bell rung….simple stupid.

    66. Judo Chop


      “Learn to spell before you tell us to learn to read moron”

      In your very same post…….”Critisize”

      Really Clinton….really? oh the irony.

    67. rbwps

      Show me the “celebration”….there was not any by Wade, well maybe at the end of the game when the Hogs won!!
      Get real

    68. WILLIAM

      The hit is clearly early, but when you are playing and adrenline is pumping alot of things tend to happen earlier than they really are; or you react quicker then anticipated. There is no need to dog the man or his character, the commission is going to handle it the best way they see fit

    69. Rodger

      Missing the good old days of real football! These days the baby wipe generation have ruined football, hockey and they are starting to ruin baseball! I always thought if you where to make a fair catch you had to stand still and catch the ball and that is where they started the ball. If you make a fair catch signal and run then you should be fair game! The good old days of real ball playing is over and that is not a better thing! We cannot celebrate in fear of offending the other people. How they The PC Crowd have ruined everything they have touched! We need to bring back football the way it should be played I mean the way it ought to be played!

    70. Jim

      I find it very amazng how so many people on here (and everywhere else for that matter) do not realize that they are the ones that are showing how ignorant they are by judging an entire state based on one thing (in this case, a single person’s actions across a few seconds of time). Seriously – how blind do have to be not to see the irony of calling an entire state’s populations a bunch of stupid rednecks based on one little thing- really? THEY are the ones that are uneducated and stupid? LOL… your roots are showing, gentlemen…

    71. Mike

      You are running full speed down the field, blockers are running with you trying to cut you off. All you are looking at is the man waiting to catch the ball…There is NO fair catch signaled…In a split second he runs forward and closes the gap by 5 yards. Do you hit him standing straight up or lower to absorb the impact? If you have played the game you know the answer. It happens just that fast. Penalty YES…Ejection…Come on!

    72. Mplayer

      I agree 100% with you both sarah and MuffDiver. Having been a football player myself I have seen players ejected for hitting me like that but football is a hard and tough sport. Sometimes its not possible to avoid hitting the return player and all who have hit me have always come over and have asked if I was alright. One player who did knock me out did say he was sorry to me for hitting that hard. I don’t think it is grounds for removeal of a player from a team but yes they should get some punnishment. But not that harsh

    73. Riley

      As a typical non-fan of football, the Arkansas-Vandy game was a mind blower! It was an amazing game on both sides of the ball, and that’s that. The whole ideology of Arkansans being “pig-headed” as some of you people would like to think. I am a native Arkansan, a two time veteran of OIF, and I do have an IQ of almost 140. So I do believe that each state has it’s own “red-necks” considering the term started over a border war between Kentucky and West Virgina, not even close to Arkansas. So to Tommy, get your head on straight and use common sense. The rest of you belligerent fools, who are “perfect” critics, go out and find some class. This is just a game.

    74. 10/29/11

      I’m from Arkansas and watched the Razorbacks during the 60′s under Frank Broyles and his teams like him were fairly clean and pristine. Frank had a conscience and wouldn’t allow play like Wade exhibited. When Ike Forte was caught having a daliance Frank as Athletic Director and Lou Holtz canned the jerk right off the bat. The fans thought we’d lose the Orange Bowl because he was our “so-called star” It turned out Frank and Lou were right in spite of sympathetic drop outs before the Orange Bowl forcing us to uses third string players. What happened next was a Hollywood Script we beat Oklahoma 31 to 6 showing we didn’t need immoral prima donnas or so called stars we did fine with third stringers. Same here Wade is probably just a stupid reactionary player who doesn’t have a sense of timing regarding tackling one more incident like that and he should go the way of Ike Forte we didn’t need him then or now.

    75. chris

      he got knocked the f*ck out!!! lolz


      From what I see there was no fair catch signaled, fair hit….

    77. Janel Krause

      Whether it looks like he signaled a fair catch or not, on the punt returner’s side of the ball, when your hand goes up, it is considered a fair catch. Even If it wasn’t, hitting with helmets is illegal and he didn’t even have the ball. So no…for all of you who thinks the hit would have been great if he caught the ball, I’d like to see you put on number 17′s jersey and see YOU get back up. Think about that. Btw, this hit made me just about cry, considering that’s my brother. What if that was your brother? You’d be against the hit. SAo stfu.

    78. Notso Fast

      Dirty hit. What i dislike about college football is that fans will always defend the action no matter what as you can read in this case. He was thrown out of the game but his his school should decide on his remaining with the team.


      whats with the people talking about shading his eyes and not calling for a fair catch? You do realize he has a buffer zone until he touches the ball right? He was hit before the ball arrived = cheap

    80. Listen, that hit did not warrant being ejected. He did not make a fair catch wave. The hand must go up and wave. He was simply trying to block the sun. Having been a punt returner, when there’s that much traffic, you better make sure that you wave or get the hell away from the ball!! It’s that simple. The people that are complaining are the ones that are going to turn this game into flag football. Hell, look at the NFL. Shortly, QB’s will be wearing pink flags and tu-tu’s! Maybe then everone complaining will be happy. By the way, if you’ve ever made a tackle? YOU LEAD WITH YOU’RE HEAD!!!

    81. charles

      go back to redneck , inbred land piece of shit. we hope that you never play in the nfl and become a used car salesman. don’t ever come back to Vandy, cause next time the Redneck Backs will be the ones on the ground. Arkansas football-redenck turds!

    82. Petrino has no class

      This player reflects his coach Petrino. He storms around cursing like a sailor and crying like a baby. If Petrino had an ounce of class he would suspend this player for the season for his actions after the play not for the play. But don’t worry he wont, because Petrino has zero class but he wins football games and so the sheep of Arkansas sing his praises. But isn’t that the way all sports are look at all the criminals in pro sports that people worship.

    83. Ray from Texas - Hook 'em Horns - Next Year

      Rocky and David, go to the head of the class – the receiver did not “fully extend his arm and wave it side to side,” as required by the “fair catch” rule .” From all appearences, he only had one ambition, to attempted to advance he ball. The receiving team should have been penalized “five yards for an invalid fair catch signal.” You try to fool the defense player, you pay the price one way or another. Looked like a good clean, open field tackle by a well coached NCAA player.
      “In American football, a member of the team receiving a punt or kick, may signal for a “fair catch”. To signal fair catch the receiver must raise one arm fully above his head and wave it side to side, while the ball is in flight. After the signal is made, no opponent may interfere with the fair catcher, the ball or his path to the ball and the receiver may not attempt to advance the ball. If the receiver fails to give a proper signal (arm not fully extended) the receiving team is penalized five yards for an invalid fair catch signal, marked from spot of the signal.”

    84. Hawgman

      Wade made a bad play but if you watch most punt returns the refs are letting them in there face like its no halo rule it should be a penalty everytime within the halo fair catch or not

    85. Big Bill

      At the end of the day, Vandy is still Vandy. Only they can snatch defete from the jaws of victory. If they had won this game like they probabaly should have they wouldn’t be making such a big deal of this. Instead of blaming their coach for a couple of dumb calls they decide to cry over one bad play. This play didn’t cost them the game. In fact they ended up getting good field position out of it.

    86. SportsGirl

      I do not understand what is so difficult about this situation. Take a look at the play. The reciever shaded his eyes with one hand and called for a fair catch with the other. Do you guys not understand what a fair catch is? Everyone keeps saying that one second later it would have been a legal hit. Sure, if he didn’t call a fair catch. So even if the player had caught the ball, it would have still been an illegal hit. I am all about the hits in football. That is what makes it such a fun sport. But there is a line. This isn’t backyard brawling, it’s football. And further more, intentional or not, you don’t celebrate when another player is down. Show some class. And for all of you who condone this behavior. I’d like for you to take a cheap shot like that. Bet you wouldn’t feel the same way.

    87. dogman

      Thinks he’s a bada.s.s. with that cheap shot, put his a.s.s in the Marines they’ll get some discpline put in him, since college ball can’t. Ungrateful s.o.b. he’s lucky he gets to play ball and gets a free education.

    88. 10/30/11

      first the return guy tries to confuse the fair catch issue by making a half-ass motion with his hand. then he tries to fool the coverage with respect to the flight of the ball and wants protection while he catches a punt at full speed behind the coverage. got just what he deserved.

    89. Amanda

      If you read the story elsewhere and watch the full video you will see that as he was leaving the field after being ejected he celebrated the whole way out and taunted the Vanderbilt vans the whole way out. He should receive further punishment, it was a cheap shot and he knew it.

    90. 10/30/11

      Is it possible that the punt returner did not make a CLEAR fair catch motion, but was rather trying to keep the sun out of his eyes…we will go with he made the motion for a fair catch even though he WAS out of position(again, not the PR’s fault, but the suns fault for doing what it has done now for billions of years) the taunting was uncalled for!

      It is laughable that some have suggested the U of A be fined, this is still an amateur sporting event, not pro, so there will be No Fine!

      It is also laughable that some have suggested Mr. Wade be kicked off the team and as boneheaded of a hit that it was, you can be assured Coach Petrino likely had him sit alone on the ride home in addition to run his ass off the rest of the season, if not voluntarily suspend him a game or two. The SEC also has an opportunity to pass judgement and sit him even if Coach P doesn’t, matter of fact I believe it’s in the bylaws regarding ejected players.

      It is even more laughable that a lot if these comments come from expert armchair qb’s that 1) didn’t attend the game, 2) did not even watch the
      Game and merely clicked on the link forwarded you by your buddies, and 3) don’t even realize the hit looked worse that actually was, no doubt Krause got his bell rung, BUT DID RETURN TO THE GAME for which we should all be thankful that no serious injury was sustained other than stars and tweety birds flying around his head for a short while!

      Glad you are OK and healthy Mr. Krause, you played like a champion!

    91. BigDaddie

      Ok listen the hit was illegal. First you gotta understand this guy is a freshman. He plays FOOTBALL. He also plays for a Arkansas team that is overrated and take in to mind they beat the shit outta my team but with that said your having a hard time beating on a very umm for lack of a better word shitty vandy team. Yes he got excited yes it was illegal yes throw him out of the game but to suspend from the team for another game or even the season is retarted and for the punt returner sorry dont agree with the hit but you signed on for the shit you dont like it go be a kicker or something.

    92. Charz

      He was blocking the sun out of his eyes

    93. Who cares

      Everyone here who said Arkansas is a bunch of rednecks is right! I am from there am I slept w my mother and sister. Love that staete

    94. 10/30/11

      Freshman – yes. Bonehead – yes. Illegal hit – yes. Fair catch – no. Reason it was not a fair catch is simple. If a fair catch had been signaled, then any attempt by any player on recieving team to return the punt is a penalty by rule. If a fair catch had been called there would have been off setting penalties for the hit and illegal return and replay the down. The player still could have been ejected as to the discretion of referee.
      For the ignorance displayed by earlier comments by a couple of AR fans, we really wonder why people outside the state think we are barefoot and uneducated. For those who responded with like sentiments, I bet you thought that the abbreviation “AR” stood for Arizona ——–yeah thought so. You see, there is time for you to go back to 3rd grade and learn your states and abbreviations too.

    95. Little Rock Bob

      Julian Polecat, you might need to revise your Ike Forte story a bit. He was gone from Arkansas 2 years before the ’78 Orange Bowl. Ben Cowins was the “so-called star” that was suspended, along with Donnie Bobo and Michael Forrest.

    96. Lawly

      For those who criticize Wade’s conduct as Arkansas ignorance: Um… He is from Jacksonville, FLA. Petrino is from Montana, and been to lots of other places, as you probably know.



    98. suicsjouttrow

      I wanted to advised of what can support a bee in one’s brio so that’s about it not who could not accord an literal answer.

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