Video: Boise State Closes Out Half With Wild Hail Mary

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 26, 2011

Earlier this year, Michigan State capped off their massive upset win against Wisconsin with one of the best Hail Marys you will ever see. And while Boise State’s game on Saturday against Wyoming doesn’t exactly thrill us the way that primetime matchup did, I guarantee you’ve never seen a Hail Mary like this.

The recipient of this touchdown pass to end the first half, aka the cat that is lying on his back when he catches it, is freshman wideout Matt Miller. I’d say this is a nice way to cap off his first regular season.

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    1. James Steinebach

      Ya It seems that no matter how good Boise State plays or who they beat, Its just not good enough for Eastern conference snobs!

    2. ONTIME

      Boise has been one hell of a team and the press treats them like a red headed stepchild, I know they scare the hell out of the big conferences, that’s a plus….Go get’em Boise.

    3. Ron

      Well… A revamped and reloaded BSU would be awesome… but I have a feeling they are going to lose a game or two (or more) while they get things figured out. Only 6 starters returned this year. I have the most confedence in BSU though, and as long as it’s not a kick to win the game, they should do okay :) Go BSU!

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