Video: South Park Takes on Penn State

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 16, 2011

On Wednesday, South Park tackled the Penn State situation.

Do they take it too far? Yes, they probably do, but they have a knack for doing it in a way that somehow becomes acceptably uncomfortable. They cross the line and the phrase “too soon?” comes to mind, but if anyone is able to pull it off it’s them. And to be honest, I think they were able to do accomplish that (again), although maybe years of dedicated South Park watching have primed me to view this show differently.

They also turn around episodes in a week and they are able to do so in pretty unbelievable fashion. You may not like what they say, it more than likely will make you cringe, but damn do they turn these episodes around quick

This episode will air plenty this week (if you want to see it), but here’s a preview.

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    1. 11/16/11

      This episode had me HOWLING! The jokes were definitely NOT too soon, they were right on time. Since the topic is still fresh in everyone’s head, it makes it that much more funny. Plus the strict Agnostics, that was HILARIOUS!

    2. Frank

      Honestly, laughter is the best medicine, and tonight’s episode was hilarious. Thank you South Park.

      However, I fully expect short-sighted students and alumni to object to the episode’s content (

      The ironic thing is that these objections will simply make this South Park episode even more controversial and newsworthy (since it was a funny episode, this will make it even more popular).

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