Darron Thomas Explains Last Night’s Celebration

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 03, 2011

Reporter: “Darron, you just led your team to one of the biggest wins of your life, how are you going to celebrate?!”

Darron: “Um, wow, this win means so much for Oregon I can’t even begin to describe how I feel. I think I’ll just do this.”

Reporter: “Darron, I know you’re a Houston native, but is that a Hook ‘em Horns sign? Also, do you know the awkward gentlemen over your shoulder?”

Darron: “What? Oh, I guess it is a Hook ‘em Horns, but it’s also a duck sign if you look at it closely.”

Reporter: “Duck sign? How? I just don’t see it. How could you possibly label your hand gesture as a duck?”

Darron: “Of course it’s a duck. The two fingers you believe are ‘horns’ are actually just ears. Then the other fingers are eyes and there’s even a thumb-generated duck’s bill. Everyone knows this.”

Reporter: “Are you telling us that you feel a duck’s ears resemble what you’re doing with your hand? You can’t be serious?”

Darron: “I’m very serious. Clearly you’re not from Texas, er, Oregon. On the West coast we have unique species of duck. I’m just trying to show a little team unity here, hater.”

Reporter: “Alright, Darron. Please entertain that man behind you. And good luck.”

Darron: “Thanks, and Hook ‘em Ducks!”

Reporter: “…………………………………”

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    1. 12/4/11

      that would be the taylor gang sign

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