LSU Wants You to Know That “Honey Badger Does Care”

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 08, 2011

There’s good news and bad news, LSU fans.

The good news is that your compliance office has a sense of humor. The bad news is that they’re cracking down on the Honey Badger craze and your beer koozie enjoyment could suffer in the process.

LSU’s compliance office posted a message on Thursday, stating they have issued “several” Cease and Desist notices regarding products that are enjoying Tyrann Mathieu’s outstanding play and equally outstanding nickname.

Those that are selling Honey Badger-centric products, take note. This comes courtesy of their post, which was title “Honey Badger Does Care.”

(That’s the sense of humor aspect of this exercise.)

Please be advised that the sale of any products and/or advertisements including the name, likeness or image of this individual or any other LSU student-athlete is in violation of NCAA Bylaw and could have a negative impact on the involved student-athlete’s eligibility.

Apparel or paraphernalia including the phrase “Honey Badger” accompanied by the number 7 or the individual’s name or any other variation thereof (e.g., TM7, TM, HB7, etc.) is prohibited. Because it is a recognizable nickname, “Honey Badger” is considered a likeness of Tyrann Mathieu under NCAA regulations.

The Compliance Office formally requests that any individuals producing and/or selling products with the name, likeness or image of Tyrann Mathieu - or any other LSU student-athlete - cease and desist doing so immediately.

LSU fans, it’s time to get creative without getting arrested, fined or getting Mathieu in hot water. I have faith that “Honey Badger” will continue and your t-shirts and other semi-legal branding will prevail.

Image Via LSU Compliance (trying to avoid getting sued as well)

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    1. thomas

      cant wait for the next presser, announcing the full line of NCAA officially licensed honey badger gear available online, in the official LSU Store

    2. Chuck

      Hey guys – wanna buy some of my

      Mellivora capensis

      Tee shirts?

    3. Scott

      Schools make millions off the kids… hey, thats fine.

      Someone sells a shirt with a nickname… Uh oh!!!


    4. 12/9/11

      It’s worth noting that the bad guys in this are the NCAA, not the compliance guys. The compliance guys are just trying to figure out the arcane and ridiculous NCAA rules and keep LSU from getting their tits fined off.

    5. usa

      i was the honey badger way before this no name.

    6. Teri

      Unless they have copyrighted the name, there isn’t a damn thing they can do as long as the item doesn’t directly reference LSU or Mathieu’s name or likeness.

    7. Mac4305

      The issue may very well be eligibility. I would certainly be pissed, if HB7 is deemed ineligible because someone is selling tee shirts without authorization.

      But this certainly has a familiar sound to it. “Who Dat”

    8. 2/9/12

      these soaps are gogreous….as always…your cauldron works magic! (and re: Handmade Movement…aren’t Sneak Attacks just the positive thing ever? i’ll see ya in the threads…esp. november 3rd!) ;)

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