The College Football Costume Contest is Over

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 01, 2011

There were a handful of very creative college football costumes that came across yesterday, but none of them were as fantastic as these two adorable young girls sporting Ole Miss gear, some makeup and a very telling sign.

A Few Observations

  1. We love the Walking Dead. Yes, the acting is terrible and they’ve yet to establish a plot beyond HOLY #$%^ ZOMBIES well into the second season, but HOLY #$%^ ZOMBIES.
  2. The girls are absolutely adorable and likely have zero idea why their parents have done this to them. Regardless they’re all smiles and likely raked in 15 pounds of candy outfitted like that.
  3. SEC parents don’t mess around, y’all.
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  • Ole Miss

    1. Jerre George

      That’s hilarious!

    2. April G.

      I just showed this to my girls and they now think they’re “famous”. Thanks for making their day!

    3. Adam Kramer

      Thank you and they are celebrities! Superb work on the costumes and I think many (more than many) Ole Miss fans feel the same!

    4. 11/2/11

      You did a great job with the costumes! The twins are awesome!

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