Video: Dabo Swinney Has Choice Words For Steve Spurrier and South Carolina

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 01, 2011

After beating Clemson last week, a Steve Spurrier quote on Clemson began circulating the Internet. Although Spurrier never actually delivered the words himself, South Carolina play-by-play man, Todd Ellis delivered it for him.

Turns out, this quote was indeed misattributed, and Steve Spurrier never did take this Clemson jab. Well, at least not this one.

Todd Ellis call at end of SC-Clemson by 1075thegame

Flash forward to Clemson practice this week, and of course someone asked Dabo Swinney about Spurrier’s comment which obviously made its way back to him. At the time Dabo did not know about the “issues” with these relayed comments.

At first it appeared Dabo might avoid the topic and provide the vintage “we need to concentrate on the ACC Championship route,” but instead he decided to take a long trip down Retaliation Lane. On a related note, Dabo appears to have done some serious, serious South Carolina history homework.

Take it away, sir.

(h/t SB Nation)

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    1. Zibby

      Holy crap, that’s priceless. He feels right at home at retaliation lane.

    2. Linc

      “Serious, serious South Carolina history homework?” All he had to remember is that they won a conference championship in 1969 and a division title in 2010. That sure ain’t much homework.

    3. Spur

      Spurrier’s response to Dumbo:

      “That crap can happen. They can stick quotes on you,” he said. “As long as the story gets straight, that’s fine with me. I am not mad with anybody. We have a good relationship with those guys, and it’s going to stay that way.”

      Spurrier’s daughter Lisa told him Wednesday night that the quote was making the rounds and being attributed to him.

      “I said, ‘Well, what do you want me to do? I didn’t say it,’” Spurrier said. “Smart people don’t believe everything they read, and they don’t believe hearsay. … I guess Dabo believed it.”

    4. bigspur

      Dabo, you have some big problems. first your def. coordinator said that his game plan worked great. He said giving up 3.8 yards a play is winning football. Unless something has changed over the last couple of days, you get 4 downs and 10 yards to make a first down. Having 3 downs at 3.8 yards equals 11.4 yards which equals a first down. In 4 downs that is just over 15 yards. Also you said that South Carolina is having its best era against clemson right now, funny how your are the head coach of this so called era. You also bring up the past, when you were not coaching the program. This is not your granddaddys gamecocks. Your worried and throwing a rant on thursday after a game that happened Saturday and 2 days before the tallest midget championship or also know as the acc., so instead of worring about Va. Tech your mind is still pondering over the Gamecocks.
      Good luck this weekend, buddy.

      P.S.; I really hope you keep your job for a few more years

    5. You're Dumb


      If you were able to give up 3.8 yards per play, you would indeed be playing winning football.

      Here is a list of teams in FBS play who have given up 3.8 yards/play or less over the last 5 seasons, followed by their records:

      Alabama 2011 (3.39): 11-1
      Texas 2009 (3.8): 13-1
      USC 2008 (3.8): 12-1
      TCU 2008 (3.8): 11-2
      Ohio State 2007 (3.6): 11-2

      Please, now return to your regularly scheduled stupidity.

    6. Stabmaster Arson

      Well, at least Dabo can say he has the coolest name amongst college coaches. Sounds like these coaches in South Carolina need to get the prescription for chill pills, neither one of you have won JACK in a while so stop sounding like a couple of hyenas fighting over scraps, lol.

    7. You're dumber

      You’r dumb and stupid. Kevin Steele didn’t say 3.8 yards or less was winning football, he said 3.8 yards was. Furthermore USC ran 73 plays for 420 yards, which is 5.75 yards per play. Don’t forget his rationalization included the comment that if you took out the 76 scramble yards by Shaw they would have only given up 3.8 yards per play. With that logic I could emphatically state that if you didn’t count the positive yardage plays by Clemson, USC would have held them to negative yards. Now who is DUMB?

    8. Nick

      “Dumbo Swinny” Rednecks do turn orange in the fall. Try playing in SEC…

    9. Clemtech history

      Dabo referring to history that was relevant 20 years ago is commical. Continue living in the past and being pissed about the present. 8-12 over the last 20 years which equates to SC joining the SEC. Pretty even recent History.

      Thanks, Dabo… you gave us reason to get up for the game every year while you coach.

      Even funnier is the fans standing up for Steele and the good game plan… umm 34 points is a good game? 400 yards and no turnovers?

      Dabo keep on winning with class because every coach looks for the gatorade after Maryland. Every coach screams like a 12 year old when being interviewed by ESPN. Every coach gives his recruiting speech to the nation as a response to a slight by the rival coach that was never said… good thing you aren’t childish.

      “the beatings will continue until morale improves..”

      go cocks

    10. Buddy Ray

      My Gawd, folks. It’s just a game. As a Carolina grad, I feel lucky that this state has two great programs – Clemson & USC. Both are fine schools and we don’t need thin skinned coaches to destroy them.

    11. 12/2/11

      Steve Spurrier is a coward. He has never flatly denied he made the “we ain’t Clemson, either”…he tippy-toed all around it…saying..”as long as they get the quote right”….ha!
      He got called out for his low class remarks and he’s letting Todd Ellis take the fall..and of course Todd will, anything for the OBC….. Go ahead, Steve, throw that visor in a hissy fit!!!
      Ol’ ball coach may have been a man’s man at one time…don’t know..but he sure lost my respect a few years ago when after a particularly embarrassing loss he made his defensive co-ordinator come into the post game press conference and take the heat…

      Yes, Steve wants to be the HEAD COACH when it feels good..but he’s quick to pass the buck when he feels less than stellar…And who can forget that hysterical girlie fit he threw when he saw a certain reporter in the press conference…”OOOOH, he’s in here!! I’m not talking! I’m leaving!”…….what a joke.
      We’ll take Dabo anyday, anywhere, anytime.

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    13. Three in a Row

      Ok Pasty, keep Dabo. Every South Carolina fan including me want you to because he has really found the formula for getting absolutely whipped by South Carolina. In the last three years of the rivalry South Caroliona has outscored Clemson 97-37…so Dabo is right(shocking I know)this is more of a domination than a rivalry, just it’s obvious which side is dominating. It has already openly been established that Spurrier did not say those remarks and he stated so,”I didn’t say that”. I really don’t know how much clearer it could be, although really I wouldn’t care if he did. Let Dabo talk about conference champioships, because look how he did against an SEC team and we all know Clemson would never win a thing if they played in the SEC, so let him play in the Almost Collegiate Conference. Spurrier won the Heisman and national championships both as a player and a coach, Dabo is a grown man who goes by a baby nickname…so please be my guest and keep him in Clemson…

    14. JTW-Nc

      Since when did Spurrier ever have any class ?

    15. 12/3/11

      @ THREE IN A ROW

      We beat Auburn…how’d that work out for you?

    16. TigerBro

      Todd Ellis didn’t just mess up…he LIED. Not only did he “not make it clear” that the addition of the comment was his own, he PURPOSEFULLY ADDED his own commentary that implied he HEARD Spurrier make the comment.

      Ellis said exactly this: “…after the game this past Saturday, Steve Spurrier had a comment that said, you know, ‘We ain’t Alabama, we ain’t LSU, but we ain’t Clemson.’ IN KIND OF A DEROGATORY TONE.” That “derogatory tone” bit implies having DIRECTLY HEARD the comment. Todd Ellis FLAT OUT LIED about this. He needs to man up and admit his lie and not try to weasel out of it by some lame “If I did not make it clear” junk.

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    18. 2/10/12

      Great in depth anysalis. I’m a Big 12 guy (er, big 9, 10?) but I like to keep up with the semi pro football that is the SEC. Great work, Ryan.

    19. Tell Me You Didn't Just Say That

      Did someone seriously just say “We beat Auburn, how did that work out for you?”

      Um 34-13! That’s how things worked out for us. Get that BS out of here.

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