Video: Kirk Herbstreit Reacts to Oklahoma Earthquake on Live Television

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 05, 2011

On live television, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was forced to breakdown college football while an Oklahoma earthquake was taking place. He was in Stillwater, OK covering the Oklahoma/Kansas State game, and was offering up his thoughts on today’s action when you’ll notice a very distinct change in his demeanor.

At the 10-second mark you can see him begin to react to the 5.2-quake and from there the interview continues until he brings it up at the end. Although his stare was Will Muschamp-esque, we can’t blame him for this. I have never been through an earthquake in my life, but curing up into a ball on-air would not be out of the realm of possibility for me.

His wasn’t nearly as bad, and here was his reaction.

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    1. SD

      Something that looked like a meteorite flashed over his shoulder about a minute before this

    2. Joseph Sherman

      I also saw the streak of light and since we have DVR I was able to rewind it and show my son…. I wouldn’t have bothered if he hadn’t said anything about feeling an earthquake. The streak of light kind of swooped at the end like it was going to land instead of crash.

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