Florida State’s Punter Really Wanted a Piece of The Swamp

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 28, 2011

Florida State punter Shawn Powell was named the ACC Special Teams Player of the Week after kicking nine punts for 400 yards in FSU’s 21-7 win over Florida on Saturday night. It was a big win for Powell and the Seminoles, who closed out the regular season by taking out their rivals on the road.

Powell, who was clearly excited about taking this game at The Swamp, decided he wanted to add to Florida State’s Sod Cemetery on the night that he booted enough punts to reach your average par-4. So, he got a hold of scissors (from somewhere) and tried to take a piece of Gainesville turf.

Although it doesn’t look like it from the photo below, it does appear that Powell scored a piece of The Swamp.


Much like hunting, Les Miles doesn’t approve of sod demolition unless, of course, the grass is consumed and you are able to use all the parts. In fact, this kind of amateur maneuver gives all sod consumption advocates a bad name.

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    1. T_BAR_Umbros

      It is for the Sod Cemetary

      Sounds like Powell ended up getting some, just not from the Florida F

    2. 2/7/12

      Ah, hniikg in flip flops and purses. I assume you had no water either? Sounds right

    3. 2/8/12

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