Video: The Most Uncomfortable Press Conference Ever

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 09, 2011

There’s a lot to take in. A LOT. But we’ll start from the beginning of the night and begin with the press conference that confirmed that PSU President Graham Spanier and head coach Joe Paterno were indeed out at Penn State.

If you didn’t see this scene live, you should watch it (below). Apparently, students/fans were allowed into the building and made for an uncomfortable scene that included an odd combo of local press, national media and angry fans. We don’t know why fans were allowed in, but they stole the show and turned this press conference into a roast at times.

John Surma, who is the chairman of Penn State’s Board of Trustees, did what he could. He wasn’t the story here, even with the unbelievable news that he delivered.

The questions and atmosphere were uncomfortable to say the least. Keep in mind, however, this was not the media that turned this into something it shouldn’t have been.

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    1. No doubt. This was so uncomfortable to watch as it was obvious the media and students were not going to get any type of satisfactory answer or any answers with any substance.

      But yeah, wow.

    2. [...] the Board of Trustees took questions which quickly turned into a love-fest of Joe Paterno. Students journalists kept bombarding the Board with questions like why they didn’t pay Paterno the courtesy of firing him to his face and not over the phone, why [...]

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