Notre Dame Gets New Helmets For Saturday’s Game

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 07, 2011

Notre Dame’s helmets have been a topic of discussion of late, but their headgear for Saturday’s Shamrock Series game against Maryland (above) is interesting to say the least.

And not the interesting that will likely be a massive hit with the Irish faithful.

Maryland, of course, has received ample criticism for their uniform combos this season, but these babies above bring the horrific uniform game to an entirely different level.

Although we don’t know yet what uniform combo the Terrapins will wear, we do know that HD televisions around the country could be in for a strenuous evening.

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    1. 11/7/11

      Whack ass helmets, it’s official, Oregon has ruined college football.

    2. Dave

      ND has become just another team. The tradition dump continues.

    3. Peter

      I think they ought to glue or tape a little Virgin Mary on top like they have on the roof of the dome. It would look nice, and, as an added bonus, could prove useful in blocking.

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    5. 11/7/11

      If your a fan who cares what the helmet looks like plus its bad ass

    6. Andy


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    9. background

      its part of the “shamrock series” that is this year against maryland, next year against miami in chicago and 2013 against arizona state in dallas

    10. Mike

      Brian Kelly “all show and no game”

    11. 11/8/11

      I’m from Northern Indiana and never did like the Irish. Hope they get they Butts handed to them on a silver plate. Nice Helmets but that doesn’t make the Team better….

    12. Sabrina

      I love Notre Dame and I agree, who cares what the helmets look like. Personally I really like them!

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    14. Mary

      Oh oh…ND has somehow caught “pond scum disease” from the Ducks! Next thing you know, ND will be wearing hideous color combinations too! There is no known cure.

    15. [...] In an era where ugly uniforms pop up all over the place in an attempt to make money and be unique, teams like Notre Dame remain classic for the most part.  The standard gold helmets worn by the Irish are some of the best in the country.  Teams like Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Alabama maintain tradition through their timeless helmet designs.  Since the Irish are taking on the 2011 kings of horrible uniforms this weekend, they have decided to do their best to ruin their own.  Check out Notre Dame’s new shamrock helmet, courtesy of Kegs ‘N Eggs: [...]

    16. 11/8/11

      That’s just awful

    17. John

      What’s all the concern about the look of the uniforms? Leave fashion to th

    18. Ian

      How did the person who wrote think Notre Dame fans would love this new helmet. What ever happen to tradition? It must have disappeared with winning.

    19. marilyn


    20. Jeff

      Not a ND fan but my impression was that their helmets were handled with reverence. I seem to remember they used their own paint color that included traces of actual gold in them. I’m amazed their messing with them even for a game. Fairly traditional program. Still won’t be as ugly as some of Maryland’s messes this year. WOW. At least Oregon has had several cool ones to offset the bad ones.

    21. Terence

      The University of Michigan winged helmet is the best in college football. Every one else is a distant second. Notre Dame helmets are cute.

    22. Jug

      Oh, how nice……If you are a pimp.

    23. IrishFan4ever

      To those of you who think the tradition was lost…. You must have never been to the Stadium. Being born and raised less than 3 miles from ND and playing on the campus all through childhood, I can tell you, the tradition will continue long, long after you are gone. The glory is present, Sacred Heart, Grotto, the grounds. The Fighting Irish have the most loyal fan base, the never give in or give up mentality and the guts to stick by them win or lose. We love them when they win and we cheer them up when they lose. It has always been. It will always be. They were of the very first to have their games televised, charting the path for “the rest” to follow. The helmets are exactly what WE fans would expect- Golden with the ever identified Shamrock. Go Fighting Irish- Cheer, Cheer for Ole Notre Dame, send up the echoes cheering Her name….. Shake Down the Thunder!

    24. William B.

      How come all the negative feedback on these new helmets? It’s funny how the very same men who wear 15 year old boxer shorts with holes in them or a mismatched shirt and tie to work or could care less what color their wives paint any room in their house, but this is an outrage. Really? I would think that the Notre Dame football PROGRAM itself has been very “Unattractive” as of late. Thank you for a innovative new look for one game. If it’s traditional boring looks you want, go put on those boxers with the holes in them!


      THESE HELMETS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. 11/8/11

      Are you kidding? Are you people really worried about a helmet decal for one game. I’m from Indiana and I love the tradition that ND carries on with throughout the years. You know when you flip through the channels that you’ve found the ND game just by their uniforms. What we should be as College football fans, is outraged by the ESPN Gameday crew that belittles a program like Boise State. And likes of”Coach” are you kidding me Lee Corso who said that they did not matter. Is Lee Corso not the biggest idiot in the country? The polls and the BCS has had them in the top 8 all season. Give them their due.

    27. Barry

      The Irish uniforms have always been classic and the addition of a Shamrock fits the tradition…..seems a bit over-sized however. I have always thought a Druid Priest Sackcloth would have a nice touch but that look would still be outmatched by the Marylanders & The Ducks. I like the simple Penn State no frills….less is more except on the scoreboard. Go Irish!

    28. Joe Kelly, ND '56

      There have een several “new” helmets from the leather “Johnny Lattner” era to the latest “Golden Dome” inspired head gear.

      At Wake Forest last Saturday, these new helmets were introduced and they are stunning!
      The Shamrock will “cheapen” them in my estimation and, GREEN is not Notre Dame!

    29. 11/8/11

      Well I guess if you can’t play quality football you might as well buy a state of the art scoreboard and look great in new uniforms.

    30. well I like to think Oregon has lead the way into the 21st century-everything changes so let THE UNIFORMS be as bold as the schools

    31. Jerry Rose

      This is not the first time ND has had the shamrock on their helmets. Check it out.

    32. Joe Moloney

      I do not like them. The pure gold helmets are tradition. I know the shamrock was used in past years but when the changed to the pure gold to match the Dome it should be left alone.

    33. danny

      Oregon has no control, NIKE sports and their multi=million dollars contracts with the NCAA is who controls the makeup of the uniforms.

    34. 11/8/11

      Helmets r cool, let’s worry about their play… we need the defense to step it up.

    35. Dave

      They’re magically delicious!

    36. STEVE-O

      I’ve loved Notre Dame football forever!!! Win or lose…..
      The “Shamrock” on the helmet is not new…I believe it was last used in 1959. (Ara P. had them removed)
      So actually, it’s bringing back the “Old School” retro-look! I love it!!! I get goose-bumps and tears!!!
      (maybe make the shamrock a bit smaller)
      GO IRISH!!!!!!


    37. 11/8/11

      Like everything there is changes. Some like it while others hate it.
      But will this team win????? That is the biggest question.

    38. brian stark

      Not a ND fan, but this is the ugliest helmet I have ever seen, simply terrible.

    39. Pat Reilly

      If they wanted to come out as the true Fighting Irish, they would paint themselves blue and play naked….

    40. 11/8/11

      As a former student I respect the “Traditions” of Notre Dame and I am offended to see such a ludicrous display on the helmets. Let’s keep some traditions sacred and put the focus on the field of play.

    41. brian

      i like it. it’s a bit much yes, but i’m sick of people saying “welp, there goes the tradition at ND now. they’re comforming to what everyone else is doing”. DAMN RIGHT WE ARE. we havent done squate in 20years. what’s wrong with doing things to shine the light back in south bend. grab recruits attention? get the players excited to wear these? its time to get with the times….this isn’t 1964 anymore. ND isn’t the only game in town. we’ll be in a conference soon enough too. just how it goes. have fun notre dame! kick some ass in your shamrock game. GO IRISH

    42. HORRIBLE!!! No matter what the uniform looks like the ONLY thing that matters is the final score!!! Concentrate on winning!

    43. Dylan M.

      I dont know, i think those are some sick ass helmets. To see the almighty fighting irish come running out with the sun bouncing off those helemets in every direction? Thats going to be awesome. It doesnt matter what the players wear. Thats not tradition. Tradition is how you play the game. People who worry and have issues with the uniforms… well then your not a fan of football cause honestly i would be the biggest notre dame fan if they came out in pink and black. Notre Dame is Notre Dame. They are the greatest.

    44. Jim

      Another example of an institution wasting money. College tuition is out of control. Give the extra money to cash strapped public school systems. Professional sports and College athletics are raping all Americans with excessive fees. I love America and ND, but it has to stop.

    45. jose hernandez

      helmets are awesome!!!!! (the shamrock is to big though)

    46. Chris

      LMAO – The only thing ND had left was tradition, because their team hasn’t been relevant for years. And now, they throw tradition out too. That’s awesome!

    47. 11/9/11

      Where is football going?I think this is the way some schools think they can get football players.Glad OU dont need to do this to get players.BOOMER!!!sOONER!!!

    48. Vince


    49. Toohey

      Such a dazzling uniform if a team plays well seeks to stalk the nightmares of opposing teams players. Or fantastic dreams of out running this defense wearing those audatious helmets.

    50. William B.

      Thank you very much for all the negative feedback on the biggest problem in America, “The world ending NEW helmet design”. You actually helped the Irish win with all your hate. Nice job of reverse psyco-analogy. Keep hating on one game helmets and you might take the Irish to a National Championship. You are right about the big “O” ruining college uniforms for ever. As usual the traditionalists prove their point, that they are cave men who can’t start a fire without a modern “thinker” help them with a lighter. Keep rubbing those two sticks together and someday you might you might come close to making a spark. Great Helmets,thank you for thinking outside their box.

    51. William B.

      The only thing that matters is winning?……way to stay with the original question of, “what do you think of the new helmet design? Corperate CEO’s are stealing your tax money with end of year “Bogus” for themselves and the economy is going to crap because of fraud, waste and abuse by huge companies that “need” bailouts and the biggest issue is the helmet that the Irish are going to wear for one game? Wow,thanks for placing all your fear on the “Important things”. We can see you are absolutely clueless!

    52. 12/3/11

      norte dame are the greastist helmits ever love good luck tonight

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