Video: Mark Richt Doesn’t Like That Question One Bit

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 09, 2011

This week Mark Richt decided to channel is inner Nick Saban at his press conference.

The Red and Black posted the video of this exchange asking for individuals to guess on what made Mark Richt angry so early on at the podium. Have no fear; we won’t make you blast your speakers at your cubicle to hear exactly what brought on this response, which is unexpected and worded oh so brilliantly.

A reporter asked Richt the following to lead off the presser: “To get this business out of the way, any suspensions that we need to know about? Are there any injuries?”

This is a bit of a sensitive subject for Richt who had to suspend three players – including star freshmen running back Isaiah Crowell – for last week’s New Mexico State game for what appears to be failed drug tests. He obviously didn’t like the way this question was worded and let the room know about it.

Next time your boss asks you to do something, just give them something like Richt’s answer or, well, non-answer.

Then go pack your things.

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    1. 11/10/11

      The reporter was an idiot if he thought Richt would respect his question with an answer. Richt did the right thing. The reporter needs to go cover DC and politics.

    2. mcobb

      Mark is a Class act.

    3. Kyle Shelnutt

      I’m glad Richt said this. RIcht has always done what was needed at UGA. Whether we like it or not, we have to admit it was a necessary action. If he doesn’t, then Georgia will be some controversial mess. Nice way to handle business, Richt.

    4. 11/10/11

      You know, there used to be a professional quality to the rapport between media and the people they cover, but somewhere along the way the media took on a sense of entitlement as if they are allowed to be (and sometimes expected to be) jacka**e*. Coach Richt is an awesome coach going through a tough time and fighting hard to keep his job, but the job of being a disciplinarian still has to be done too. It’s almost as if the media sees this as a sport to kick a coach when he’s down because he isn’t winning or is having a tough year, I don’t know. Player fails a drug test, he needs to pay the price. Go ask some smarmy question to Isaiah Crowell and see what kind of answer you get. Be a jerk to the person that made Coach Richt do what he had to do. Cutting edge reporting, right? Imagine this idiot asking Crowell, “Hey man, blaze one this morning?” and see what kind of reaction you get. Good job, Coach. Maybe he should take a page out of Steve Spurrier’s book and call out reporters and ban them when they do stupid crap like this. So over the media anymore.

    5. rerlandsen

      Richt is a joke. Time after time, Georgia has been in the news for suspensions, infractions with the law, fights after games, touchdown riots.
      As an alumni, I am tired of the bad press that has come to UGA under Mark’s watch.
      It’s as though we are now Florida State under Bowden, but at least they won championships.

      With the history of Georgia’s program lately, why wouldn’t a reporter ask such a question?

    6. Neal Perry

      Ref. RERlandsen,

      You say time after time that UGA has been in the news for trouble they have gotten into and it is basically Richt who is responsible for it all. You sound like the person who also quotes the “Fulmer Cup” results with out looking at the statistics. UGA has won that award one year, since it has been in existence since 2005. Indeed, in 2010 they did. However, they won with 21 points total. Alabama won it in 2008 with 28 points, Ball state won it in 2007 with 28 points. Auburn won it in 2011 with 81 points. In 2011, three teams finished with a total greater than 21 points. 3 others were within 4 points of 21. UGA had zero points. Since it’s existence UGA has had a total of 49 points, while Florida Tenn.,and Auburn have all exceeded that total.
      CMR has maybe been a little lax in discipline prior to this year, but even then, UGA’s discretion s pale in comparison to some other schools where players have committed Armed Robbery, domestic violence, distribution of drugs for sale, and UGA has always had one of the tougher set of rules when it comes to drug use among both the SEC and NCAA for that fact. These discretions you say UGA has had so many of, have never included a felony, that I can find in the last five years of records. Misdemeanors yes, felonies no. Very few big time football programs or for that fact universities aren’t going to have some kids make youthful mistakes or get into some sort of trouble. When you consider the different backgrounds and opportunities these kids have, it should not be surprising. Let’s face it, college teams don’t recruit a lot of these kids because they are A+ students. CMR puts the hammer down when necessary, reference Ealey, King and a few others that have been invited to leave the team, but he is also a man that believes that all kids deserve a chance, and the only reason UGA’s problems in this area are so advertised is because UGA doesn’t try to hide them, like a lot of other coaches and schools in the NCAA do.
      You need to get down off of your high horse as an alumni, and make it a point to try every once in a while and put yourself in these kids place. You might even try and think how about how you would do in CMR’s place. It is sad, to see people be so judgmental about others. As the old saying goes, “Don’t Judge Me Until You Have Walked, a Mile In My Shoes”.

      GO DAWGS and GATA

    7. GSkal

      Richt and other coaches who respond that way are idiots. The suspensions/drug tests were THE big story in Georgia the whole week—what, did Richt not think he’d get a question about them? A simple, “no, there are no suspensions to report and here’s the injury report…” The way he comes off is of a defensive jerk who can’t handle the heat of the situation.

    8. C-Dubya

      The way the reporter proposed the question was unprofessional. He’s was being a wise guy and basiclly making light of a situaton that isn’t funny.

    9. topix

      Spurrier did the same thing (called out a reporter for being unprofessional) and he bacame public enemy #1. Richt does it and it’s all good.

    10. watcher

      Richt is a douchbag


      What a dumbass!

    12. Jamesb

      What’s wrong with the question? Last week there were significant SUSPENSIONS, right?

      Not only that, you wanna BET that those suspensions were TIMED to hold them out against downtrodden New Mexico State? Hmmmm?

      Now, if the reporter axed, ” Coach, are you or ANY of the coaching staff “boy touchers” – well that might be a resonable reaction.

      Lighten of Richt, it’ll all be over soon.

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